Three Ways to Improve Conflict Resolution – Chip Ingram

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One response to “Three Ways to Improve Conflict Resolution – Chip Ingram

  1. Chip, I listen to what you had to say about conflict. For me some of what you’re saying makes it worse when a person says I’m hurt or I’m this. To me all that is saying is they want you to act a certain way. At some point you have to point the blame. The Bible is clear about being accountable. I’ll give you an example. My wife dislikes if I fart around her family, who are more apt to be “proper” and might tell me, where as I would say I’m not telling them to fart. It’s hard to convey in writing but what I’m trying to say is I’m not telling them to not to do something so please abide by the same standard.

    We’re all Christians and I don’t believe you should just roll over and play dead. That’s what has happened to Christians in America. I love the movie Braveheart. The main character stands up for the nation or they would be trampled to death! Also when you talk about anger the Bible also says to be angry and sin not, so anger in itself is not a sin!

    In closing I would say where is the balance? It’s a tough line to tow. I’ve heard so many marriages say or I just do what they say, that isn’t healthy either. Once last thought was wondering if you new of any good councellers in the KY area? Thanks for all you do. -Kevin