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Growing Thru Marriage Problems – Marriage Message #331

What marriage doesn’t encounter problems of some kind as you try to fit your lives together to “cleave” as the Bible tells us to do? Cleaving isn’t just referring to sexual intimacy. It also refers to being partners heading together down the same path of life. It doesn’t always mean you will think alike, but it does mean that you will work to think TOGETHER.

But what do we do when we hit a snag in the road and our differences bring us to the point of clashing with each other? How do we get past that type of situation? How can we work to improve our marriages so that our problems don’t overtake us? “Certainly God wouldn’t want us to stay in a marriage where our problems are consuming our relationship with each other! He wouldn’t want us to stay in a marriage where we’re both totally unhappy with each other!”

We’ve heard that said over and over again. And we understand the pain behind those statements. But the question we’d like to pose to you is, “Are your problems bigger than your God? Is your God so small that He can’t help you to get beyond them?”

Certainly it takes two people who are cooperating with each other, to make a marriage a strong, healthy, and a good one. But prayerfully consider something that author Gary Thomas said in his book, Sacred Marriage. He wrote: (more…)

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Good, Bad Or Just Different?

Photo credit: Taema / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: Taema / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Those many, many differences that you start to see in your spouse after you marry, can be extremely frustrating! How could he or she be so different than you thought before the wedding?

Are those differences good, bad, or just different?

Dr Emerson Eggerichs, author of the bestselling book, Love & Respect —who also conducts marriage seminars on the same subject, writes and speaks about this same issue. In his book, CRACKING THE COMMUNICATION CODE, he writes the following: (more…)

PDA – Public Displays of Affection

- Cindy Wright – November 20, 2014

Aug9When you first fell in love, and before you married, was your love for each other evident? Did you speak and show love to each other through affectionate words and actions?

We sure did. (more…)

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