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When Adversity Happens

couple holding a heart - Adversity
When adversity happens—when we’re hit with some of the tough stuff that happens in life, what do we do? Do we fall apart as a married couple? Do we slowly drift, or quickly push away from each other? Or do we work to approach it as a team, giving each…
Adobe Stock Beautiful young couple in love in the park.

Marriage Insight: Connection Questions and a Kiss

If you’re anything like us, you need tools and connection questions to help you grow in your marriage relationship. We’ve sure needed them in our marriage. We’re always looking for something new to help us connect in meaningful ways… and…
Adobe Stock Women gossiping in Sin

Marriage Insight: Sin Can Be Catchy

We’re not sure if you have observed what we have, but it appears that sin can be catchy. We often grab onto that, which we shouldn’t. Just like you can catch the flu or another affliction through germs that attach…


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