My Spouse Is In Love With Someone Else

“Help! My spouse is in love with someone else!”

We’ve heard those horrible words in different forms so many times from those that write and/or talk to us, here at Marriage Missions. And the spouse who is left behind, who is telling us his or her story, is devastated!

And understandably so!

“Infidelity is one of the most thoughtless, dishonest and cruel acts of self-indulgence imaginable.” (Dr Willard Harley Jr.)

We couldn’t agree more with that statement! Just the thought of having a spouse, the person who pledged to love and be faithful to you for the rest of your lives, the person you have given every part of your heart and body to —just to think that this person could throw your love and commitment away and pledge love to someone else, is inconceivably cruel. No one deserves to hear that “news” from his or her spouse.

How we wish we could erase that betrayal from ever happening to another person!

But sadly, we can’t.

What we can do however, is lead you to read an article which God may use to help you deal with this horrible new in some way. We pray it helps with all our hearts.

Please click onto the Marriage link to read what marriage expert, Jo Beam wrote on this subject:


If you have additional tips you can share to help others who are dealing with this dilemma, or you want to share requests for prayer and/or ask others for advice, please “Join the Discussion” by adding your comments below.


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71 responses to “My Spouse Is In Love With Someone Else

  1. My wife told me last week that she is in love with a man she had an affair with 6 years ago. We have been together for fifteen years and mareid for 11, and we have three great daughters. I am trying to spend a lot of time with the kids and also help my wife; she is really sick and has lupus. I’m not mad at her at all, just hurt so I am accepting it. I have gone to church and I have prayed not to get back together but just to hear God, and see if he can help me and lead me through this, but I never feel like he’s talking to me. What should I do? I need his help.

  2. My husband also is in love with someone. Please tell me what can I do to save my married life and my three children.

    1. Shahnaz, I’m not really sure. All I can say is to read and apply the advice given in this and other articles –adapting and using what you believe is important, as you pray. And that is the key. Your husband has gone the route of cheating on you and your children. Some men (and women, if it applies) wake up eventually and go back to their spouse. My dad did. There were 4 of us kids. He eventually saw that my mom was a better woman that the other woman ever would be. But it took time, and prayer, and doing the best that is possible under the circumstances. My mom worked on herself, knowing she would never lose as much if she was a better person, and took the best care of us as she could. I now look back and SO appreciate how tough this was for her, and yet she kept working to do the best she could, with God’s help.

      That’s the best advice I can give you. I know your heart is broken… how could it not be? But I pray God strengthens and mends your heart and helps you to do what is needed to live as a good woman, and a good mother. I hope your husband wakes up and does as God would have him –to restore your marriage and family to be a loving one. I pray for you and your husband and your children.