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A Quiz Concerning Christmas – Marriage Message #335

When you think of a “quiz” you might remember your schools days with less than fond memories. But when you work through a quiz that can change your thinking from something important, which you THOUGHT you knew to be true, but now you know better, it can be helpful.

Jesus is referred to as the Truth. And as followers of Christ, we should seek after Truth —both in Him as well as things that are true. Well, we discovered a quiz, concerning some of the facts concerning “Christmas” that separates what is true from what we may have thought was true.

We’re sharing this with you hoping that it might provide good conversations between you and your spouse (and others you want to share it with). It’s written by Gary Kurz, who is a preacher and Bible teacher. We found it posted on Here’s an edited portion of the quiz (10 out of the 20 questions… we had to change the original numbering system to fit in this edited version for that reason, but you can see the quiz in its entirety by going to the provided link) A Christmas Quiz: (more…)

Featured Article

Working Through Your Holiday Expectations



You’ve probably seen movies in which this scenario is played out Hollywood style, i.e. the relationship of a sweet and happy newlywed couple gets severely tested with fights, hurt feelings, and estrangement over family holidays —only to be wonderfully resolved in 1 1/2 hours! For some couples, such a scenario is reality (except for the 1 1/2 hour resolve time!)

It’s discomforting to make choices between loved ones on such occasions, and it might be this way for you until you become parents and begin to develop your own family holiday events.

Sometimes the question is not only where you spend holidays but also how you spend them. [You need more than “battle-free holiday magic… you need to better plan, work through your expectations, asking the Lord to give you insights to establish peace.] You may have different styles of doing Christmas. One, for example, may think Christmas is pagan —no trees or presents allowed! The other may get ecstatic over decorating a tree with a zillion ornaments, piling gifts to the ceiling, and leaving cookies out for Santa Claus! (more…)

Conversational Communication in Marriage

- Cindy Wright – December 19, 2014

Christmas1Before you married your spouse, did you both feel like your communication skills were pretty good in the way that you interacted together? Did you spend long, enjoyable times of conversation with each other? How about now that you are married?

Are you finding that you are having a hard time making the time to just sit down and have a great conversation together that doesn’t involve just reporting to each other on what the kids are doing and what each of you need to do? And/or are you stumped in trying to figure out what to talk about once you do make the time to talk?

My husband Steve and I have sure had a hard time in the past (and sometimes even now) with these two important points —finding the time, and also figuring out what to talk about. (more…)

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