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MARRIAGE INSIGHT: The Porcupine Marriage

Pixabay porcupine-347741_640Do you find that you and your spouse sometimes throw verbal barbs at each other, when you’re upset? And sometimes you or your spouse hurt each other, even when that was never the intent. That’s called “The Porcupine Process.”

Dr Steve Stephens describes this matter in his book, “Experience the Difference.” He talks about porcupines and how they try to move closer together when they need warmth, and yet when they do, their quills poke each other, and it hurts. As a result, they’re in a dilemma… do they brave out the cold shivering alone, or do they find a way to come together somehow, to warm up?

He writes: (more…)

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What Makes A Marriage Last

Dollar Photo - Senior Couple Relaxing On Seat Outside HouseEvery waking hour of the day, you are faced with “choices” to make, that can either add to the richness of your marriage, or could potentially harm it in some manner.

As you read through the following poem, consider the continual choices that you make and consider whether you are making choices that contribute to the health of your marriage or contaminate it. (more…)

The Last Word

Dollar photo Woman doing surprise gesture“A good time to keep your mouth shut is when you’re in deep water.” Keeping our mouth shut can sometimes be wise, but do we always apply that wisdom when we should?

I’m reminded of a little dog we had a number of years ago named “Troubles.” She was a menacing little dog… cute, but often naughty and brought “troubles” into our lives at random times. She lived out her name very well. (more…)

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