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Liking Each Other – Marriage Message #357

love-382533_640Just because you’re married and you live in the same house together, it doesn’t mean that you still love and LIKE each other, or at least SHOW it. Your love may be one of the best kept secrets around! Or maybe it’s not:

“Only five out of a hundred teens interviewed in a major marital study desired a marriage like their parent’s. Just five. Why? There were a number of reasons given, but I ultimately believe it’s because your kids are watching. You may think you’re hiding the anguish produced by your inability to connect and love, but you’re only kidding yourself. They hear it in your every word to each other and see it in your lack of contact. It charges the air” (Dr Tim Clinton, from the book, Before A Bad Goodbye).

There’s an ad on TV that has an older couple commenting how much they enjoy being together after many years of marriage. The husband says, “There are only a few couples our age that we know still like each other.” How very sad. Many couples get to the point where they tolerate each other more than they show love to one another. And frankly, it just shouldn’t be. (more…)

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Preparing for a Weekend Away

Opportunities for marriage growth must be created; they don’t just happen! This means you’ll have fun sitting down with each other, calendars in hand, and choosing a time to get away. Don’t be discouraged if you must wait three months to go on your trip. You won’t believe how quickly that date will arrive! In fact, [my wife] Naomi and I have noticed how nice it is to anticipate a time away. Just putting it on the calendar is fun! (more…)

“I DO” – I Choose You

Cindy Wright – May 29, 2015

Wedding_CartoonAfter promising, “I do” at the altar, on our wedding day, it seems to me that there needs to be some changes, as far as who will then be our highest human priority. But from what I hear, as I talk to spouses, and from what I read in the comments posted on this and other web sites, not everyone feels the same way. At least their actions don’t play out that way. (more…)

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