Be Deliberate – Phil and Heather Joel

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2 responses to “Be Deliberate – Phil and Heather Joel

  1. Read the 100 ways for both men and women. It sounds great especially if you are newlywed. But what if there’s too much water under the bridge? Especially when it’s clear that there was a lack of understanding of marriage from inception.

    1. What if Jesus had said, “What if there is too much water under the bridge” as far as sacrificing Himself for us “while we were yet sinners?” I understand why you would say what you did. But even if there was “a lack of understanding of marriage from inception” I can’t imagine God saying, “Well, in that case he/she doesn’t have to ‘live a life of love’ like I commanded.” I don’t know if this will explain this point better, but I want to share with you something written in the devotional and journal book written by Henry & Richard Blackaby titled: “The Experience: Day by Day with God.” I believe it drives home the point that God expects more of us than the way that the World loves. Please prayerfully consider:

      “There’s a difference between God’s love and the love that the world knows. If we aren’t careful, Christians can begin to adopt the world’s way of loving instead of God’s. The world says love is a feeling. When you stop feeling love for someone, it means you no longer love him or her. The world encourages you to love the lovable but gives you permission to hate your enemies. Jesus said loving those who love you is no great feat; it’s loving your enemies that prove you are a loving person. (Matthew 5:46)

      “Jesus commanded those who wanted to be His disciples to follow HIS standard for loving people rather than the world’s standard. Jesus directs us to love others in the same way He loves us. When Jesus saw us hopelessly enslaved to sin, He didn’t say, ‘I don’t feel like dying on a cross for them. I think I’ll wait until the feeling comes.’ He didn’t say, ‘I’ve tried and tried to love them but they always reject me. I give up!’

      “Jesus saw that without him we would perish. And He acted lovingly toward us despite our rejecting Him. His love didn’t depend on what we did to deserve it, or even on whether we accepted it. Jesus freely and unconditionally gave us His love. This is how God wants us to love our spouses. It’s not with strings attached, as the world loves. He doesn’t love as long as they’re lovable. And He doesn’t just love as long as they appreciate it. God wants us to give our love freely and unconditionally. Only God can help us to love people in this way [and that includes your spouse].”