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    It is our hope that you will live through, and learn through the stages of marriage, joining with us to encourage those who are marrying and those who are married. May we make it our mutual mission to do what it takes so we reveal and reflect the love of Christ within marriage, to the glory of God.
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Good Marriages Don’t Just Happen – Marriage Message #367

“Every day of marriage is a new adventure in which God is trying to teach us something. God doesn’t necessarily want it to be easy. If we’re one with another, then we’ll be able to hear what God is saying to us and learn together.”

couple-254683_640Please read the above statement again because it has such a powerful message for us all to engraft into our thinking. It’s a quote from Travis Turner who, along with his wife Carol works with Life Partners Christian Ministries, Inc.

We sometimes forget in the “everydayness” of life that God cares more about our character than He does about our comfort.

And because of this, after marrying, we will find areas of our lives together, where God will be working to teach us what it means to love someone sacrificially. (more…)

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We Used to Be So in Love

Dollar Photo - Pareja de enamorados sonriendo abrazados“We used to be so in love. Life was full of passion and romance. Now he acts like he doesn’t care. It seems like ages since we made love. Our marriage is in trouble if we don’t breathe some new life into it soon!”

Passion and romance are a strange phenomena. They are strong compulsions and hard to control. (more…)

Inspirational Marriages

Dollar Photo - Senior Couple Relaxing On Seat Outside HouseI remember reading the advice that an older woman was giving to someone, concerning marriage. She said that lots of people give the excuse that they never had a good marriage modeled for them while growing up. But she didn’t buy that excuse. (more…)

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