Dollar Photo FamiliesThe following are portions of emails, comments on line, and letters we have received at Marriage Missions that testify of the work that God is doing in their marriages and how He is using this ministry to help accomplish this work. Please know that this we do not post them to brag about how great Marriage Missions is as a ministry, but rather how great God is.

God uses ordinary people and organizations to help accomplish that which He could easily do on His own. And yet we are privileged to participate with Him in this awesome ministry. As He tells us in the Bible, “Apart from Me, you can do nothing.” And we know that to be true.


♥ South Africa: Thank you for all this wonderful teaching. I was going through the very same thing and nearly gave up on my marriage. Thank you. It felt like God is talking to me and my husband through you.

♥ Oooooohhhhh may the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY bless you richly for publishing this article! Wow!!! This was sooooo edifying and a confirmation in more ways than 1! What else can I say —OVERCOME VICTORY GLORY FREEDOM LOOSED FROM CAPTIVITY all these will not justify how I feel right now! I choose to wait! and I choose to wait for GOD’s CHOICE!!! Hallleluuuuuuujaaaaah!!!

♥ I needed this so bad today. Simply amazing how every time I need encouragement, your comments speak directly to me! Made me cry!! Thank you.

♥ Re: Facebook Quote: “Poor decisions in the past do not prevent future good decisions. Remember it’s never too late to start doing what is right. You may have made a mess of this marriage, another marriage, or even several marriages. Don’t allow that to keep you from making your current situation a tribute to God’s grace. It’s never too late to start anew! We can rise above the failures of the past by choosing God’s way over our own.”

♥ South Africa: It gives a great pleasure to subscribe and be part of the team. Your message came at the right time. It has restored things right now which the devil was trying to steal. You have revived me. God bless you beyond human understanding!

♥ UK: I wrote you several months ago complaining about my troubled marriage. I just want to thank you for replying and to say God has brought back joy, peace and love into my home. My husband has returned to God and even though we aren’t perfect, we are well on our way. It felt good to have a listening ear. Thank you for all that you do. God bless you richly now and always.

♥ Zimbabwe: Thanks for this message. It came before the Smartphone completely ruined my marriage.

♥ U.K.: This indeed in exciting and encouraging. You don’t know what you people have deposited in our lives. God richly bless you and family. Thank you.

♥ Uganda: Thank you for such an encouraging words. In fact I have been inspired both at my home and in my studies because I want to become a marriage counselor in future. I am going through many challenges in my marriage but I know as I keep in touch with you I will make my marriage strong.

♥ Zimbabwe: Thank you very much. This message came in the right time when I’m raising my children. I will practice this with my husband. May God bless your generation in Jesus name.

♥ Fiji: I just want to say “vinaka vaka levu” (thanx heaps in Fijian) for your emails becoz they not only guide me towards the foot of Jesus cross but also inspire & strengthens us & our families.

♥ Philippines: I appreciate your ministry because it encourages me & helps me a lot in dealing and coping with my own marriage especially because I don’t want to share much of my dirty laundry to others. God bless you & more power to you!

♥ MEXICO: My wife and I read your newsletters every night at 9 pm as we retire for the day.

♥ This is all the way from Uganda (East Africa). Your messages inspire me and make me a better wife.

♥ I’m guilty of having feelings for someone else. It’s nothing sexual. I just found myself caring for a man more than I should. If someone were to come up to me 8 months ago and tell me that I would fall in love with a 51 year old man I would have laughed… but now I’m crying. Thanks for this site. I didn’t see online flirting as cheating but now I know and I feel terrible.

♥ Posted in article, “Quotes on Abuse in Marriage”: Thank you for your website. It has helped me get back on track, own who I am and who God created me to be, and set boundaries and goals for myself.

♥ USA: Blessed be the Lord. Thank you for the marriage, spiritual perspectives. I am walking thru tough times now and my prayers are more honest because of your teachings (from Scripture).

♥ Zambia: While I was driving this morning to work, I asked God to send me an answer on what to do????? And here I get this message, and AGAIN, God shows me the right answer!!! WOW…. AMAZING, we serve an ALMIGHTY GOD!

♥ I am so full of gratitude for what you did for me. There you all are out there somewhere, in parts of the country I don’t know –who knows —but when I was so close to falling into an all-out physical affair that would have ruined my life (no exaggeration). It was your words that were ringing in my head and my heart and kept me from going down that path. I honestly don’t think I would have had the strength on my own, if I hadn’t found this place. You were all gifts from God. So thank you for saving my life, as I know it.

I was in that hotel room with him one floor below me, knowing he was one text away, and I went to this web site and read your comments over and over again and cried until I fell asleep. But I did not text him. And then it was morning, and I had gotten through it. Thank you. Words are powerful things, my friends.

♥ Zimbabwe: Thank you so much for the motivational messages through your ministry. I am very grateful and confident that your ministry has saved many marriages including mine.

♥ Gud day to you. I do not know how to thank you for the mails you have been sending me. I am so happy that I am getting back with my wife of seven years in marriage after a year long separation. I kept reading your mails and decided that I am not going to mess up my marriage but I have to work on my marriage. Thank you very much.

♥ USA: I am so glad I found this site! I’ve been guilty of fighting in this unfair, unflattering and unhelpful manner and I feel so awful afterwards. I can feel the distance it creates and I hate it. This article was so helpful I had to print it out and put it on the cork board above my desk.

♥ USA: I just wanted to say thank you more than anything. This website is amazing. I plan to pass your information out at an upcoming Walk to Emmaus. I don’t know that I have ever been on such a detailed yet helpfully simple site. Keep up the great work!!

♥ South Africa: I love you all very much, you are my good guardian Angels. My life and marriage has improved a lot since I’ve started reading your articles. You are God sent and I thank the Almighty for sending you in my life. Thank you once more!!!

♥ South Africa: I’m Hindu and my soon to be wife is Catholic and she got me onto your website and I have to say you provide such clarity and real life meaning to everyday problems that we don’t see due to our own busy lives. Thank you so much, Your messages have provided me personally with so many answers and realizations of where I sometimes make mistakes and allow the wrong factors to influence my feeling toward my partner…

♥ SOUTH AFRICA: God is working in ways we cannot imagine. My husband and I have differences in the way we handle finances and we need to reconcile that. I have been trying to explain myself but seem to be hitting a hard wall almost every time. Since I discovered this website, my perception of things is changing. I note many mistakes that I have done like nagging, shouting at him and throwing in a towel at times. I asked him if we can approach our church for counseling …he refused (we are both Christians and attend the same church). I asked if we can approach family… he refused. And yet I asked if we can identify a trusted friend to hear us out and he still refused.

It was then that my friend sent me an email with one of your articles. I got to your site and started reading. I am reading more than 5 articles a day… my life is changing. Thank you very much for this ministry. I believe I am on the highway to inner healing and finding a way to handle our situation in a better way.

♥ USA: I want to let you know that I get your daily words of wisdom on Facebook. I just want to thank you for your encouraging words. They are constant reminders of how I should respond to my husband, and live as Christ would have me. They are like extra vitamins that I need everyday to keep our relationship healthy and Holy.

♥ From a Pastor: We need marriage missions here in Zimbabwe.

♥ PHILIPPINES: You’ll never believe how my mind and my heart is at peace now that I have come across your article. I have been struggling as a Christian wife to an unbeliever husband. I have isolated myself from other Christians, which made me even weaker. Thank you for sharing this wonderful insight. I’ll always refer to this whenever I’m weak and I’m being attacked by the enemy.

♥ NIGERIA: I really appreciate this site because it has helped me improve in my relationship. I used to be very angry with my spouse at the slightest provocation but now, I have learnt tolerance and I appreciate her all the more.

♥ USA: I sat still after getting into a big disagreement with my wife about her sons. This disagreement has been going on for the last four years of our marriage. After sitting still, I truly felt led by the spirit to go on line and look into help for my marriage that is in crisis. I humbly appreciate the word that comes from God about saving your marriage. Thank You Marriage Mission International.

♥ CAMEROON: Wow, this is great! I could not have known that real life could be the real problem in my marriage. I got so busy that I did not have time with my wife. My love to keep her happy and provide for her needs and even her wants, almost cost me our marriage.

♥ UNITED STATES: Since I have discovered this site, I have found so much more peace in my heart! I’m on here at least three times a day. I have learned that there are many things I have lost because of my own unwillingness to see God’s true visions of us.

♥ USA: It was so good to find this site! I am someone (I suspect that I’m not alone!) who needs CONCRETE suggestions and the testimony of others along with being in an ever-closer relationship with the Lord. By the way, I am a believing husband (though a poor example of Christ) with an unbelieving wife. I think that I better understand why …why should she embrace Christ when His representative is so harsh? I pray I may get right with (love) the Lord first, then love my wife as she deserves. Thank you so much for your ministry.

♥ Fiji: Thank you for your newsletters. Please continue to forward new messages to me because it is very useful in our counseling to young people in our church. My husband is the Senior Pastor of our church and we are sharing these topics with the young couples.

♥ PHILIPPINES: I came to realize my mistakes and the reasons why I and my husband always argue, to the point of telling each other that it will be better to go on separate ways. My mistake is that I am being disrespectful to my husband. Now I know how to make things work out and how to make things right between me and my husband. Thanks and may God bless you.

♥ GHANA: I Thank God for this site. I am a young widow (31 years of age). I found myself involved with my ex-boyfriend again who does not believe in Jesus Christ. But I never had peace with this decision. I searched through scriptures to know God’s will concerning my decision. I also surfed the internet for Christian Marriage sites. I thank God for coming across this site. The will of God is clear on this issue and so I am fully prepared to back off from such a relationship that will only decrease my commitment to God, my Creator and Redeemer.

♥ INDIA: We are thankful for the good articles and videos on marriage enrichment. It is a great blessing for us personally. As God gives us opportunity to minister to other couples we use your material with due acknowledgments to enrich other couples. Thank you very much.

♥ USA: I just came across your website and I must truly admit that God had me stumble across it for a reason. I have been married for 9 months and I love my husband sincerely but we have had so many ups and downs since getting married. Just reading through the post helped me to understand things a little better and helped me realize that I can approach certain situation more humble than I do. I feel that I truly learn how to step up and become a better wife with the help of your website. May God Bless you!

♥ UNITED STATES: I was having trouble in my marriage until after I read this helpful article. I was acting distant from my husband, and I could tell he didn’t like it one bit. I prayed that God would fix things, but nothing he tried worked on me. He’d beg me to look at him, to make eye contact. He needed me to talk. I felt like there was some sort of emotional disconnect for some reason. When my mother died, it was hard for me to say anything. That’s when I started being distant. But, when I read this article, I realized all the things I’d been doing wrong. Now, we talk all the time. He loves me, and I love him. For the first time, I truly know he loves me. I’m not scared to talk anymore. I’m not clammed up!

♥ USA: This is a great article. It helped me a lot. I just printed the papers for divorce for me to fill out, and now I changed my mind. Me and my husband are having crisis in our marriage, but this made me realize that when we made a vow to each other on our wedding day, meant we can go through anything and we will stick together for better or for worse.

♥ USA: Reading this message is convicting me of the way that I have been dealing with our money…

♥ USA: I am so glad that God sent this web page my way. It has helped me understand my husband of 18 years in a whole new light so thank you. I will be sure to share it with my friends and family.

♥ ZIMBABWE: When I read this topic, “when you sense your spouse is not for you,” I had not gone to church because I was ill and at the same time even if I was not ill, I was not going to go because I had an issue deep inside my heart. Now this lesson strengthened me and I found my faults, as well. May the good Lord continue to lead and guide you in the revelation of such, all the time, and our families will stand firm for Christ.

♥ ITALY: I cannot express my gratitude to you in words. I really appreciate your patient comments. And your guidance based on examples from your own life. Your words, and the article, just opened up a whole new world to me. I understand now, how important it is for couples to be educated for living a successful married life. Thanks to this forum for busting some myths that mislead people.

I was relieved to read that many newlyweds go through such situations, and that it’s just another phase, which will pass if we are well equipped with the right knowledge to resolve things amicably. I have already started to adopt those measures in my life sincerely. I could not get my husband to read them, though I read out relevant snippets as you suggested. It worked! He actually understood after listening to me! God is truly great. My husband and I have resolved to work this through. Another amazing thing is, that he actually suggested I read to him some articles which may help us. I was stunned. My prayers have been answered. I am very grateful to this website and all the people contributing.

♥ UNITED STATES: I and my wife are Christians that were on the edge of divorce and we felt after 22 years of marriage that we had no place to go. I discovered your site and God has used it to help restore our marriage. I have gained so much spiritual insight into myself and what marriage should be from this that I consider it one of the main reasons we are still together today.

♥ I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing weekly emails!! This past week my husband and I just weren’t seeing eye to eye on anything. I had been feeling very unconnected to him emotionally. We’ve been fighting over the same few things that just keep coming back into our marriage. After getting your email about what a woman needs in a marriage, I asked him if he would read it with me! I can’t tell you enough how PERFECT that email was for us. It was as if Steve could see inside my heart and wrote exactly to the T everything I have been feeling! It opened up my husbands eyes and helped him to understand what I’ve been trying to say to him!

After reading the email we had an AMAZING conversation (he was actually looking me in the eyes!!!!) He was able to open up to me and like you said it was worth more than diamonds! He woke up this morning and prayed a prayer of protection over me! I have peace in my heart that that was just the beginning of great things that are about to happen for us! I am so appreciative of your guidance and wisdom!! Thank you again!!

♥ NEW ZEALAND: The Lord God is good. I praise Him and thank Him for ministering to me through you. The comments from my brothers and sisters from Ireland, South Africa, USA and India brought tears to my eyes. There is no such a thing as “coincidence” or “chance” in God’s economy (Joseph was not sold by his very brothers to end in Egypt by “accident”).

If we are reading this article tonight (it’s after 11 pm here in New Zealand) it’s God who put it before us, to bless us, to do us good. I have made a copy of the article, to keep it and read it again. Thank you.

♥ UNITED STATES: I felt like I was at the end of my ropes then the Lord lead me to this web page. This was only GOD because a lot of what I read the Lord had already revealed to me. I pray and believe in Jesus name that my marriage is healed delivered and set free as I pray and put into practice God’s word. Thank you so much.

♥ USA: I just want to let you know how much this site has helped me just in the last few days in my marriage! I gasp every time I read something that sounds like you were talking directly to me, and even though my husband has tried to tell me the same things, we went about everything so wrong! This is the best counseling I could have ever hoped for! Thank you so very much for making it available to me!

♥ Reading marriage messages from you has really gotten me that I already anticipate each message coming. It’s like I have this thirst for your messages to quench a thirst for guidance and enlightenment. You are helping me and my marriage so much. You give me strength to hold on and move on courageously in the right paths and patterns of marriage thoughts and conduct with the Light coming from putting God with us in my marriage…thank you so much….keep it up…

♥ Thank you. Your work is marvelous. The articles help my wife and I to continually evaluate our marriage life. Sometimes you raise issues that we rarely think about. Thank you again.

♥ Comment on Facebook: “Oooh that stung. Thank you. Will practice this today.”

♥ INDIA: It was that day when I was thinking that my marriage which was just 1 yr old, was facing the biggest problem, I was thinking that I did not deserve such a miserable time in marriage, which became the most beautiful thing which had happened to me. But, after reading this article and also reading of some of the experiences of the persons mentioned in the article, I have realized that now at this point of time, I have to be patient and also that I have to start praying more, which I had forgotten for the past few days. I have regained my energy and have promised myself to make my marriage a big success.

♥ “I love this site. Wish I had become connected sooner, but its’ never too late.”

♥ USA: Thank you for the articles. I am in a relationship with a non-believer. I have been for about 10 years. When we first started dating we were not living life according to God’s will. I grew to accept Jesus Christ and live his ways but he didn’t. We have been struggling with this and I believe it’s time to sacrifice the relationship. This is very hard but these articles have helped in my decision making and trusting that God has a plan for my and marriage with a strong Christian man. This article also helped me to see my faults. I am one in need of Genuine humility. Thank you!

♥ USA: The last few weeks I’ve been in the same mind set. Strong, independent, but bitter and cold towards my husband because I felt my needs weren’t being met. I would always pray for God to change him. Then it changed. I started asking God to change my heart, to help me be a better wife. Then I found this list. I was excited. It kind of helped me see where I was going wrong in some areas. I’m not a man so I don’t always know what he needs. I have applied some of these things this week. It has softened my heart and I can see a difference in his attitude as well. I’m not coming at him with a “you owe me attitude” but I am giving to him cheerfully and freely. It is changing me.

♥ Kenya: I want to record my appreciation for your weekly Marriage Messages to me. I always look forward to Monday so that I can read these messages; somehow, you always address a need in my marriage and answer my questions along the way. On Friday, I and my husband celebrated our 22nd Wedding Anniversary and I am truly thankful to God for your enriching Ministry. It has changed my marriage and given it a new lease of life.

♥ Facebook comment: I really look forward to the daily posts! Thanks so much for working so hard to help marriages succeed!

♥ USA: I am dealing with surviving my husbands affair and not doing very well with it. Thank you for this site it has already helped me more than my network of Christians around me.

♥ U.K. Your marriage newsletters have taken me to another level. I highly appreciate.

♥ Facebook comment: “I read this with tears streaming down my face because of the word Commitment and Triangle. Through some very rough, rough times, commitment and the triangle are the things that held us together. I make a public confession now that we will have a testimony of God’s faithfulness to us that will help others in need. Thank you for this article.”

♥ Facebook comment: “TRUTH! You guys have made me re-think and re-think about my marriage and now I am beginning to see the light. Many times we take things for granted and those same things build up our marital strength. Wow.”

♥ Zambia: Thanks for your emails on marriage… I think that this edition might just have saved my marriage… I was seriously considering divorce this weekend. I was thinking about it on my way to work this morning. Your email was the first email I opened. It was a message straight from God.

♥ Every time I read your message I feel the grace and the favour of God. I nearly gave up on my wife, but God being loving and merciful God, used you in a mighty way to restore my marriage. You have put something inside of my heart that keep saying ”repent; forgive as you have been forgiven.” For the past 3 years I did not know what a good marriage is, until the Most High moved in you by his spirit.

♥ Japan: Thank you very much for such a mind-blowing message. I must admit that the message came in a right time for me. Am so much blessed and transformed with this message. I will never relying on my feelings rather than Biblical actions of love. God bless you so much dear servants of God.

♥ I am personally being blessed and transformed with your messages and I am living happily with my husband. – Happiness from Tanzania.

♥ Zambia: Thank you so so much for a relevant website. There was a time in my life I would be up in the early hours of the morning reading the website. Your website healed me when church counsellors weren’t able to succeed. I share your website with many friends or women I meet along life’s path.

♥ Uganda: I thank God for you and for this ministry. You seem to know what messages I need to read to keep me on track at the right time. Thank you for loving us, teaching us to love and helping us to see God’s love.

♥ USA: I was about to give up but I’m going to fight on my knees and remain faithful. Thank you for this great amount of faith and hope. God Bless You.

♥ South Africa: To tell you the truth I have come to realize that I have a problem with anger and I want my husband to do things my way. The Bible tells us the work of the flesh is anger and the fruit of the spirit is Love and Peace. I am praying about this and reading the word a lot in order to root out the anger in my life. Everything that you have said is true. Thank you for your honesty.

♥ You are doing a marvelous job in assisting in terms of preserving marriages indeed. At the right time God will reward you and your husband for the good job. It’s like my heart was just at your chopping board and fully examined for you didn’t leave any stone unturned. Let me also thank you for having taken time off (I know) your busy schedule to answer me back.

♥ USA: As a pastor, university professor, husband and father, I just wanted to tell you how much you are doing an awesome job. My wife and I conduct marriage retreats and workshops occasionally (but not routinely enough) and I am just taken back by the profound, anointed and blessed ministry you have. Your articles are always deeply moving and rich with God’s word. Your ministry is dynamic in its purpose and effects. Your messages are always timely and I can found innumerable ways in which to share, teach, preach and counsel others with. Because of your work and ministry, I am being bountifully touched, moved, healed, directed, enriched and empowered.

♥ USA: I just wanted to inform you that my wife and I are reconciling our marriage and due to this incident I wrote to you about a couple of months ago, it has brought a deeper understanding and a renewed commitment to make our marriage work. I want to thank you for your encouraging words and to let you know you guys are wonderful.

♥ USA: Thank you for continuing to send your articles to us weekly…we send them to over 100 couples faithfully and some of them are sending them out too! We’ve received numerous positive comments on how your articles have blessed many marriages… we can’t imagine the enormous effect it is having on saving marriages nationwide!

♥ South Africa: How I wish I could have known you before I lost my marriage because I realize that the truths that I know now could never have allowed me to behave the way I did. Since going through your teachings I realized that I had made him replace God in my life. I looked up to him for everything. I did not even take out to pray for him due to my selfish need because it was all about me. The children and I still love him very much and believe God for Restoration. I am ready now to build my home in a Godly way.

♥ Zimbabwe: After reading all the scripts you are sending, I was so touched to the extent that I was born again and restored my marriage. I reconciled with my husband. He is now accepting to go to couple’s meetings and am still praying that one day he will be born again. Am not going to force him but I will do it spiritually by speaking to God. I thank you again and keep the fire burning and the word going.

♥ Thank you sooooo much for your marriage messages. I think you must be God’s messengers and mentors especially to me. Why? each time I open my messages you are addressing a problem/situation I am facing. I am more convinced God prepared you to counsel me and help me through my marriage. It indeed has not been an easy road. We have fought and I almost packed my bags. But then I found a message that made me stay and be patient and erase divorce/separation from my head.

♥ A Pastor from Fiji: My wife and I had major problems in our marriage. It was affecting the ministry and we were on the verge of a major disaster. In the middle of all this and in my desperate search for answers God led me to this wonderful site. Now both of us are soaking in everything we can get from this site. A lot of it was just stuff that we both didn’t know how to handle or treat. We have been married 23 years and I have only just begun to understand things like the woman’s basic needs. I have already begun injecting these simple yet so vitally important things into our relationship and the results have literally taken us back to our years of courting… we can’t get enough of each other’s company and God is so blessing us and our ministry.

♥ Kenya: One thing that I know is that your work in the Kingdom of God is not in vain. Your rebuking, correction, encouraging and uplifting messages, saved my marriage from divorce. Your ever consistent messages got me saved, sanctified, purified and justified and I can stand and say our God is a good God. I love my family. I believe many will bare me witness: that you are doing the will of God our Father. And if it took God to use you to save my family, then keep it up for your reward is in heaven.

♥ South Africa: I need to confess that I have subscribed to Marriage Missions for two years now and it has changed my life. I have also used lessons to counsel other couples and it has produced wonders for me and my circle of friends. I am today invited in many motivational talks because of my subscription to Marriage Missions. Thank very for changing my life for the better.

♥ South Africa: You really saved my marriage at one instance where I was spiritually devastated and seeing divorce as the only solution. I came across this message from you entitled “Bricks to Build a Wonderful Marriage”, I will never forget the way it uplifted me and gave me strength to look positively to the whole situation I was facing at that moment. You really saved my marriage. Please continue to serve the Lord through this ministry. I always forward these messages to other couples so that more people can benefit. Thank you once again.

♥ South Africa: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the wonderful job you are doing. When I started subscribing to your messages I was going through, difficult times in my marriage and things were not looking good but your wonderful messages help. Things are looking good in my marriage and we have put God first in everything we do, and I am telling you everything flows, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” I have seen that happening to me since I have given God control of our marriage. Everything seems to flow. Every Monday evening me and my husband sit around and read your wonderful messages together and see what we can do to improve.

♥ South Africa: I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for your wonderful messages. My marriage was going through a difficult time. We were having conflict and my husband even wanted to move out, but your good message for conflict helped us to look at things in a different way and solve problems. I am a born again Christian but for some reason I was always trying to solve my own conflict. But now I give everything to God and ask him to see things in a different way. We are now happy and I would like to thank God for sending you to do a wonderful job like this. May you continue helping us young couples who are still new in the marriage. I respect him now and he respects me as well. We speak to each other in kindness.

♥ Nigeria: Dear Daddy and Mummy in the LORD, Eternity will not be enough for me to appreciate GOD who had given you insight, wisdom and enablement to encourage millions of souls on marriage issues. I am one of those who benefit from editions continually.

♥ I just read one of your articles and it really got me glued. I love the fact that they are so realistic and informative. I think once one is married, they need all the guidance that they can get especially from people who are not family and friends as these groups tend to take sides and so forth. These articles are advice based on religious people and people who I or my husband don’t know, so no one here can be offended, but to learn, grow closer and luv and appreciate each other more.

♥ Nigeria: God is really using you to heal many homes and marriages. I have been receiving your mails regularly and it has been a tremendous help to us. We run a marriage ministry of one to five years. We understand through God’s revelation and from our experience, that the most turbulent years in marriage is the first five years. Therefore, within these years we discuss issues using Biblical principles and pray for marriages. Once you are above five years in marriage you go out and start training other newly married couples below five years the foundational knowledge and purpose of marriages in God’s kingdom. In Africa particularly in Nigeria where I come from many do not know the purpose of establishing marriages by God. Your letters through e-mails has been a tremendous help to us in this ministry.

♥ Fiji: I almost gave up my marriage but by reading through the Marriage Mission International web site saved my marriage. I thank God for what he did to save my marriage especially in not hurting my children’s feelings. May God Bless you all.

♥ Zambia: This is the best website on marriage issues I have ever seen! Thank God for this ministry which comes only from the heart of God and will certainly serve many marriages!

♥ United States: I think that God sent me to this website because I have changed my life and gave it to God.

♥ Bulgaria: I believe that this web site is a blessing and a helping tool for MANY people who would need both teaching and help in the marriage area!

♥ Tanzania: I got this weeks message via my wife and was inspired by it. In this rat race we live in even in the third world struggling to make ends meet, marriage is taken for granted. Much effort needs to be put in as individuals towards the unity. It is usually overlooked or ignored or put off for tomorrow!

♥ USA: After finding your site. It has made me realize the true meaning of what marriage involves.

♥ USA: I just came across this in my 2,300 emails that I’ve been trying to delete! It was God’s timing! I hadn’t even noticed it before. My marriage of almost 34 years is at a severe crisis, so this was meant for me to start reading and praying about.

♥ Rwanda-Africa: You have no idea how your site turned down my intentions of breaking my marriage. I was on the brink of collapse and had lost everything I valued in my marriage. Then a colleague sent me an email that bore your site address and I thought to give it a try and guess what, it was a ticker. I started applying the instructions on the site and slowly I see a change in my husband —a good one. Before I felt unloved, bitter, taken advantage of, hurt etc, that I felt enough was enough. Yet whenever I thought of leaving, and my kids (4 of them) losing their Dad, I wanted to die. I was confused and hopeless. Thanks to your articles that have restored my soul and hope. There is a significant change in my marriage and more satisfying.

♥ South Africa: I’ve learnt of your service from a fellow working colleague. Although I’m a Hindu, I find your messages & information very sincere, soul searching and thought provoking. Thank you for a wonderful service and may God’s choicest blessings be upon your organization for this most wonderful service rendered!

♥ USA: I wanted to let you know that your website is the beacon of hope in my life. I live with a chronically ill man (45 y.o.) and a young child and find that oftentimes I’m overwhelmed by that which my life demands. So many of my dreams and hopes for my marriage and adult life are not possible due to the nature of my husband’s illness. Your site encourages me to forge ahead and offers practical information I can use for dealing with the stress and loss. Thank you.

♥ Ireland (the republic): My life and marriage have changed positively from visiting this site. God bless you for all the work you are doing.

♥ Mark and I are “pastors”/elders at a church in Canada… fresh 9 months ago from South Africa, and oh my GOODNESS.. do you need to have a strong marriage for church planting!!!

But when we wake up on Sunday’s to your “challenge” we suck on the wisdom, store the nuggets (like true Canadian squirrels with their winter munchies), and plough on!!!

♥ Thank you so much for your messages. I read them and I save them separately on my computer and I frequently search through them when I am dealing with any crisis. I am writing this to let you know how this particular message has been an answer to a prayer. We are in a much better place now thanks to your research and your sending this message at the right time. I know you get flooded with messages but I really wanted you to know that here in my house in Johannesburg South Africa you have made a difference.

♥ When I subscribe to the publications I knew my marriage was over. I have already looked on the web info’s on how to deal with my divorce. I thank you because it never took place, I am the most happiest woman in the world and see my husband with a better view.

♥ South Africa: A while ago I sent an email telling you how distressed I was about an affair my husband had 6 years ago and that he didn’t discuss much and wanted to brush it off. I took your advice and we discussed the issue. I must admit things were difficult in the beginning but I believe that our marriage will survive. On the 4th July we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. This year really was a celebration. Your messages and support has made a big difference in my life. Even though you are a million miles away the hand of God somehow touches all our lives. Thank you.

♥ United Kingdom: You are doing a great job… I know of a broken marriage which you are helping bringing together through this ministry.

♥ South Africa: I attend church at Miracle Outreach Ministries South Africa. I am the editor of the Newsletter and I would love to use your marriage messages2save some marriages and really bless some couples, your messages really inspires me and I am married for 6 years and still growing stronger day by day. I really love this site and I learn a lot and I go back on a regular basis to read and apply this principles to my marriage

♥ Italy: I will like to have newsletters on marriage posted to my email address because I’m a newlywed with little experience so I will like to make my marriage a success. Thanks.

♥ Zimbabwe: I for one was deeply troubled and I was failing to forgive my husband but when I read the section on forgiveness, it really opened my spiritual eyes and am now praying that the Lord Almighty may heal the wounds that were caused during the period when I lacked the knowledge.

♥ South Africa: Your teachings have taught us to be humble at all times. We’ve got friends who ask us as to how do we keep our marriage as healthy as it is, our answers are the scripts that you guys send. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU BOTH.

♥ Nigeria: I want to tell you that my marriage has not been the same since I read some Marriage Messages sent to me from a friend. Please remember me. I need your prayers and constant sending.

♥ USA: Excellent site and great information. Our marriage needs some help right now and prayer. I have been researching lots of marriage information and your site is by far the best I have seen yet.

♥ United Kingdom: I read through your article on confrontation and I felt as though you were talking about me because I have been doing all the things that you said were wrong. Your article really helped me. I have been applying all the Bible verses that you mentioned before I confront my husband and even in the way I deal with other people. Thank you.

♥ Zimbabwe: I have been going through your website which I find absolutely marvelous and such a blessing with its educating topics! My fiancé and I have been receiving pre-marriage counseling from our church pastors, but through your website we have come to know a wider and more detailed dimension of how to work towards a Christ founded marriage. I do not know how to thank you but always remember your calling to this work of God is special.

♥ USA: I print info from your site and mail copies to my husband who is in County jail awaiting to be sent to prison. The work pages I have found here and different scriptures have sure helped with our “new walk” with Christ. Thank You!! Your Time is truly appreciated.

♥ USA: I wasn’t looking for this website per say, but I knew I had deep feelings that I couldn’t quite understand. I was going through some troubles in my marriage. Only God knew what I needed to find. I read and cried for a long time after reading a few of the articles; only because all my feelings were valid and from what I was reading I was doing the right things in trying to reconcile my marriage. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your good works.

♥ Uganda: Wow. I have just found an article on a colleague’s desk and read it. This article has changed my life and I would like to receive more of these. I’m taking my wife out this week… Amen.

♥ South Africa: I cannot exactly remember when I subscribed for the newsletter, but I can tell you for sure that it has helped me in many ways. Way back I used to think that I was clever and knew everything about life. I found out that my husband was cheating and I was crushed. I investigated his every move and every bit of paper that landed in our waste bin. I subscribed with you because I thought I was going to get help and more. That is what has happened in my life, I am now willing to listen, understand and be patient. I hope other people can subscribe with you, they will not only get a different view in life. They will also get help and spirit guidance.

♥ South Africa: I have been married three years. I always look forward to the next lesson as your lessons have formed part of our marriage devotionals and have helped my marriage be more spiritual and bring honor to God. I have been forwarding your lessons to any and every person I can think of because I find great value in them.

♥ Ghana: What I have read so far under newly weds, married women etc has been so instrumental in changing certain wrong views I had. I definitely know this info will help me be the wife God wants me to be to my husband who he has graciously blessed me with. Thank you and God bless you richly as you positively impact lives.

♥ USA: Thank you so much for this website. There is so much information on this site, from a biblical perspective, which is so different than most marriage sites I’ve been to. I really appreciated the article The Marriage Map. It made me feel like I wasn’t all alone, that plenty of other people go through the same feelings and phases in marriage. I’ve been reading a lot of the articles and I have hope that my marriage can be successful, and I have practical ways to work on things. Thanks again!

♥ USA: I have put God on the back burner for a while —read some of your articles and realize I now need him in my life more than ever. Thanks.

♥ From a Pastor in Antigua: I thank God for this site. I recently found it because of a marital problem. After praying I found it. I will continue to browse your site. I am learning a lot that persons in my congregation can benefit from knowing.

♥ Zimbabwe: You provide very useful messages, which can help bring broken marriages together. This is critical in Zimbabwe at this time in Zimbabwe where most marriages are under the Devil’s attack.

♥ USA: I am finding very valuable information on this site… My husband had a short term affair and I thought I’d never (much less we) make it through…We are using the help here to heal in a healthy manner and I appreciate it very much.

♥ South Africa: I wish every married person could have access to this website, then we would less or no divorces at all. I am grateful to have access and I have learnt a lot out of this.

♥ New Zealand: I run a Women’s Ministry in New Zealand. Thank you for making your website available for my women. The messages are very encouraging.

♥ USA: God is so awesome. Thank you for existing as an organization. The resources that you provide and topics that you address are so sensitive but critical for couples, marriages and families that want to honor God in their relationships. Thank you for being a lighthouse to us all.

♥ South Africa: Thank you very much for your letter. I was surprised to received a response from you I didn’t think anyone would care enough to respond. Thank you it gave me hope!!!

♥ Zimbabwe: I am going through a very difficult time in my marriage of 20 years and find a lot of real things in these messages that I know will help me especially scripture verses on communication, controlling anger among others.

♥ USA: I recently wrote and spoke of a situation that a family member of mine was going through. I wasn’t sure how to advise them. I prayed and the Lord showed this person what to do after we read your site information. It was a great help and counseling has begun. Thank you for your insight and articles. Praise God for your ministry.

♥ Jamaica: I really enjoy what you write about. It’s deep and relevant to married people and since I am recently married I am always looking for ways to encourage myself and keep the love and beauty in my marriage. God is so good to us and I thank Him for leading me to this site.

♥ USA: I just stumbled across the article “We Used To Be So In Love” on your website. Boy am I glad I did. As a faithful wife married for 17 years, I found myself lately attracted to another person, and feeling like the “flame” had gone out of my marriage. But reading this article really put me back on track on the meaning and commitment of marriage and the fact that temptation is normal and resisting temptation is part of that commitment to each other and to God. THANK YOU!

♥ USA: I thank God for the words I read on your site this morning. My husband really hurt my feelings and my natural inclination was to hurt him back. But God, somehow directed me to your site and showed me how I should let God into my heart and pray and continue to love my husband in spite of what he has done. Thank you so much.

♥ Zimbabwe: I would like to thank you for your website. I have been married for 6 years now and have two daughters. From the time my friend emailed one of your lessons to me I have never turned back. They are so helpful, but mostly very practical. I also learned to make excellent decisions concerning my family and what comes first in my life.

♥ USA: I am really enjoying the site and taking a lot of notes. I stumbled upon this site just yesterday when I was in search of some therapy and now I am really excited about each topic discussed in the marriage messages. I was able to talk to my husband with an open mind and heart for the first time, even though I knew what was right and that God wanted me to do the right thing. But when it was related directly to marital issues it was easier to see my faults, which eventually caused him to see his. Thank You.

♥ USA: I’ve been reading through some of the topics. Thank you so much. Even though I’ve been married for 25 yrs. the info here is wonderful and helpful. There have been a lot of issues here that my husband and I have dealt with. Some good and some of the bad stuff. We never really knew where to turn. We’re going for Christian counseling as I write this. I feel finding this site will also help us out more then you will know.

♥ United States: I really appreciate and value your site and definitely hope that more will come of it, with new features and articles. The layout is user-friendly and the content is highly appropriate  —Please keep up the GOOD WORK! :)

♥ USA: Out of guilt I was searching for ways to spoil my wife on Valentines day. God lead me to your site where I read your testimony. I was so touched and convicted of being a neglectful husband always finding time to do things for the church or enjoying my many hobbies. Thank you for sharing and for following God lead in your life.

♥ USA: I just came across your website as I was needing inspiration for help in my marriage. I’ve read through several of your lessons and really found comfort in what was discussed. You truly don’t know how much impact you’re making on lives such as mine who just need a little “pick-me-up” every now and then.

♥ USA: I found your website just by chance and I realize, here is a fount of inspiration I desperately need to make my marriage prosper in the spiritual matters.

♥ Kenya: Praise the living God, who cares for my life. I appreciate God and the participants in “Marriage Missions” website for their contributions that has lifted my spiritual realm from one level to another with my entire family. I have been so premature in handling matters of marriage. I have been so ignorant in making relationship with my God and my family! BUT since I encountered this website God has been so faithful to open my understanding to read and be a practicer of what I read pertaining to marriage relations with family and God.

♥ UGANDA: I’d like to thank you for the wonderful information that you share with us. My testimony is late in coming but all I can say is that your advice during the Christmas season for a gift was really heaven sent because I didn’t know what to give my husband for Christmas but when I read that article I realized that the Bible is the best gift I could ever give. And indeed it was the best, because he was very happy. It’s the only gift I’ve given him and he genuinely was pleased. He hugged and gave me a great kiss. For me that was one successful Christmas.

♥ USA: I just happened to stubble on to this website as I was getting ready for bed and just the couple of minutes I was reading has helped me tremendously. I needed to hear what I was reading. Thanks so much. I plan on coming home from work and read some more.

♥ Zimbabwe: I am 48 years old and recently re-married after the death of my first wife about 4 years ago. Your message has convinced me that I must adopt a different approach on issues involving my spouse. I have realized that I need to develop a positive attitude all the time.

♥ Swaziland: Thank you so much for obeying God and publishing Marriage Missions to help us! Our daughter subscribed and has been sharing MM with me. I decided to subscribe for my husband and myself also. We do marriage counseling and this is a wonderful resource! Do not become weary in doing good, for in due season you WILL reap, if you do not faint!

♥ Malawi: My friend sent me your Marriage Message, which has really lightened me. I wish I knew this stuff 9 years ago when I was just marrying. I love my wife and I want to give her the best but was not knowledgeable enough to enjoy marriage. I pray God gives me Grace to transform to become a Godly Husband. Be encouraged to continue your ministry. You may not see what you are doing but one day you will be amazed how many lives you touched.

♥ Canada: I am finding your site to open my eyes to a lot of things involved with relationships and marriage that I had never really realized/thought about before.

♥ Zimbabwe: Thank you Cindy,for your time and patience and love. I wrote to you a few weeks ago concerning IVF and timing and the links are a tremendous source of encouragement especially in waiting and praying for God’s guidance, and not to lean on our own understanding.

♥ Zimbabwe: I would like to thank you very much for this very helpful website and your marriage messages for it has helped me to be able to define and look within the person that is me, and be able to see where my faults lay and where I can correct myself emotionally and physically and mostly my relationship with my husband. In fact I have been on the verge of a divorce and these messages have helped me rebuild my marriage and given me ability to deal with my emotions and anger towards my husband. I have been able to forgive him and have been able to rebuilt the warmth and loving atmosphere at home and I am now at peace with myself and my kids love me more. Mostly I have been able to help my friends and colleagues to overcome obstacles that each may face through your messages, I would print and read them out and I was able to read one of your messages at my aunt’s wedding. Thank you.

♥ USA: I thank God for this website because it has given me and my spouse hope.

♥ South Africa: A colleague emailed one of your messages to me last year when my brand new marriage was one the rocks. For a while I had thought that men must just be born neanderthals, but reading your message saved my marriage. For the last year I have had the amazing peace of knowing that getting married was the best thing I could ever have done, and we have never looked back. Thank you!!!

♥ Zimbabwe: I am a lady age 27 and I got married in January this year. I heard of your website from a friend and I found it is very helpful. I thought being in a marriage was a very tough situation but when I turned to your website I started enjoying my marriage. It has brought a lot of changes in my marriage for the best.

♥ South Africa: Your messages are encouraging and giving us hope. We sometimes never acknowledge and appreciate our spouses. But ever since I started reading your messages, I’ve started looking at my marriage differently and I do appreciate my wife. Thanks guys.

♥ South Africa: I have to share this with you. I send out these messages to many friends who give me feedback on how much it has blessed their marriages. The last one in particular had a huge impact on a few people regarding the area of how we maintain our homes and cars etc and we do not maintain our marriages. In today’s materialistic world we are living in, that was a wonderful wake up message for many couples.

♥ These messages help me and my husband so much, because we are involved with Pre-marital counseling at our church. We do use a manual as a guideline coupled with scripture, but I always find these mails and personal experiences from couples so refreshing and helpful. We have been married for 18 years through the grace of God.

♥ What I really wanted to tell you is that I forward these messages to a German friend. We hosted a German student last year in Dec/Jan for a month and that is how we connected (the moms). We communicate regularly via e-mail. She wrote back to me and asked me who you people were. If you were some special people like priests or psychologists and do you think up these prayers by yourselves. I wrote back to her and told her that you are ordinary people who love the Lord Jesus and that you are guided by the Holy Spirit that lives in you. My aim is to share the gospel with this family. They are Catholics but don’t really go to church. Well, keep up the good work and may God richly bless your ministry which is so vital in this day and age.

♥ South Africa: A friend recommended that I subscribe to your website. I have read some of the articles and all I can say is, if only most of the married people can read and practice some of the learnings AND those that are not married can also read to gain more knowledge so that they can prepare for the future; the world can be a wonderful place with less heartaches. Thanks.

♥ Kenya: I read ‘connection points’ at a time when we were facing a dry season in our marriage. We have begun implementing some of the tips and it works! I have many friends whose marriages are not smooth right now. I intend to send them some of these articles and hopefully they can subscribe. Thank you for this wonderful ministry.

♥ Canada: My husband have been married for 36 years and we were on the verge of divorce. One year ago, we attended a program called Retrouvaille. It has saved our marriage. Now we have 5 other couples join us for prayer, a short presentation, which is followed by group sharing. My husband and I use your marriage messages to help us form our presentations. I just had to tell you both that your messages are AWESOME. You are both truly an inspiration to all couples.

♥ Evangelist from Trinidad and Tobago: I have been through adultery in my marriage and have come out quite successful. I now minister as an infidelity coach. About three months ago I discovered your site and I want to let you know how useful and informative it has been. Keep up the good work and continue to champion the cause of Christ.

♥ Nigeria: I’m quite impressed and excited about you apply GOD’s words and admonitions to marriages. It’s my candid opinion that more married couples and engaged persons be acquainted with your messages for them to know and learn more about what it takes to be married and be engaged. Most relationships collapses due to ignorance about marital living.