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MARRIAGE INSIGHT: Nitpicking Can Ruin Good Marriages

Dollar Photo - Young Couple Having Argument At HomeWhen you live together in the intimacy of marriage, day in and day out, it becomes easy to start nitpicking at each other —finding little faults here and there that are irritants, which compels spouses to “correct” each other. It’s the “this is the right way to do this; yours is the wrong way” syndrome. It’s also called the “you missed a spot” mindset, and I’ve even heard it referred to as looking at your spouse with “manure-colored glasses.” You can easily figure out the specifics of that one.

Here’s something from a article titled, “Want a Happy Marriage? Be Nice, Don’t Nitpick” that Dr Susan Boon, a social psychologist said about nitpicking. She brought up the point that: (more…)

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Facebook Quotes – Page 14

Pixabay computer-419961_640Below are a few of the quotes we’ve posted on the Marriage Missions Facebook Page. This is the 14th page we’ve created with quotes from many different “marriage experts” giving marriage tips, which can still be used in a variety of ways: (more…)


Photo by Ambro,

Photo by Ambro,

Nitpicking. I’ve been there and have done that WAY too many times. I wish I could say I haven’t and that I won’t again. But as a sinner, I probably will. I’ll keep fighting against it though, because I know it’s wrong. (more…)

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