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Make Your Spouse Feel Special – Marriage Message #299

“We have to fight against taking our spouses for granted. And taking them for granted is easy to do, because on the day we marry, we gain a monopoly of sorts” (Gary Thomas).

We can’t even imagine that God would want us to fall into the habit of not taking better care of our marriages because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7) and He cares for your spouse, as well. So, to help us take better care of our marriages we’ve listed below 20 ways to make our spouses feel special (from the fun book, Lists to Live By for Every Married Couple compiled by Alice Gray, Steve Stephens, and John Van Diest (a book composed of a number of lists).

Glean through the list that’s appropriate for making your spouse “feel special.” But don’t get hung up on pronouns; every marriage is different. If you think your spouse would prefer something listed in the other “20 Ways” then adapt it to bless your spouse. The important thing is just to DO something that shows you care, beyond the everyday things that you do! Be intentional and show your spouse that when you said, “I do” on your wedding day to love and honor him or her, you meant it. You meant it back then, today, and for the rest of your life together!

20 Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Special -by Al Gray— married 34 years. (more…)

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10 Things Every Bride Should Know Before Her Wedding Night

It was almost 7 pm and my feet were tired. The hairpins were digging into my head, my make-up was gone, the wedding dress was uncomfortably tight around the waist (note to bride —any snug fit around the waist will feel tighter after a meal!).

And our best friend had driven off with our honeymoon luggage.

One of my girlfriends offered to help out. Go to her house and have a quick change of clothes. My brand new husband gave me that look that I’ve come to understand to mean “Not gonna happen.” Starting our first night at a girlfriend’s house instead of a honeymoon suite was not the plan.

And so it was, after a long event-filled happy day, that we finally walked into our honeymoon hotel. Finally. Just the two of us. The start of our marriage.

The wedding night

Most of you reading this are past your first wedding night. But many others are planning for their first wedding night (one of my friends is getting married this week!). Here are:

10 things every bride should know before (and about) her wedding night

1. Take it slow.

It’s been a long tiring journey, planning for your wedding.  (more…)

There is No Quick Fix in Marriage

by Debi Walter – From The Romantic Vineyard

Spring has sprung in Florida, and it’s beautiful! My dinner plate dahlias are growing strong, and I can’t wait to see what they look like in full bloom. But I must patiently wait for the buds to appear and then, open.

Such a rich truth to apply to our marriage.

Growth happens slowly —over time. We may work really hard preparing an area of our marriage for growth like learning new communication skills, or starting a budget. Maybe we attend a marriage seminar or read a really good book revealing areas that need our attention–and we start making application. But the process is slow.

We may not see growth as we had hoped. Things may stay the same causing us to be discouraged, even questioning if all our effort is worth it. And to this we want to say loud and clear…Yes.It.Is!

In our society we expect quick results:

•  Put your ATM card in the machine, withdraw cash instantly.

•  Throw clothes in the washer/dryer, push start and in no time your clothes are clean and ready to be worn again.

•  Hop an airplane and you can be anywhere in the country by the time the sun sets.

• Don’t like what you’re watching on TV, click a button on your remote and choose from an endless variety of options.

But marriage isn’t a quick fix. (more…)

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