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God’s Desire for Marriage

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If I (Steve) were to guess, I’d say that about 99 per cent of us, when we got married, believed that God wanted us to be “happy” in our marriages. That would seem only natural to us. But as Cindy and I came to realize through our years of marriage,…

Marriage Insight: How Can I Serve You?

Five little words that mean so much, “How can I serve you?” They bring such a relief when Steve says them to me. It happens usually at a time when I’m running around frantically trying to get everything done. And…
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Marriage Insight: You’ve Just Gotta Laugh

The Bible tells us that “laughter is good medicine” and we’ve got to say that sure holds true in our married life together. After 44+ years of marriage —the ability to laugh together has been GREAT medicine for our relationship. (We…


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