What differences have you bridged? How has this strengthened your marriage?

Strengthened bridge Pixabay couple-570871_1920So here’s the question we hope you will answer. It concerns ways you have strengthened your marriage. Your answer can help others. We hope you will take the time to answer:

What differences have you bridged? And how has this strengthened your marriage relationship?

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4 responses to “What differences have you bridged? How has this strengthened your marriage?

  1. (KENYA)  We have learned to accept the characteristics of each other. We have learned to cleave to each other. We have decided to distinguish our responsibilities as parents. We have learned to acknowledge the capability of each other. We have decided to make sure we enjoy our marriage.

  2. (FIJI) I have prayed for God’s unfailing advice, to teach me how to deal with our differences. I’ve prayed for God to work on me first, prepare me to face my difficulties, and to enable me to behave in a way that will have good influence on my husband.

  3. (MALAWI)  I have bridged the belief that patrilinea should marry of their own and in my case have married across the other system from pat to mat. Above all I realise that God is the ultimate solution creator. Once God has been allowed in, all things are possible. The break ups are happening due to the absence of the Lord in the midst of the couple. So our task therefore should be to strengthen Christian values in the home. The erosion of the values has created lack of responsibility among the new generation. The devil is devising more ways of distracting our attention to God, so let us fight on.

  4. (KENYA)  We have learned to put each other first. I used to have a problem with my husband’s opinion versus my sibling’s. Even when we had prayed about and I decided something with my husband, I would still go back to try to change the decision we have made to fit into my mum’s, or sibling’s opinion. This would bring conflict, until I realized, I have to trust my husband.

    We have been together for 4 yrs and surely, by now, he has earned my trust! Once you get married your spouse is number 1. You have to respect the fact that your husband is the head of the house, hence the key decision maker.