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Liking Each Other – Marriage Message #357

love-382533_640Just because you’re married and you live in the same house together, it doesn’t mean that you still love and LIKE each other, or at least SHOW it. Your love may be one of the best kept secrets around! Or maybe it’s not:

“Only five out of a hundred teens interviewed in a major marital study desired a marriage like their parent’s. Just five. Why? There were a number of reasons given, but I ultimately believe it’s because your kids are watching. You may think you’re hiding the anguish produced by your inability to connect and love, but you’re only kidding yourself. They hear it in your every word to each other and see it in your lack of contact. It charges the air” (Dr Tim Clinton, from the book, Before A Bad Goodbye).

There’s an ad on TV that has an older couple commenting how much they enjoy being together after many years of marriage. The husband says, “There are only a few couples our age that we know still like each other.” How very sad. Many couples get to the point where they tolerate each other more than they show love to one another. And frankly, it just shouldn’t be. (more…)

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Don’t Be Too Pooped To Pucker

Romantic marriage rule #1: Don’t be too pooped to pucker

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David and Claudia Arp have a simple question for parents: Do you have 20 seconds a day to devote to your marriage?

If you can manage one-third of a minute a day, they suggest dividing it between a passionate kiss when you part in the morning and another when you meet again at night. Most people find it’s a longer lip lock than they expect.

“We get more e-mails from that one suggestion,” said Claudia Arp, who heads Marriage Alive International with her husband. “People say it makes such a big difference to focus on each other, even just for 20 seconds each day.”

Indeed, while experts support the often cited “date night,” they say it’s the small, daily gestures of romance that keep parents in love. (more…)

Reworking Your Relationship

- Cindy Wright – May 20, 2015

I was looking through a devotional book we have titled, “Bible Readings for Couples,” and I came across something that seems appropriate to consider, within our marriages, at some point or the other. I’d like to share some of what the authors wrote.

The authors, Margaret and Erling Wold, referred to the scriptures in Jeremiah 18:1-4 where Jeremiah was told by the Lord “to go down to the potter’s house.” He would then find a potter working at his wheel, and yet “the clay was spoiled in the potter’s hand.” He then “reworked it into another vessel, as it seemed good to the potter to do this.

As I went to my Bible to look up those scriptures for myself, I then read further what is recorded in verses 5 and 6 where it says: (more…)

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