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Spending Time Together Now that You’re Married

Now that sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it —”Spending time together now that you’re married?” It seems like it should come natural as far as how to spend time together. After-all, you spent time together before you married, so why is there such a problem now?

Part of it is because you both MADE A POINT of making the time to spend time together. It had to do with intentionality. It was a priority so you made the time happen.

But you got married, and things settled into some type of “normalcy” and routine, you allowed life and activities to smoosh the both of you away from each other. But that’s not healthy for the relationship you promised to each other on your wedding day.

“As we juggle our busy lives, it’s too easy to let our marriages fall into the background. We would never say our marriages were not important to us, yet we often act as though they’re not. Make your marriage your number one priority after God.” (E. Sanna)

With intentionality, take time, MAKE time to connect with your spouse.

“All the ‘little things’ of life can get in the way —you know what they are, I don’t need to list them.” Don’t allow that which is less important shove you away from spending quality time with your marriage partner. You will never ‘find’ time for anything. If you want time, you will make it” –Charles Buxton.

The Bible tells us that “There is a time for everything under heaven.” Ask God to help you to see how you can take the time to connect with each other in meaningful ways.

“Couples need to make the most of little opportunities, even if it’s only 10 to 20 minutes here or there. If couples wait for the semiannual vacation trip to connect, they will drift apart — two weeks a year is not enough together time. To keep their marriage healthy, couples need to connect every day (even if it’s just finding ‘pockets of time where we can’ together).” -Kirk Cameron

Even “pockets of time” that you take together, a cup of coffee here, a walk together there, even going out for a quick ice cream cone or a soda —where you intentionally make the time to connect together can help.

“Have you noticed how you drift away from your spouse when you don’t make time to talk and interact on purpose, not just out of necessity? Have you noticed how you drift away from God when you forget to pray and are so busy you don’t make time to meet with Him? Just as we need to be intentional in our relationship with God to mature spiritually, we have to do the same in our marriages to grow closer to our spouse.” –Dineen

So, in order to bridge the gap between you, there is an article that we recommend you read. It goes into greater detail than we have in this intro, and also gives you 10 tips for making time together. It then tells you what to do when you do find the time (although we have additional suggestions in the “Romantic Ideas” section that you also could use).

So, to read the article, written by Dr Tim A Gardner, click onto the link below:



Another article you may find helpful in your intentionality. Please click on the link below to read:


And then there is something else to read that is posted on the Todayschristianwoman.comweb site that might help those of you who believe you’re:


This article was written by Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International.

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One Response to “Spending Time Together Now that You’re Married”
  1. Crystal from United States says:

    I’m not married yet but I do understand that spending time together with your significant other is so important. I am in a relationship right now and taking time to spend with my boyfriend. This not only brings us together but helps us understand each other a whole lot better!

    Communication is very, very important, if you don’t spend time together then how will you communicate? How will you know what’s on each other’s mind and heart if there’s no time for each other? As the article says you don’t take because it’s a need but you make time on purpose because it is part of God’s plan to spend time. Time is very short and precious, we need to make it worth while with the person God has placed in our lives.

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