Marriage Missions is a web based international ministry that God uses to help tens of thousands of people every month reveal and reflect the heart of Christ within their marriages. This is accomplished through posting an ever growing number of topical marriage blogs, articles, videos, reader submitted comments, and recommended resources on our web site, that people have access to 24/7.


Site Stats

Average Monthly Visitors: 359,634
Average Monthly Page Views: 999,158


Ad Guidelines

  • All ad units must launch a new browser window when clicked on.
  • Audio must be user initiated with a clearly recognizable on/off button.
  • All rich media ads must have an alternate GIF/JPEG versions of creative.
  • All ad creative must be a jpg, png, or gif file.
  • All ads must be in the correct size for the ad zone.
  • Marriage Missions reserves the right to terminate any campaign upon our discretion.


New Ad Sales

Please Contact us at for availability. Your ad will only go live once you’ve paid in full. We can only hold availability for any ad placement after you’ve paid in full.


About Marriage Missions

  • Marriage Missions is an international conduit directing readers to topical articles, blogs, testimonies and other relevant content given from a variety of experts. Information is constantly updated and comes from interactive reader exchanges, as well as a variety of marriage experts and prominent authors.
  • Marriage Missions is a ministry where visitors can submit a prayer request concerning their marriage on our web site. This is a rare service seldom provided by other ministries online.
  • Marriage Missions provides links to a variety of recommended resources and other web site ministries.
  • Marriage Missions recognizes every marriage is unique in its dynamics.


Lead Time

Three business days for standard creative.


Ad Options

Introductory Pricing:

165px x 190px Sidebar (shows on all pages) ……………. $149.00/month
360px x 190px Sidebar (shows on all pages) ……………. $199.00/month
360px x 360px Sidebar (shows on all pages) ……………. $449.00/month


750px x 150px Home Page Banner Ad #1 ……………. $399.00/month
750px x 150px Home Page Banner Ad #2 …………….. $329.00/month


250px x 250px in Post Ad (shows on 1 article page)…………….$149.00/3 months

— OR —

750px x 150px in Post Ad (shows on 1 article page)……………..$199.00/3 months


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