January/February 2013 Prayer Wall

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122 responses to “January/February 2013 Prayer Wall

  1. (NIGERIA) Please pray 4 my husband and I. My husband lives in the UK while I live with my parents in Nigeria. He has been unemployed 3 years out of our 4 years of marriage; he always has a reason why he cannot work (mostly illness). I recently graduated from the university and I intend to join him with our son in the UK but it seems impossible because he is barely able to care for us.

  2. (UNITED STATES) For my husband to have the Holy Spirit fill his heart so that he first and foremost may reconnect with God and allow the healing to begin. He has disconnected from the Lord and has reached a deep depression and made bad choices to reach out for companionship outside of our marriage. I pray for healing for his depression and pray that he ends the relationship with the other woman and puts all his effots into not only fixing our relationship but his relationship with God.

  3. (USA) My husband & I had been married for 12 years, when one day he told me that he didn’t know if he loved me anymore. He said he needed some space to reevaluate things in his life; that was almost a year ago & we have been separated ever since. I get up every morning having faith and trying to stay positive, but it is so very hard. I still love him more than words can say! Please pray for my marriage as I do everyday. I will do the same for all on this prayer wall. Thank you & God Bless!

  4. (USA) I would like prayer for my emotions, I do not want my emotions to get in the way of our Ministry. Also, I pray that my husband is more passionate and takes our quality time more serious. Sometimes he’s so consumed with the ministry that I occasionally feel neglected but its like random so I pray that God will strengthen us a a married couple and make every crooked issue straight in Jesus name.

  5. (USA) Please pray for healing in my 24 year marriage and that God will give my wife a new love for me. Pray also that I will have the faith to wait for God.

  6. (USA) My husband Jay and I need God to heal us individually and as a couple. Jay feels like too much damage has been done. Ask God to please soften Jays heart toward me. Ask God to give Jay the ability to share his feelings and thoughts and desires with me in an open and honest way. Ask God to give me ears to hear. PLEASE!

  7. (SOUTH AFRICA) That God will continue to do the great work in my husband and myself. That we will heed His voice only and stay positive. For deliverance from all fear and strongholds. That we will communicate effectively and pray together earnestly.

  8. (UGANDA) I have been married for 4 yrs, my husband loves me, but I’m not in love with him-he’s not my dream man & I feel like I rushed and missed God’s man for me. We are quite unhappy with each other day in, day out. I need God’s intervention.

  9. (US) My wife has filed for divorce. I was served 2 days ago. I am seeking God’s guidance and direction. Our 2 daughters are split between us, as well. I feel so alone. I love her and am constantly praying for a miracle and restoration with her and both my daughters.

  10. (US) My husband is very self centered, prideful, arrogant and has a very bad approval addiction problem. Our marriage is on the verge of divorce and he is so focus on people and making money. He had a great relationship with God and myself but that is now non existent. IF it is God’s will, I pray for restoration of our marriage and the healing of each of our brokeness!

  11. (USA) Found out my husband of 3 months has soul ties with 3 women of his past. I discovered that he communicates with them daily. I feel so hurt, betrayed.

  12. (UNITED STATES) Continued strength and commitment and an stronger connection for us both in our marriage as well as a stronger connection for my husband to the Lord our King Jesus. Amen God Bless.

  13. (USA) I asked my husband to leave 6 months ago due to verbal/emotional abuse. I asked him to get counseling and that God would show me if he had changed. We had very little contact. He texted me a couple times about coming home but never made any real effort. I just found out he started seeing someone else two months into our separation and now he wants a divorce. I am a Christian and he has always claimed he was, not much fruit. Please pray for us. I want my marriage restored, without the abuse.