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MARRIAGE INSIGHT: Intentionally Thankful

Dollarphotoclub_90209075In a few days we will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day here in the United States. Other countries celebrate something like this at other times of the year, but for us, it’s next week.

Something that we have going for us as a married couple, that will be different this year, is that this will be the first time in both of our lives that we won’t have family or friends physically celebrating with us (or we with them). It’s certainly the first time in our marriage that this has occurred. We’re used to having lots of family, children, and friends joining us. And we’ve LOVED it. But this year is going to be different.

When I first realized this, I found myself being profoundly sad, especially as I remembered all of the laughter and enjoyment of past years with a multitude of loved ones being with us (or with us going over to their homes) —so many great memories. (more…)

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Looking for Help in All the Wrong Places

Dollar Photo Two female friends talking while sitting at homeHave you noticed that when you and your spouse are in conflict it’s sometimes easier to talk to someone else about it? We all need to vent our feelings, talk about our frustrations, and seek advice. That’s what friends and family are for. And we often trust our loved ones implicitly, regarding their advice as gospel.

The problem is that many of the people we trust have grown up hearing the same cultural messages about resolving marital hurts that we have. (more…)

Persistence and Perseverance Pays

Dollar Photo Unhappy stressed young couple having an argumentWho wants to be ineffective and unproductive in your relationship with Jesus Christ and in your relationship with your spouse? Not too many people would openly volunteer to line up to get on that bus.

But if we aren’t persistent and we don’t persevere in doing what it takes to continue to build our relationship with our spouse, beyond the wedding day, we’ll actually take that bumpy ride into a downward spiral, whether we consciously volunteer, or not. (more…)

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