What key issues should be taught to those considering marriage?

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We have a question for you that we hope you will answer. It’s important for you to know that your answer, as a result, can greatly help those who are considering marriage. Can you think of advice you can give? Here is the question:


for those who are considering marriage.

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20 responses to “What key issues should be taught to those considering marriage?

  1. (NIGERIA) The foundation of a successful Marriage is: one built on God and His word, secondly; Knowledge of gender difference of both parties, thirdly; Communication, be will to talk about anything no matter how little or less important it meant look, fourthly; Openness and Honesty to one another, finally; always say I love you each other whether you feel like it or not!

  2. Nobuhle (who is actually from South Africa, not the United States) says: Firstly, understand what marriage is and what it is not, by reading the Bible. Understand what God expects from a husband and wife in a marriage. Once you understand that, you will be surprised when you find that you’ve been worrying yourself over things that shouldn’t worry you. Different people have different views of what being married means, especially if you are a woman. But if you listen to what God says about marriage, you will have less things to worry about.

  3. Lesli, from the United States, says: In an effort at better communication, my husband and I recently decided that it’s good to have a conversation, once a week, where we can share any concerns either of us has.

    The idea is that it’s done respectfully and with love, and when both of us are calm and distressed. This would, hopefully, prevent us from saying things in the heat of an emotional moment that might be hurtful and it also gives us the ability, even when the other has hurt us (knowingly or unknowingly) to wait until that appointed time to discuss it in a mature way, instead of trying to address a grievance in the heat of the moment (which usually only leads to a worse situation).

    I feel the Holy Spirit gave me this idea and I wish I’d had it all the years I’ve been married. We might have been communicating better years ago – but, we live and learn. I’m optimistic about this “policy.” I think it’s something that would probably benefit all couples.

  4. Joyce, from Ghana, says: Communication is important. The day the two of you stop communicating is the day you start having problems. Forgiveness is also key. “I’m sorry, please forgive me”, should never be found wanting between us. Sharing is also key. Give and give and give all of yourself, till there is nothing to be given. Finally, love. The Bible says it is the greatest! Love and love and love. Above such, there is no law.