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Quotes from Ravi Zacharias – Marriage Message #340

As the old saying goes, “It’s not just what you live through that’s important, but what you LEARN through and GROW through!” After reading the book, I, Isaac, Take Thee, Rebekah: Moving from Romance to Lasting Love -written by Ravi Zacharias, it’s easy to see that Ravi has “grown through” different experiences (including his 40+ years of marriage to his wife Margie) and “learned through” many things the Lord has taught him on the subject of marriage.

Below are a few quotes from this interesting and wise book. We hope what is written here will give you a taste for the good things contained within the book (so you might think of obtaining it yourself), plus give you marriage and pre-marriage tips to help you to learn and grow in your marriage to the glory of God. Here are a few things Ravi writes (along with a few comments from us):

“Love is as much a question of the will as it is of the emotion. And if you WILL to love somebody, you can.”

That quote was actually given by Ravi’s brother, who was explaining this principle to Ravi on how he learned to love his wife after he entered into a marriage that was arranged by his parents, in accordance with Indian culture. It’s a very difficult principle for us to consider —especially when we live in cultures where the feeling of love is idolized as it is. If the “feeling” isn’t there, then many people will either substitute one partner for another —someone who creates this feeling for them again —whether temporarily or whatever… or they’ll put something else in its place. However, if you look in the Bible, you’ll see love described more as actions, i.e. 1 Corinthians 13:3-7, rather than feelings. (more…)

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Using Weapons that Fight Depression

Image: David Castillo Dominici of

Image: David Castillo Dominici of

If you battle with depression or if you’re married to someone who battles depression, you know the horrible control it can have over your life (and/or the life of your loved one). Unless someone has lived with it themselves, it’s almost impossible to describe its horrors. There are no human words that can adequately describe the depth of pain and isolation the depressed person can sink into.

Depression can totally paralyze you from doing that which you want to do, and that which you know you should do. It seems to possess your life for the period of time that you’re caught within its grip.

Here at Marriage Missions, we receive more letters than we can count from those who are either battling depression or are trying to help their spouse who is caught up in its horrible stronghold. They’re crying out for some type of relief, and help, and understanding. (more…)

When Being “In love” is a Distant Memory

Image credit:

Image credit:

Being “in love.” There’s hardly a greater feeling. There is such an emotional high involved that it’s hard to describe it to someone who has never experienced it —kind of like trying to explain color to someone who has been blind since birth and has no concept of what that could look like.

It’s also one of those feelings, like an elusive butterfly, that is hard to keep, because life has a way of eventually causing it to flitter away in some way, so it’s just a distant memory. That “in love” feeling sure is one that most all of us want to have and keep forever with that special someone. And when we marry, believe we will. (more…)

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