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Honoring Each Other – Marriage Message #319

“Sprinkled throughout Scripture is a concept we feel is at the heart of all truly loving relationships. In fact the biblical concept of honor is one of the most powerful tools a husband or wife can use to carve out a lasting and intimate marriage. In Scripture, wives are told to give honor to their husbands (Ephesians 5:33) and husbands, to give honor to their wives (1 Peter 3:7). What do we mean by honor?

That’s a good question that was posed by Gary Smalley and John Trent in the book, Husbands and Wives (which unfortunately, is no longer being printed). We encourage you to read what else they say on this subject, which prayerfully will help you in your marriage. They write: (more…)

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How To Fight Fair About Finances

Let’s look at some rules for honor on the battlefield, or “How to Fight Fair About Finances.” We’ll start with a “never”:

Never try to work through money problems while angry. Calm down, and then make an appointment with each other to try again. When you meet for that appointment, try incorporating some of the suggestions in this list.

Listen carefully to the other’s suggestions without putdowns.

Read what other people have tried, such as the one-income family who sets aside two budget categories under the wife’s management —one for all household needs and the other for herself to spend as she sees fit. This helps her avoid the guilt involved when she’s forced to choose continually between groceries and her own clothing items. Another one-income couple avoids conflict by having all the income under the wife’s management. She pays all the bills and divides any remaining funds. This couple feels that this arrangement gives the woman more freedom to fulfill her role as manager in the family while maintaining her personal dignity.

And now some “always” ground rules:

Always take time to discuss and thoroughly understand your income, insurance plans, investments, and assets as a couple. Put this on your “every six months” agenda. (more…)

He Thought His Wife Was Crazy

- Cindy Wright with Chris and Andrea Fabry – August 30, 2014 

chris-and-meWe have some dear friends, Chris and Andrea Fabry, who have been through quite an ordeal —a life-threatening ordeal. Their home was invaded by black mold. As a result, they and their whole family (of 9 “kids”) were pushed into a health crisis.

It has been an amazing journey to witness Chris and Andrea and the whole family, step-by-step, pull together to learn how to find a “new normal” despite all of the physical problems they kept encountering, and still have to fight against to this day. It hasn’t been easy, and still isn’t, to some extent, even to this day. But they have learned to persevere through it all.

Steve and I SO admire the way they have approached this (mostly) as a team.

Chris will tell you that at first he was quite resistant to believing it to be true that the mold was causing the huge health problems they were encountering. But eventually, he learned to trust his wife Andrea’s instincts on this and together, as a team, they are an inspiration to all of us who know them.

I’m going to let Chris tell you below some of what he has learned and some of the lessons we can take away from it: (more…)

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