November – December 2012 Prayer Wall

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133 responses to “November – December 2012 Prayer Wall

  1. (PHILIPPINES) Please pray that our family will bring us back together as we are meant to be. May the love that binds us only grow stronger. May we also forgive one another. Give us strength to overcome all of the difficulties that we are dealing with now & protect us against any and all problems we may encounter in the future. Heal my husband’s wounds from the past and forgiven all that has gone wrong. Heal the division between us. Permanently return to me & to be forever reconciled as one, as husband & wife.

  2. (UNITED STATES) Pray for God’s will will be done with our marriage… GOD IS OUR ROCK and I will wear the suit of armour to do what God wants from me and stand strong in faith, hope and in his LOVE, no matter the outcome. AMEN.

  3. (GHANA) I’d met & fallen in love with a lady called Vida. We broke up twice -influence of some people in our church (she’s graduate & 28 years, I’m undergrad & 37 years). I’ve asked her & she doesn’t mind us marrying. She seems confused for now & is holding on the intro to parents. My mum & 2 sister have spoken with another lady (Pam). I’m yet to chat with on cell & meet. All I need is the Lord’s will to be done -is it Vida or Pam? For this & many reasons, I’ll do a dry fast from 1st to 7th Jan.

  4. (USA) Please pray that my husband will forgive me for lying to him about finances and will not give up on our marriage. Please pray the he finds love in his heart for me again. Pray that God makes us stronger as a couple. I love him so much and I do not want him to give up on our marriage. We need to be closer as couple. He has asked that I do not contact him he works on the road. Please pray that God enters his heart and shows him how to forgive me and love me again.

  5. (USA) I need prayer for my wife, Dot, to love me like she did when we first started dating. She says she wants a divorce but I have been a good husband. She says she doesn’t love me like she used to; she is menopausal. I am confused. I lost my mom two years ago. My siblings and I aren’t close. What am I going to do? I am disabled but I work also trying to give her a nice life. She works also but what can I do to win her heart again?

  6. (USA) Please pray for me to lay down my past hurts and betrayals so that I can trust and support my husband the way God would want me to do. Pray for my husband to understand that secrecy, even when it’s innocent, can fuel insecurity. Help me pray that we both give this to God and find the peace we need to spend the rest of or lives together happy, healthy and a long life together

  7. (USA) Thankyou! for praying for my spouse and me. My husband has mental health issues of some kind. He is so unhappy! If he is alone, he wants someone to call. If someone calls, he wants to be left alone, because “no one understands how hard I work.” You get the picture. There is no winning. I have tried to talk to him to no avail. Since becoming a Christian, I am so much more happy. He claims to be but I really dont see it. Please pray for me. This is miserable. There is no peace with him.

  8. I request for prayer for restoration of my marriage which has been deeply wounded by infidelity and alcholism. This once miraculous marriage which was a blessing to many through testimony has been reduced to a great embarrasment TO God. I would like you to pray for me, Tony & my wife to be restored by Jesus and minister His grace to others in future ministry.

  9. (USA) Please pray for my alcoholic youth pastor husband. He is drinking again and most night drunk on the couch. We have 3 boys and they are all starting to lose their faith (17, 14 and 9). Please pray I make decisions that are pleasing to God.

  10. (UNITED STATES) I had an affair on my wife and now we are trying to rebuild the marriage as well as her heart. Please pray for my wife, me and our marriage.

  11. (SOUTH AFRICA) Its been 17 days since my husband moved out of the house and said he wants to file for divorce. Please help me to stop this. I need him. My baby is only 6 month old.

  12. (UK) Hello My name is Jude. I live in the UK. My girlfriend and I have been together for over 6 years now. In the last few weeks I have been having problems with her. I do love this woman a lot and do want to get married to her but at times I did feel a little confused about this and has wondered if she has been true to the relationship …until I found king son, who told me that she was not being true with me. I did later find out that she has been seeing her ex boyfriend. I was devastated.