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Marriage Put Back Together After Divorce

My wife and I have been married for 10 years, divorced for 1 year, and remarried for 4 years —of course to each other.

You may ask, how is it the second time around? It’s absolutely marvelous, we never argue, we never say the wrong things to each other, and we are always happy. If only it were so! No, we do argue, and we do miscommunicate with each other, and we are not always happy. But that’s all part of having a successful marriage.

In our first marriage God was not a part of it. I was the most inconsiderate man that any woman could ever have been married to. I was an alcoholic and a drug addict who eventually became a gangster. My wife had to live ten years of absolute hell with me.

She, however, loved me and told me continually that the reason she stayed with me was because she believed the man that she had met 10 years before would return. My wife did not divorce me; I left her for a younger girl and divorced her.

My six year old daughter who had never been into a church found out from her teacher that she should pray for God to bring her daddy back. God answered her prayer.

I want to say that if one is having marriage problems and wants to get divorced, I don’t recommend it. I believe with God any marriage can be successful. It just depends how much you are prepared to sacrifice. My precious wife was prepared to sacrifice everything. I thank God for her.

This is a true testimony given to us from a subscriber from South Africa.


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280 Responses to “Marriage Put Back Together After Divorce”
  1. Carrie from United States says:

    I want to share a joyful and hopeful sorry with you. I was married when I was 18. We were crazy in love with each other but we did not have God in our marriage. We ended up divorcing after a few years. I remarried and again did not have God in my marriage. My first husband had relationships but always said he couldn’t get married again. Well, 10 years after my first husband and I divorced God has brought Him back in my life. I am a very strong believer now but when he first came back I doubted it was God. But God is showing me every day that he is the one. Last night he asked me to marry him… again. And that’s exactly what I am going to do. Thank you God! Keep your faith and talk to God constantly!

    • Jorge from United States says:

      I just got separated on 9/9/13. In 2009 I had an affair, left the house for about 4 months. I thank God that God touched me and reminded me of where my love really was and went back. During that same time, as payback, my wife spent the night with another man. Here we are 4 years later the evening of 9/9. My kids and I got confirmation that my wife was having an affair. The man’s wife called me to tell me. I left the house. Ever since then I have been praying for God to restore our marriage, our family. I am 40; my wife is 42. We have 5 wonderful children and a beautiful 8 month old granddaughter. We have been together for 11 years, married for 7.5.

      My children have seen her tranform from a wonderful wife and mother to an 18 year old girl. I have tried to stand firm, be paitent but it is as if she is in a race. She has already filed for divorce. We have our divorce court on 12/4, just 3 months after. I have heard excuses from I wasn’t good to our step kids, I was controlling with her, to I was mean to her sisters, to I looked at women. Now, she is saying that it happened because of what I did 4 years ago. My step kids and I get along great, I see my grandaughter as much as possible, take her to church with me (keep in mind she is not my blood grandauther). They are actually testifying for me on my behalf in a restraining order case she put on me. I didn’t like her sisters, she says, because I didn’t like lending them money. This is where the controlling part comes in. We were always in a financial strain, paying rent late, taking out pay day loans, advances from banks, hardship withdrawals from our 401k. So yes, I did control the money and I didn’t like lending any out because we didn’t have enough for us, much less to lend out. As fas a looking at women, I learned to control myself last November and even then, I didn’t do it to the point she said but I still had to walk with my head down just to avoid problems and accusations.

      It is wonderful to hear that your marriage was restored, that is a very miracle of God. As for myself, I have come to the conclusion that restoration is not for everyone. After the affair with the married man, she says it was only emotional. She told my daughter that she was now talking to someone new, someone younger. There has been no repentence, no looking back. She is moving into a smaller place, traded our minivan for an Altima and then decided to tint the windows and put a sound system in it. Because of the restraining order she put on me, I have had to get an attorney. I warned not to let it get that far because if the kids were called as witnesses it would not go well for her. She has anger issues, prone to verbal abuse, and physical abuse. I have never hit my wife. I have never even called her a name.

  2. Marilyn from United States says:

    My husband divorced me after 4 months of marriage. We had an annulment because he did not want to lose his SSDI Childhood benefits of $500 a month and is reapplying to get the payments back. I guess he never loved me because he refused to get a job and keep me instead and now wants me to have no income and live outside. I’m a disabled person with neck and back injuries requiring surgery. However, my former husband keeps asking me for money saying I cannot live here for free.

    I used to help him with food bills with my food stamps and whatever cash I had on a legal loan to keep him but apparently he didn’t appreciate my efforts. I’m involved in a lawsuit for the place where I was injured, and have some bad disks in the back and neck, and am in chronic pain. It is hard for me to live outside with such pain. I have no income to pay rent and cannot find a job.

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