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A Blessing for Your Marriage – Marriage Message #300

Cindy and I consider it a privilege to be invited into your marriages every week through these Marriage Messages. We are always seeking God as to what we should share with you from week to week, and He has been faithful to guide us. This Sunday, as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, we want to offer the following prayer of blessing for you and your marriage:

Father in heaven, first, we want to thank you for the gift of eternal life you have given to all who call on the name of Jesus, whose resurrection we celebrate. And I want to thank you for personally working in Cindy and my marriage to redeem and resurrect what once was “dead” and now, to allow us to participate with You in this ministry as it touches thousands of marriages every week.

It is in the name and the authority of Jesus that we come to ask you to bless each husband and wife who reads this message this week. (more…)

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SCRIPTURES to Bring You Closer in Your Marriage

Suggestion: Make a copy of these scriptures for your everyday use. Read one Bible passage a day, together with your spouse (if possible), for the next 142 days. After reading the passage of the day, if your spouse will participate with you, take the time to discuss what it means to each of you personally in light of your marriage, and/or pertaining to marriage in itself.

You can take a prayer/share walk together, or sit with each other enjoying cups of coffee or tea or soda or whatever, using the passage of the day as your springboard for time you spend in “couple time,” strengthening your marriage as a “chord of three strands.”

As you discuss these passages, you may find that you will not always think alike, in how you see these scriptures applying to your marriage, but the main goal is to “think together” —to find ways to build relationship bridges so you “walk together” through your marriage journey.

Sometimes deep discussion will ensue, sometimes confession may be appropriate, sometimes apologies, but always giving grace and building relationship bridges is important. Look to be dispensers of grace, rather than vessels of criticism. This is a relationship building time with you, your spouse and God together in partnership. (more…)

There is No Quick Fix in Marriage

by Debi Walter – From The Romantic Vineyard

Spring has sprung in Florida, and it’s beautiful! My dinner plate dahlias are growing strong, and I can’t wait to see what they look like in full bloom. But I must patiently wait for the buds to appear and then, open.

Such a rich truth to apply to our marriage.

Growth happens slowly —over time. We may work really hard preparing an area of our marriage for growth like learning new communication skills, or starting a budget. Maybe we attend a marriage seminar or read a really good book revealing areas that need our attention–and we start making application. But the process is slow.

We may not see growth as we had hoped. Things may stay the same causing us to be discouraged, even questioning if all our effort is worth it. And to this we want to say loud and clear…Yes.It.Is!

In our society we expect quick results:

•  Put your ATM card in the machine, withdraw cash instantly.

•  Throw clothes in the washer/dryer, push start and in no time your clothes are clean and ready to be worn again. (more…)

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