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United As One – Marriage Message #321

In your wedding ceremony, did you use a Unity candle? If you did, then you and your spouse took the flames from two separate candles to light one single candle. This symbolized your two lives uniting as one. You then blew out the flames of the other two candles to symbolize that your single lives were no longer an option. You were joining in partnership as one together.

We’ve been to a lot of weddings where this was ceremonially done. It’s very touching when you see it and everyone more-or-less understands what the meaning is behind this ritual. But a few questions come to mind that Dr Gary Smalley asks in his book, One Flame … How to Weather the Five Winds in Your Marriage:

- “If you lit the flame of unity candle during your wedding, is your flame of oneness still burning brightly? In other words, do you feel a deep sense of oneness in your marriage today?

– “Do you feel safe and satisfied with a deep intimacy that you both enjoy?

– “Are you as happily married as you would like to be?”

Gary goes on to say, (more…)

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Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. (James 1:19)

Are you having difficulty communicating with your marriage “partner” to the point where you’re not able to bridge your differences? Sometimes learning and using a few simple communication methods may help you to come to a better place of agreement and understanding with each other.

Below you will find several different communication tools that could help you in your marriage so you’re able to hear each other better when you really need to. (Hopefully they will also help you to become slower “to become angry.“)

Just like in a tool box you’ll find that you don’t use every tool every day. You’ll find the same for the communication tools that are listed below. But they sure can be handy when needed.

We encourage you to use whatever you find helpful with the situation you’re dealing with whenever it’s needed: (more…)

Marital Junk Mail: Stinking Thinking

- Cindy Wright – September 13, 2014

Are you getting a lot of junk mail lately? We sure are, especially with the upcoming elections, plus “vacation opportunities” and more. I’m so tired of throwing out one glossy advertisement, and catalogue after the other. But throwing it all out is better than letting it pile up all over the place, making one big confusing mess. It wouldn’t take long before it would just fill up our home and take over.

I was thinking how this is a lot like some of the thoughts that can pop into our minds concerning our spouses. Sometimes the “junk” we can focus on about our marriage partner can push our focus in a “messy” direction —one we shouldn’t head towards, feeding our discontentment, rather than helping us look for healthy solutions.

It reminds me of something I read that Christa Rose Bartlett wrote, in a Today’s Christian Woman article titled, Marriage Junk Mail: (more…)

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