What Wedding Vows Would Be If People Were Honest

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7 responses to “What Wedding Vows Would Be If People Were Honest

  1. (KENYA)  After watching this, it hit me how many people are saying these vows in their heads while reciting something entirely different. Culture has taught us to view marriage as a temporal activity, something to jump in and jump out of. I hope and pray that marriage will be given the seriousness it deserves and be viewed as a ministry to God to each other.

  2. (SOUTH AFRICA)  Society has changed. Culture has diversified and so it has to be with the wedding vows. It’s not fair to lie to ourselves to the old saying, “till death do us part” as it is clearly not true. Maybe we should change the vows to be honest, “TILL DIVORCE/SEPARATION do us part” as more marriages end up in divorce than in separation by death.

  3. (USA)  When I spoke my vows I MEANT THEM. Although my wife abandoned our vows many years ago, I remain faithful to them.

    It is shameful what has happened in the Church, particularly in America, where priests and bishops support adultery and will not raise a finger to work to restore a valid marriage. This is a statement of experienced fact observed over more than 20 years of adultery. It is not a spurious attack. The system that has been in place in the Catholic Church for forty years is dysfunctional so that it destroys marriages rather than working diligently to support and repair them.

    I am NOT wrongfully disparaging the Church. I am trying to make it wake up to what is going on in the trenches. This scandal dwarfs the child abuse scandal but is ignored, I believe, very intentionally. Thank you.

    1. (USA)  I wholeheartedly agree with you Karl! I see it in my church alone. The topic of marriage along with divorce, abandonment, affairs, etc. is talked about lightly. I hear the sermons, but don’t really see the actions in helping the couples with how to really deal with deeper issues. I do also hear my Pastor or others speak of the marital issues that are going on within the church, but it’s more of a lecture, then a dismissal, or we will be praying for you. But I guess what can they really do, when we are truly the only ones responsible for our own actions. We can only really get on our knees and pray to our God.

      I know in certain personal situations in my marriage, I have seen God at work when I do the things I need to do in obedience, versus me doing them on my own strength.

      But with all my heart I am a believer in fighting for your marriage regardless how wrongfully you’ve been hurt. I know these words I speak on here are much easier said than done. I’ve been through dark times in my marriage, but I have always stood ground with the Lord holding me up and never letting go.

      Even when the world, your family or friends don’t agree with you, you need to ask yourself, is it aligned with the word of God’s truth. If your answer is yes, then that’s all you need. God will work out the rest. God knows I had my doubts, but because I stayed, regardless of how I felt. He proved me and the others very wrong! And boy does the Lord love to show off His work and bless you. Others in your life will see that there is a God that is real and who loves you through your problems, and can mend any difficult situation, even if it appears impossible. I know this, because I lived through it!

  4. (NIGERIA)  It’s absurd that we, humans, seem to believe that we are wiser than the God. Who created and made us? Is it possible for the manufactured to know more than the Manuacturer.

    May the LORD help us to embrace God’s wisdom. One key thing that Marriage Missions has re-enforced in me, is my belief to do, by God’s grace, my part of my marriage vows even if my partner doesn’t keep his. Prayer changes anything & everything. God defends, upholds, fights for us when we are resolute to OBEY Him, do our part in our marriages. God bless