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Disagreeing in Front of Children – Marriage Message #348

The last few weeks we’ve written on the subject of married couples who argue in front of “audiences.” The point we’ve been trying to make is that it can be embarrassing and awkward to others (and it should be to each of you) when you inflict this type of tension upon them. For that reason, it’s important to:

STOP…  See The Other People and be kind enough to take your arguments elsewhere. Please use enough self-control and restraint to wait for a more appropriate time and setting to settle your disagreements. That’s ESPECIALLY true when it comes to fighting in front of your children. It can negatively change who they are in the future if they witness their parents fighting with each other in ways that are hurtful.

But does that mean they should NEVER see you disagree as a married couple? No. But you need to be discerning as to what is hurtful and what is helpful for children to witness. We think Mitch Temple says it best in the wonderful Focus on the Family book, titled The First Five Years of Marriage. He addressed the following question:

“Is it okay to disagree in front of the children?”


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MENOPAUSE: A Season We Didn’t See Coming

img_6133Anniversaries happen every year. We love celebrating in special ways, and I love keeping track of all the things we’ve done. But I’ve noticed something—time never goes back. Once an anniversary passes we’ll never celebrate that year again. It makes me pause even more each year to thank God for all that He has done and have faith for all the good He will do in the future.

Tom and I celebrated our 36th anniversary last month, and it’s still hard for us to believe so much time has passed, that is three dozen years of memories made! At this point in our marriage we probably have more years behind us than we have in front of us. We know each other well. We’ve talked about every subject under the sun, and I could probably answer any question you would have for Tom for him and say exactly what he would say. And I imagine he could do the same for me.

But we have recently experienced a season that we didn’t see coming. (more…)

Fixing Marital Dilemmas

- Cindy Wright – March 25, 2015

Woman uses lighter to set fire to newspaperWhen faced with a problem in your marriage what do you do? Hopefully, prayerfully, you face it, embrace the importance of properly resolving it, and you look for a way —sometimes the right communication tool, to resolve it.

I had a “funny” incident that happened the other day, that caused me to look for a tool to resolve it. It wasn’t a marital problem, but it was frustrating, and it showed me that using the right tool, at the right time, in problematic situations can bring about the needed results.

It was our clothes dryer that was giving me a fit. I put a load of clothes into it, turned the knob, and a horrible squealing noise came out of the innards of the dryer. This wasn’t the first time it had happened, but this was the loudest and the longest that it squealed. Grrr… Something obviously, needed to be done! (more…)

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