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P.U.S.H. = Pray Until Something Happens!

Photo credit: Michell Zappa / Foter / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: Michell Zappa / Foter / CC BY-SA

A man was sleeping at night in his cabin when suddenly his room filled with bright light and the Savior appeared. The Lord told the man He had work for him to do, and showed him a large rock in front of his cabin. The Lord explained that the man was to push against the rock with all his might. This, the man did, day after day.

For many years he toiled from sun up to sun down with his shoulders set squarely against the cold, massive surface of the unmoving rock, pushing with all his might. Each night the man returned to his cabin sore, and worn out, feeling that his whole day had been spent in vain.

Seeing that the man was showing signs of discouragement, the Adversary decided to enter the picture by placing thoughts into the man’s weary mind: “You’ve been pushing against that rock for a long time, and it hasn’t budged. Why kill yourself over this? You’re never going to move it” —thus, giving the man the impression that the task was impossible and that he was a failure. These thoughts discouraged and disheartened the man.

“Why kill myself over this?” he thought. “I’ll just put in my time, giving just the minimum effort and that’ll be good enough.”

And that’s just what he planned to do —until one day he decided to make it a matter of prayer and take his troubled thoughts to the Lord.

“Lord” he said, “I’ve labored long and hard in Your service, putting all my strength to do that which You’ve asked. Yet, after all this time, I haven’t even budged that rock by half a millimeter. What’s wrong? Why am I failing?”

The Lord responded compassionately,

“My friend, when I asked you to serve Me —you accepted. I told you that your task was to push against the rock with all your strength, which you’ve done. Never once did I mention to you that I expected you to move it. Your task was to push. And now you come to Me —with your strength spent, thinking that you’ve failed. But is that really so?”

“Look at yourself. Your arms are strong and muscular. Your back sinew is mighty. Your hands are callused from the constant pressure;and your legs have become massive and hard. Through opposition you’ve grown much and your abilities now surpass that which you used to have. Yet you haven’t moved the rock. But your calling was to be obedient and to push and to exercise your faith and trust in My wisdom. This you’ve done. I, my friend, will now move the rock.”

At times, when we hear from God, we tend to use our own intellect to decipher what He wants. What God ACTUALLY wants is just simple OBEDIENCE and FAITH IN HIM.

By all means, exercise the faith that moves mountains, but know that it’s still God who moves the mountains.

P.U.S.H. = Pray Until Something Happens!

When everything seems to go wrong,
just P.U.S.H.

When the job gets you down,

When people don’t react the way you think they should,

When your money looks funny and the bills are due,

When people just don’t understand you,
just P.U.S.H.!!!

(The author for this prayer inspiration is unknown, although obviously inspired by God.)


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192 Responses to “P.U.S.H. = Pray Until Something Happens!”
  1. Meh says:

    (SOUTH AFRICA) After waiting for more than 6 years, God finally brought me my soulmate. I asked God to confirm if he was indeed the one and God did. In the 4 months we dated we did a couple of things to hurt each other. In the 5th month he went back to his ex and I went thru a period of fasting & prayer. I realised I needed him for just more than a relationship but my purpose too. I’ve prayed & fasted & repented for 2 months and even apologised to him face to face. Now he’s not speaking to me – after all this. Why would God make me wait for years, bring my soulmate and take him away? After ALL the pain I’ve been through, how could God do this to me? Maybe I should finally give up – my friends are all married or have kids & I have been waiting & praying but I ended up More miserable than them.

    • Nongo from South Africa says:

      I know exactly what you are going through. After seven years of praying for my soul mate I met him. We were together for seven months and now I see him with another woman and it’s killing me. I’m still praying for him to come back.

    • Joanna from South Africa says:

      Please, I’m in a similar situation. After dating for 4 months, everything was so smooth, but he rejects me, doesn’t take my calls, and doesn’t want to see me. Yet he does send me messages and respond to mine. I have been praying and fasting over a month. The more I pray, the harder it gets. How do I hold on my dear? I even want to give up. But I keep telling myself that I am coming from far; I wont give up. The word of God says I must pray without ceasing. I love him so much and it is killing me.

      • Neo from Europe says:

        Ladies, we must do what we do best, pray at times. God might be testing our faith through our partners. We might face defeat but we must not be defeated. God will see us through; prayer changes things.

        • Stephanie from Canada says:

          I found my soul mate in 2007. We dated for several months and fell in love. Our relationship fell apart due to other issues but we came back together in 2013. He told me he never stopped thinking about me… we even dated other people and still thought about each other. I prayed and prayed during our time apart, not knowing he was doing the same. We reconnected after 6 years! We’re now talking about marriage and children. Glory to God!

          • Valerie from United Kingdom says:

            Glory to God! Amazing and encouraging testimony.

          • Kassandra from United States says:

            I’m praying for you. I’m on “break” with my boyfriend of 2 years. I’m currently fasting. But as sad as this makes me, I know in my heart that his heart is loyal to me. I just needed to reconnect with GOD. I’m at peace. The thing that hurts me is this process of allowing him time to heal. I pray that God opens his eyes, heals his soul, and softens his heart to allow me another opportunity.

            But once I do go back home my relationship with GOD can never stop. I have faith We’ll be back together in 2 weeks, if not this weekend. ONLY GOD KNOWS what is going to happen. I’m showing my obedience to my Lord and understanding that yes, love is patient and that was my biggest struggle.

    • Anna from Canada says:

      Ladies, are you all sure, that person was the one God meant for you? I went through the same experiences as you. I had been praying for years for God to bring me a God-fearing man, I was cautious not to hop from one relationship to another. I was almost the laughingstock of everyone, even of my Christian friends. Then, 20 years after I broke up with him, I found my 1st love on Facebook. The first time we reconnected, he couldn’t help but talk about God, about the reality of God’s love. I couldn’t believe my ears. I mean, this was a man I never once saw going to church when we were kids or even mentioned God’s name. He told me that he gave his life to God more than a decade ago and he had spent the past 2 years living in a religious community. Cherry on the sundae?

      He has never forgotten me nor stopped loving me. All of this happened when I was at my lowest when it comes to my pain. I was even googling: “How do we know that God loves us?” So, how did I interpret God allowing me to reconnect with my first love? HE FINALLY ANSWERED MY PRAYERS to send me a God-fearing man. We decided to start a long-distance relationship.

      Allow me to make a long story short: the more I was speaking with that guy, the more I couldn’t ignore the red flags, especially on the religious level. I wasn’t at ease, I kept praying for signs and confirmation from God that this man was the one I’d been waiting for. Yet, I didn’t have peace of mind. The differences between us, especially of values, were striking. The man was not only spiritually immature but he was immature, period. After lots of soul-searching, days and nights of crying, I decided to put an end to this relationship.

      The minute I made that decision, that godly peace of mind I had been looking for, took over. That man was not the right one for me. He wasn’t the one, God meant for me nor the one I’ve been praying for. All my friends were right: when it comes from God, it’s simple, no heartaches involved. God gave us good things. He doesn’t give you a snake when you ask for a fish or a loaf of bread.

      As far as I’m concerned, this fairy-tale like story of lost and found love, was similar to Abraham thinking Ishmael was the son of the promise, Potiphar’s wife trying to convince Joseph that she was the only thing preventing him from having it all, Dahlila tempting Samson over and over. I want Isaac and I’m not settling for less.

      God will never match us with someone who will be at risk of disobeying God’s word. I might be close to 40 but God knows me and he’ll never set me up with someone who believes in living together BEFORE marriage or common-law partnerships. I don’t care what century we’re living in, God is never gonna set me with someone who tells me with the exact same breath, that the Bible forbids premarital sex but doesn’t see why we should wait until marriage before sleeping together (“the Holy Spirit hasn’t told him anything about it yet”). And I’m gonna think that such man is God’s answer to my prayers?

      After our breakup, there were more signs that this man wasn’t the one for me. The truth is that while we were dating and I was REPEATEDLY praying God for confirmation that he’s the one, the guy always had the right Christian-like answer. Yet, I wasn’t still at peace. Why? Because, there were still red flags. I could tell and see the lack of consistency between his words and his actions. People reveal themselves in little things and God was showing me that.

      I thank the Lord for opening my eyes and making me see BEYOND what I wanted to see. That’s our main issue, we, women: we think love has to be hard, love means abnegation for the sake of our men… Please!!! Is God’s love painful because God is love? If someone who supposedly loves you, has the nerve to leave you or date someone else while you’re apart and you’re praying for you to come back to you, you setting yourself up for nothing but pain and damaged self-esteem down the road. Enough with the warped definition of love!

      Talk with men who TRULY love their wives and they’ll tell you the same thing. When a man REALLY loves a woman, he can’t even stand to know that she sheds tears for or because of him, except if those are tears of happiness.

  2. Anne says:

    (USA) I am at a loss in many ways. My forever husband decided after a 30+ year marriage that he “loved me, but is not in love with me” anymore and left our family for another woman that he dated back in high school. (They dated for only three months.) He left us a few short weeks after his father died and moved into his dad’s house. He is openly dating the other woman and parades her around town like he won a trophy. We’re in a small town and were active in our community so people in our community have basically shunned him.

    He has not spoken to our adult children since he moved out (7 months ago) and has not had any contact with our beautiful grandchildren. I cannot understand how someone can choose a “chance” with another woman over his entire family. Our family has been through so much and I have always been there for him, through the death of both of his parents, through his loss of jobs, through many, many health crisis, you name it, I was always there, never complaining, always supporting and helping our family to get through.

    Since he has left our family, there have been many, many more crisis that I have dealth with, alone. The death of two close friends and having my father diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and a cancer scare with our son. It has been the most difficult time of my life and there are days when I just don’t think I can continue. I have prayed and prayed for GOD to give me a sign that he is moving the mountain and that my spouse will one day see the light and come home to our family.

    I have to say that a couple of weeks ago, so many unexplainable things happened to me, I know it was GOD telling me to be patient, that He’s working on this. Two days after all of these things happened, I got a text from my husband, whom I have had no contact with in three months, inviting me to dinner. I did go, we had a very nice time. It was hard for me to not want to have a melt down and beg him to rethink things, but I didn’t. I remained pleasant and we talked about ‘little’ things, never touching on the major things that need to be discussed. I look at it as a blessing that we took a “baby step” toward ‘the light.’

    He is still with the other woman, still lives in his dad’s house and is still planning on moving forward with the divorce, but I will remain faithful and I will remain standing until my family is once again whole. I will remember to keep “P.U.S.H” as part of my every day thought when things start to get me down. I will pray for all the people on this site that their prayers are answered. I know that GOD will do this in ‘his’ time but it is so hard not to get frustrated and feel defeated at times. God Bless to all.

    • Jesse from India says:

      Dear Aunty Anne… was going through different websites in search of stories of hope and came across Your story… your life!!! I see through your writings the faith you have in Christ… it was written in 2013 and I don’t know how things have turned out now …yet I believe God is with You!!!

    • Debbie from Canada says:

      I understand what you’re going through. I’m also going through it. My husband’s Dad passed away just a little over 2 years ago; he got everything, moved into his Dad’s house, and then started having an affair with his cousin –all this after 25 years of marriage. We have 2 boys, the youngest will be 10 in a couple of months. He is having a rough time. Last June I lost my Mom. It is so hard when you love someone and give them your everything. God has helped me. I lean on Him everyday. I will keep you in my prayers, and pray God go before you.

    • Samantha from United States says:

      I too came across your story and was very touched. I would love an update! Prayers for you and your family!

  3. Bev says:

    (UNITED STATES) New to this forum. I was with a man for five years and we had a child unwed. I guess he was with another woman the last year of our relationship and they are now married. I did not know about her. He has not been a part of our daughters life for her six years.

    Every morning I wake his name pops in my head saying “I love you (name).” I do not understand why. So much time has passed he is not in my thoughts but still these words enter my mind every morning. I prayed recently for a man in my life after being single for many years. He has now asked to be part of our daughter’s life after six years and said it could be just me, her and him until our daughter chooses differently.

    I ask myself could he be the man? Remember he is married. My thoughts say God would not send me a married man. Then my thoughts say maybe he is rightfully mine since I was the one originally cheated on. Please help.

  4. Denise says:

    (SOUTH AFRICA) Please pray for me and husband and daughter. He left us and filed for divorce. I am so hurt I can’t stop fighting for this marriage although he tells me to move on; he does not love me anymore. There’s another women too. I am so hurt but I know God’s going to make a way. I know he is.

  5. Maryanne says:

    (USA) I went out with a wonderful man for almost two years. The more I got to know him, the more I fell in love with him. I had opportunities to go out with other suitors. For every single one of the 4 suitors that I spend some time with, mainly because my boyfriend was significantly younger than me and I was afraid his family might not accept me, I realized that I truly loved every single value my boyfriend had. I loved his character, personlity, and heart. I was attracted to everything about him, his kindness, his generosity, etc. All these suitors seemed to have the same character but it was my boyfriend I loved: I felt it deep in my heart. So I decided to commit 120 percent to my young boyfriend, then he just called me up and said he does not want to continue the relationship becuase he is tired of the distance and he does not want to cheat on me. I am so heart broken. I pray daily for him to come back. He says it is distance that affected our relationship, he lives in a different city but used to commute to visit me. He laso says he felt it was one sided. I offered to move to the same city as him, but he said it makes no difference. Now he has a new girl and says I should stop calling them because it is affecting the new relationship they are trying to build. He left just like that, yet I love him and still love him, and even when I write a list of the person I want in my life, it is his image that comes back. This is really painful. Is PUSH the right thing for me? Is it right to pray for him to come back? I truly deep down in my heart want him to come back. When I talk to him, he is concerened about me, but his deep heart is not there for me, it is closed. I would like him to come back.

  6. Angel says:

    (UNITED STATES) I am going through a difficult time in my life. My husband of 22 years has been having an affair and the other women is pregnant. He has not left the house and neither have I. I’m not sure what to do? I have been praying and believe in God.

  7. Sherice says:

    (U.S) I want to say to all those who are hurting from the lost of a relationship, God will either deliver you from the hurt or He will deliver the person back to you and restore the relationship. But trust and believe He will not leave you broken! I also want to say I encourage you all to examine your relationship with GOD and make sure you are not just praying for things and make sure you truely are in a relationship with GOD or you will leave Him feeling the same way “Brokenhearted” once you get what you want. Remember God wants us to delight ourselves in Him first and all other things will be added to us. He will give you strength to endure hardships and allow you to come out victorius. Remember Mathew 6:33 seek ye first the kingdom of God… God Bless you all and may He give you peace that surpasses all understanding in Jesus Name!

  8. Philipia says:

    (SOUTH AFRICA) Greetings Ladies… I found this blog because I was looking for something to just give my faith a lift. The one thing I have realised is that the more I prayed the more distant he became. Now we don’t even talk and I don’t even know where he is. I know he is just my boyfriend but we had hoped to get married despite our differences. However looking on the bright side, praying for him has made me much closer to God.

    I remember when I first started praying for my boyfriend, it was all about me. I prayed he might love me more, that he might cherish me and have no interest for any other woman. But God opened my eyes one day; now I pray that he might experience God for himself, and see God for who He really is. Some days I wonder if I really heard from God when I believe I heard God say that he was to be my husband or whether it was just me! I pray for God to show me the way to take though I am confused still, my heart is in a better place now.

    I pray to God for you ladies that He just opens your eyes and lets you see that it is only in seeking Him and shifting the attention from ourselves and just uniting with God towards changing that person. I on my own cannot do much, but I pray for God’s will to be done in our lives and that even if I never see him again he always remains in my heart, and that I see him again in heaven one day. If that is God’s will (that I never see him again), I have cried and prayed, otherwise but my heart has accepted that God knows my needs more than I do. For the married ladies, please trust in God. He knows best; ask Him to show you how you should be praying and He is kind enough to do so.

  9. Faith says:

    (KENYA) Jannette, I am going through the same thing. I am praying that God will change and soften his heart and he will come back to my life. With prayer, all odds will be made possible?

  10. Lisa from United States says:

    Always remember that “With God Nothing Is Impossible”, AND “That It Is Impossible For God To Do Nothing”.

  11. Philomene from United States says:

    Holding The Lantern For My Husband Brian To Come back to me. We have been separated for 3 months. He filed for divorce last week. I don’t want a divorce. Our son is 1 year old and he needs both parents. I want my family back. I don’t want to give up on my family. Please pray that my heart’s desire be granted, the return of my husband Brian, the love of my life, my one true love. I pray that my spouse may have healed his wounds from the past and forgiven all that has gone wrong. Lord, help my husband be able to follow his heart to his desire and love for me and permanently return to me to be forever reconciled as one, as husband and wife. Amen.

    • Juan from United States says:

      I remember going through something like that. She had been unfaithful and it was like she was turning the knife in my heart then too. After she left, I forgave and she wanted to come back. Each circumstance is different, I hope your husband reconciles. I was going to remarry her, But the Lord told me, “Don’t, you will hurt her if you do.” I said, “What? How will loving her hurt her, if she wants to come back?” But after a while, I said, “Ok, I won’t. I don’t know why, but if it’ll hurt her I won’t.” Later, I learned she was only coming back for the money, so we parted after I was sure she didn’t really do it for love. Each situation is different, but the Lord looks out for your Good and for theirs. I hope He blesses you greatly.

  12. Ruth from India says:

    I’m having a big problem and tension. I don’t have any strength again because my boyfriend of five years said he is not ready to get married. I can’t concentrate on my business. I’m getting down and now I have financial problems. I have to take care of my parents. I’m lost now. But I saw this PUSH prayer. Let me have a try. I know God will surely help me. I need you to pray for me in my situation. I can’t go away from my boyfriend. I gave all my life to him; he can’t let me go also.

    I’m not happy at all without marrying and having a relationship for a long time. It’s very difficult for me. I need you to pray for me that my boyfriend can change his mind with the help of God. Only God can help me. I try my best in a different way. I’m a Christian. I can’t do bad things to my boyfriend and I can’t let things happen to him. I just need his love and care and I want to marry and make a nice family like other people. I can’t wait like this. I want a family and I want to marry with God’s grace. Only like this I will never reach anywhere. I need your help. I can’t tell anyone about my relationship and no one understands my feelings. I can only ask God to help me and guide me in my life. Please, until I get an answer I want your help and God will surely give you a reward back. God is great God. Bless you.

  13. Tony from Canada says:

    I’ve trusted all my life in God but when it comes to answering simple prayers like having a brother or sister or a wife…I got ripped off. Instead I got one tiny relationship for 3 months with a demonic witch. Ended up getting possessed and it took 18 yrs before I got rid of it. Today I’m 59 and have lived my entire life alone… no family… no relatives… no brothers or sister… nothing. Now when I see families or couples I totally despise it.

  14. Shell from United States says:

    I’m asking for prayers of reconciliation for myself and the love of my life. She is my best friend and I hope one day for her to be my wife. But recently we had been arguing and it scared her and she left. I know this seems silly but she was the one person who loved me and I love her. Please bring us back together again, let our foundation be strong and loving. Please let me get the apartment that I recently applied for. I want to create a home for my family including her. I love her and I want her in my life forever. Thank you.

  15. Max from Papua New Guinea says:

    I thank you for this article. It really is encouraging me to exercise my faith and pray to the Lord, which I must push through in any obstacle that I come across. Thank you.

  16. Noni from Europe says:

    I am thankful about finding this page. I am in prayer about being in the right position with God. I love my man and he loves me but I always feeling that guiltiness that no one knows about this, as we are born again Christians. He said I must wait for him for 2 years, then we will get together officially.

  17. Joannie from Philippines says:

    Dear Lord, Please help heal my husband, Buboy to come home to me and our coming baby. We miss him so much, love him so much and want him to come to his senses and come home to me. Please God, we know that he has been taken by some people and influences who wanted him for themselves. Please God, help with my situation and know that I believe in you, trust you, love you, adore you, know that you can heal my husband Buboy and our marriage and help us rediscover each other and the love that we shared for many years. I thank you God for hearing my prayer. Amen.

    • Ley from United Kingdom says:

      I prayed to God that he would touch my boyfriend’s heart and he would come back, and he did. I’m very thankful to God who answered my prayers. All I have to do is to be happy and if there’s some circumstances that arise and hurt me emotionally I have to accept that is all part of life. We hurt and we learn.

      • Shea from United States says:

        Dear Ley, It is so encouraging to see that God still says yes! I’ve been to many sights and then found this one. I become very sad to see so many women and men with broken hearts. I pray for them too here. I’m here because of my daughter Crystal, and her ex fiancé, Buddy, and their little boy. Please pray for God’s grace and mercy that they will be united together again with greater love and I will continue to pray for you both and others here. Thank you and God bless.

  18. Taylor from United States says:

    I dated my ex for three years. I’m learning the hard way that sometimes you don’t know how much you really love something until it’s gone. Don’t get me wrong I loved my bf with all my heart; he is an amazing guy. My father became very ill and I was constantly going to my parents house to be with them, and between that college, and working 35 hours a week, by the time I got home I was really tired and still had homework to do.

    I didn’t realize it then, but I do now, I was very cold to him and just not what a good girlfriend should be. He broke up with me, and told me he was too hurt and that I had neglected him. This whole thing is my fault. I think back all the time and wish I would’ve done things differently. I never meant to hurt him; I’m not that kind of person. I love him. I was just in such a bad place with everything going on. Now I pray every night that he’ll remember our good times and forgive me. He truly is the love of my life and I made the mistake of taking it for granted and I would give anything for a second chance.

    I recently found out he’s moving out at the end of the month and I haven’t spoken to him for 3 weeks. I’m dying inside, he’s all I think about all the time and I wish I would have told him everyday how much he meant to me instead of being cold and worrying about other things. Deep down I feel he’s the one for me and I hope God will help give us a second chance.

  19. Laura from United States says:

    Thank-you for this story! Praise to God.I am trying to save a ten relationship with my boyfriend and would love to marry him. Just reading this gave me peace knowing, with God all things are possible. I am going to pray until something happens!

  20. CEDRIC from Philippines says:

    I need prayer for my study. I want to finish my study and to graduate in political science. I want to proceed in the college of law. I need prayer for my right partner –a Christian woman who is faithful in God.

  21. Vimala from India says:

    I love a guy; his name is Abraham. He is from Bangalore and I stay in Mumbai. We both stay far away. He used to love me but now suddenly the few months, he is avoiding me. I tried my best to make him understand how he feels. I fight with him and he stops texting me, calling me once in a week. He text me when I continually text him. Then he replies back even for 5 minutes and says he is feeling sleepy. Everyday it’s happening but still, I am waiting for him that one day God will make him realize all the promises he made with me.

    Please pray for us and for him to fill his heart full of love for me and he that he realizes it. Please pray for us this very moment. I am suffering very badly. The kind of pain I am getting is in my chest. It’s like an uneasiness. I’m feeling so bad –the feeling I feel is like I’d better kill myself instead of being in this pain. Every morning as I open my eyes he is the first person who comes in my mind. But we have not broken up. After loving him so much why am I getting such a bad pain? Why is it only I –that he is not realizing anything? Please pray for us to be together in life long, and that I can get married with him soon. Please pray for us to strenthen our relationship, and clear all doubts and misunderstandings between us. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  22. Juan from United States says:

    I want to comment that I’ve gone through something similar. It was designed to strengthen me. It is kind of like a huge mountain you are up against. At times it looked like, and really it should have killed me according to experts. I don’t know how to quantify it, it was just the Lord being God. Many good men would pray and really say they believed, but in their voice and actions it showed they had no hope I would survive. It was a huge, impossible mountain -impossible circumstances, bad people, bad relatives, bad friends, an unfaithful spouse, times of near death I can’t count how many anymore, but the Lord used it to strengthen me and taught me many things, many ways of answered prayer, and somehow he remade not only my mind, but also my body.

    I can’t explain it, the Doctors only say, We’re glad you’re healthy, they don’t know either. I also met a young woman the Lord sent, who had problems in her family. A great gal, but a bad family on her side too. It was rough, along with what I had to face, but somehow we keep running across each other, more than any of my friends. I found out, because of what I went through in my life, I was set back 30 years emotionally and psychologically, and somehow my body was remade so I was and still am at a younger man’s level. I don’t know why, but it’s something the Doctors and Psychologists have confirmed, so in a way I will have to marry a younger woman, to have a good successful marriage, probably in the twenties range. And I’ll probably live another 50 to 65 or more years, God willing for which I’m very grateful.

    I still feel love for this young woman, but the Lord will move in this circumstance, hopefully for friendship when she finds out there were lies and I was true, or maybe if we are meant for each other marriage. But I trust the Lord, He will bring good in this situation regardless of which way it will unfold through Him. So it for some reason is a fit. But now the Lord showed me, it was for strengthening and teaching. And my strengthening time is finishing and He is moving the mountains now. I PUSHed real hard at all that was in front of me, obediently for the right reason and I can talk to Him much better and He showed me I had become strong through it too.

    I’m not sure what for in the future, but I’m thankful for all the good that has come from this. I know Him a lot better and I’m better able to serve Him. It’s a lot easier to be objective in peaceful circumstances. I’m very grateful that He saved my life so many times, whether it was through enabling me or interrupting circumstances, or just by not letting me die when it was impossible to live.

    Once I was untouched by an electrical shock, once He created the blood sugar in me so that I could live and get up again and go away from a bad situation. There’s no explanation for those times, it’s just an intervention that for sure was of God. It’s unusual, I’m very grateful for it. I just keep focusing on Him and learn from His word as I go. His word is very Good, it empowers you, teaches you, keeps you going. It’s His life giving to you through His Word. Like He said, His words are Life and Spirit. They enter your Heart and Life comes from them in you, from Him.

  23. Taniya from India says:

    I want to get married to Diptiman, as soon as possible and start a family. Please God help me. Bless us to unite. Amen.

  24. Renee from United States says:

    I’ve prayed over and over again that God would send me a sign if the guy I have fallen in love with is actually meant for my life. I’ve also prayed that if he isn’t, that God would remove him from my life to the point I would never look back. Well, we’ve known each other since high school. Grew to be friends, and as the years passed we grew closer and closer. But, he has this girl that he as been on and off dating for over 10 years. Elementary love shall I say. He has told me that he’s in love with her but he can’t seem to let me go… I’m very confused and I don’t know what to do because I have told him it’s okay; I would rather see him happy. It hurts deeply because I’m confused and I don’t know what to do because he keeps coming back!

    • Cindy Wright from United States says:

      Renee, Confusion is not a good way to progress in a relationship. If he’s “in love with her” then that should be a good “sign” that you need to release him. As much as this hurts now, it’s better to be hurt now than be torn apart later when his “love” for her haunts and hurts your relationship. Situations like this are never clean cut where you just let go and “never look back.” Your heart will hurt for a while, perhaps even a long while, but it WILL mend. I pray for you, Renee. I pray that God helps you and comforts you as you lean upon Him.

  25. UDAYAKANTHAN from Oman says:

    Praise the Lord. Hi, my wife wants to divorce me because I am not a person she wants to live life with. She is a staff nurse and we have been married for 11 years, with no children. I love her so much but do not know how to express love to her. I love her so much even though I cannot show her. Please pray.

  26. Linu from United Arab Emirates says:

    I am searching for my life partner for 5 years. But still could not find the right person. My parents have lost hope. All my friends are married and have kids. Will I not be able to marry a person? Please pray for me.

  27. Brian USA from United States says:

    I myself am going through a similar situation as I see a few other people here. I was dating a woman I worked with for a little over 3 months and I am convinced she is my soulmate. We were never an official couple but we began seeing each other exclusively. Our first date was over 14 hours long and it still seemed like there wasn’t enough time to spend with one another. We connected on so many levels, and it seemed like we could read each others minds. I fell in love with her because her intellect amd smarts are out of this world and she is just beyond beautiful and she is everything I look for in a woman.

    I dated a woman off on and on for a few years and was in love with her but I still didn’t feel the connection with her that I did with the woman I only dated for a few months. Things were moving fast and my family really liked her, her daughter really liked me and we began to bond. We had a falling out in October and from that point I tried my hardest to get back with her but she says she doesn’t see me the way she used to and everything I tried failed.

    We spoke on New Years Eve and New Years day and she told me she wants to leave 2014 in 2014 and that anyone she wasn’t dealing with in 2014 she doesn’t want to deal with in 2015. She said she doesn’t want me to contact her by texting or emailing or anything and wants me to respect her wishes, which I have been and doesn’t even want to be cordial with me. It’s so hard to walk past a woman at work that you still are in love with and you feel was sent here just for you.

    I’ve been praying and praying and asking GOD what can I do to fix this and at least get things to a place where we are on speaking terms and maybe things can change from there. I haven’t gotten word from GOD on what I should do. I feel so lost and while others say give up and leave it alone my spirit won’t let me. I get discouraged from time to time and feel its a lost cause but then I pray and my faith is restored again. It seems impossible but with GOD in my corner I feel nothing is.

    I just would like a sign, a word, what works to do to fix it, even if he says to me just be still and I’ll take care of it. I have the faith but faith without works is dead and I’d like to know what works I should perform in order to reconcile with this woman. I’d love nothing more than a second chance in hopes that it leads to something long term.

    Does anyone have any advice? Any scriptures that I can read or recite that can help me with my situation? I really feel this woman is my soul mate. I’m 29 years old and I’ve dated a few women, one for over four years but I’ve never had the connection with them that I had with this woman. I need divine intervention and a miracle to turn this situation around. Is there anyone with advice or wisdom or a scripture that can help me with reconciling broken relationships? I will greatly appreciate it.

  28. Megha from India says:

    Please help me… I was in a long distance relationship since 2009. We never met, but we loved each other a lot and were very much committed till death… our love was unconditional. I have a troubled life due to many consequences since I was a child. I was afraid of keeping happy. I used to think that it would attract sorrow. I was engulfed with lot of negativity, had started expecting a lot… and would many times feel that I don’t deserve a divine soul like him. I couldn’t pay more attention on him.

    Because of my family priorities I had to start working in a different sector, which is not related to my education background. When I joined a job, I became more frustrated and fought with my love for some silly reasons. And whenever I wasn’t able to handle my situations. I used to ignore him… because I didn’t want him to worry for me.

    On the night of 17th November 2014, while chatting I fought with him via messages but still like an innocent baby he called me… he said we will talk when I will calm down. In response I shouted at him to give me a standard answer at how he’ll be happy with me when I’m not able to keep upto his expectations. I made up my mind to step out of his life and entered into his Gmail account, deleted all the mails, which were sent by me to him.

    I didn’t speak to him for 13 long days. He used to call me everyday but I didn’t pick up his calls and in return I used to message him that. Thanks for bearing me… and I don’t deserve him as I’m not able to keep upto his expectations. I expected a consoling message from him actually, but he didn’t message. On the day of my birthday I spoke to him rudely… things turned worse after that. I behaved more badly with him. I messaged him a lot many wrong stuffs challenging his commitments and loyalty.

    I am very short tempered and he is very cool. But trust me… ever since he came into my life… I have been loyal to him. I never even looked at any other boy. His last messages were that I ditched him for the second time. He thinks I am bounded and depressed because of him… and love is also letting it go. He said he wanted to be alone some time but I was scared to lose him.

    Then when I asked him whether he cares or not whether I’m living or dead, he said “maybe” …but he also asked me to take care of myself, which hurt me further. I shouted at him asking him not to contact me again; I am dead for him.

    On the last day of the year I apologized to him again, but he messaged me saying, Please leave me alone. I’m sorry but you have to let me go. I’m not happy with you. I hav found someone else. I may not be able to talk to you. Go live your life.

    Sister, I won’t be able to brief you entirely about the happy moments we had together… but trust me sir, he is a divine soul. He never shouted at me. He always supported me… he always loved me.

    Now he doesn’t at all pick my calls… neither replies to any of my messages. I have been asking for forgiveness in as many ways as I can but he doesn’t respond at all. I have realized my mistakes… and want to hold this relationship and make it a work. I want to keep my promises. I’m very depressed. He has now asked me to leave him alone as he is no longer happy with me. He says I’m his past and had found someone. I love him very much, even though he loved me more than I deserve. He always wanted my happiness in return of everything. He has done so much for me without any complaints.

    Please help. I’m sorry for everything. I want his forgiveness. I wish he would give our relationship a second chance. I wish he loved me the same way he always loved me. Dear sir… I want to change my life. I’ve been writing Gratitude book for a week. I’m trying to be positive but still… I’m confused it seems… I’m very depressed some of the times, nothing charms me. I went through so much all these days seeking for healing. I want a second chance. I’m scared of losing him. I love him a lot. Please help me. I will be very grateful to You… Thanks and Regards, Megha

  29. Heather from United States says:

    I have been in a relationship for little over 3 years. We have a little girl together that is 20 months old. When I was pregnant with her he proposed. But since then never brought it up and never intimate, not holding, kissing, not even a loving hug. He bought the house we live in and every time he fights he tells me to get out of his home with my children. I have an older one that is ten. I want my family but at what cost? I pray everyday all day long what is going on, am I not the one? And if so I just want to know. Thank You, Heather

  30. Maricris from United States says:

    I need some prayer to make my family whole again. My ex is seeing someone else with a daughter and yet he ignores our daughter. Please pray to make him realize what he is missing. I want my family whole again. I need him to man up. I know he still loves me, he’s just with her because he’s angry at me for filing child support and for telling his parents about our daughter. He tells me that I’m trying to control him when I only told his parents one time about our daughter.

    Our daughter is a gift from God and deserves so much more. It hurts me as a mother to see my daughter being ignored by his parents and him. He needs to stop playing mind games and grow up. I didn’t get pregnant on purpose. It was never my intention to trap him. I prayed for an answer and God gave me a little girl that is his. He can deny his daughter all he wants but the court will give my daughter justice, especially for the child support.

    I’ve been raising my daughter on my own. She turned one in Feb of this year. We’re both in the military and with my pay I’m able to support her but if he’s out there spending it on some girl, then why can’t he spend it on his daughter? Did I do something wrong? My life change after holding my daughter. I stood my ground for our baby girl. She is a gift from God and I shall take precious care of her. I don’t regret having my baby girl. She is my reason for doing better.

    I hope one day Aaron will realized what he’s missing out on and finally come to his senses. I don’t hate him nor his family. It’s not me that they’re hurting, it’s my little girl. They don’t realize that and it’s a shame. I’m strong because I believe in God but lately I’ve been emotional. It hurts that they’re doing this to my little girl and I’m the one, later in life, to tell her that I tried my best. Please pray for Aaron to come home to us and to make him the man I need, and to marry, and act like a father. Please pray for me to be the woman Aaron needs in his life, the woman he’ll marry.

    Lord, I know you’re fighting our every battle. Please send your Holy Spirit to Aaron and to me.

  31. Phil from United States says:

    1. Please Pray GOD will get rid of all bed bugs in my house and they never return. Been fighting them for over 5 months and can’t get rid of them without GOD. In JESUS Name, pray GOD removes all bed bugs from the house I live in and they never return. Pray no bed bug from my house ends up in anyone else’s house…

    2. I’m 43, never been in a relationship. Please Pray GOD brings me a woman’s companion for a loving relationship. Pray GOD brings me a relationship exceedingly abundantly above what I can imagine, in JESUS Name, Amen.

  32. Debbie from United States says:

    My husband of 33 years told me he can no longer be happy with me and moved out. I feel so rejected and hurt. We’ve built something together, a ministry that we could both work in. I really believe Satan has attacked us both where we are vulnerable, but he has moved out. I’m devastated, but I know my husband has God’s Holy Spirit dwelling in him. He is a good man, and I pray that he will follow that and listen to it and come back to our family. I’m holding on that hope, and I will continue to be a loving wife to him, asking for his forgiveness and a chance to rekindle what has been lost.

  33. Amada from United States says:

    Please pray for me and my daughters. My husband of 22 years has left us to be with another woman. I am broken and all I have is my faith that one day he will realize what he has done. I’m going through a bad depression right now and I know it’s satan trying to get me down and keep me lost. I ask my heavenly Father everyday for wisdom, so that I can move forward while my Lord is doing his work. I’ve decided not to email him or look for him but I do anticipate a full restoration as my Lord has never failed me and never will. I am begging for help. In Jesus Name, Amen!

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