The Marriage Story – Part 2

Love Story Dollar Photo Wedding ringsIn a previous Marriage Blog, I asked a question. “What ‘marriage story’ are you living and writing for your spouse and others to read?” We’re all writing a marriage story; what is yours? And then I explained what I meant in asking that question. This brings me to an important point to expand upon further.

Your Marriage Story

We were sent a book to review titled, The Marriage Story. It’s written by Dennis Edward Green, and is published by Boulevard Press. It has the sub-title, “A timeless tale about staying in love for life.” This describes it well. It’s a very simple book —a VERY easy read. And yet it is quite profound in its message.

When I first thumbed through it, I thought to myself that it looked a bit simplistic. I underestimated the powerful message it would deliver. Simple doesn’t mean simplistic. And this book is anything but simplistic.

It’s one that I wish every engaged couple would read. Additionally, it’s one that every mentoring couple would have their mentorees read. It could inspire pro-active change BEFORE something happens. This is opposed to just reactive behavior you would engage in AFTER the fact. It’s also a book many married couples should read. This is because they most likely can relate to the message and very well may be moved to make positive changes, because of it.

Keeping the Love Story

The message? It’s one thing to “fall” into love and grow that love, and start out with great momentum and goals. But it’s another to keep that marriage love story, alive and vital. It’s a “cautionary reminder of how easy it is to become sidetracked by things that have nothing to do with loving each other.” It’s a “wake-up call for how easily love can slip away.”

As I read through it, I could relate in some of what my husband Steve and I have gone through in our almost 45+ years of marriage. How I wish I could say differently, because we sure started out differently. And yet, we allowed life to slide us apart and it almost caused the death of our relationship.

We need books like this to remind us of the priority we should place upon our marriage covenant relationship. I hope you’ll read it and tell others about it afterward.

Marriage Challenges

I’m reminded of something Norm Wright said in his book, “One Marriage Under God” concerning marriage challenges and our marriage story:

“As changes occur in your lives, it is your challenge as a married couple to use the to draw yourselves closer together rather than allow them to tear you apart. Throughout your married life you will suffer losses—some small, some large, some even devastating. You may have to endure miscarriages, stillbirths, job or career losses, illnesses, accidents, and any other of literally hundreds of setbacks. How you respond to each will affect your marriage relationship. It will also affect the story your marriage tells.”

I agree with Jill Savage, in the message she conveyed about marriage. She wrote, “Keep the health of your marriage relationship a priority.”

To do so:

“We have to keep evaluating and changing our strategies for keeping our marriage a priority. As our life changes and our children grow older, we have to adjust. Investing in our marriage is hard work. It takes time, effort, and tenacity. Too often we want to say, ‘This just isn’t worth it.’ However, it’s ALWAYS worth it.”

It’s always worth it to our children and to those around us who witness our love. And it’s worth it in the light of eternity. You can’t act in an unloving manner to your spouse and say that everything is just fine in your relationship with the Lord. You can confront —but even so, the Bible tells us to do so “in love.”

I agree with what Mike and Debbie Breaux wrote in their article, The Real Thing.

They write:

“Jesus said in essence, ‘you want to know what life is about? Let me boil it down to two simple things: Love God; love people.’ That’s what marriage is about.

“In fact, the apostle Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 14: ‘Let love be your highest goal.‘ He writes again in Galatians 5:6, ‘The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.‘ If that’s the only thing that matters, then we want to spend our life learning to love God and each other.”

May this be our everyday mission! May we love each other well! And may we continue to grow our love story into one that reveals and reflects the love of Christ in every way!

Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this blog.

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