The following are portions of letters which we have received at Marriage Missions that testify of the work that God is doing in their marriages and how He is using this ministry to help accomplish this work. Please know that this we do not post them to brag about how great Marriage Missions is as a ministry, but rather how great God is.

God uses ordinary people and organizations to help accomplish that which He could easily do on His own. And yet we are privileged to participate with Him in this awesome ministry. As He tells us in the Bible, “Apart from Me, you can do nothing.” And we know that to be true.


♥ I just have to mention that God seems to have been taking me on a journey in the past 7 or 8 months and I have been letting Him lead me, I’ve actually been following and paying attention instead of shrugging off the messages, and it just seems that everyday God seems to show me what I have to take care of next via messages from you and messages from daily devotionals and just things going on in my life …God is just amazing and thank you for what you do …God is really doing good work through you and reaching people that need it, need Him. Thanks.

♥ Thank you for this article about not fighting in front of our kids. Must admit that my husband and I are so guilty of this and I can see the damage it does to my older son. For so long I used to keep quiet but now find my self retaliating. On Sat while we were screaming at each other I watched my 7 month old son look so confused and he just kept smiling at both of us. God forgive me for my part in the fights but sometimes it is so difficult to take all the verbal abuse and not fight back. (South Africa)

♥ I would like to thank you for opening this website it has really helped me in my relationship with my husband and also my relationship with God. My husband and I were having a lot of problems and I read this issue about a praying wife and I said to myself I’ll pray that prayer there. I prayed and that same day the Lord answered my prayers.

Before our sex life was getting poorer and I used to avoid sex as much as possible. But when my husband initiated it, this time I just prayed for the Lord to bless our unity and it was the most exciting experience. We both shared and he even asked me where did that come from? And I told that I had invited the Lord to bless us. From Monday and onwards if we have a misunderstanding I have learnt to pray first before opening my mouth because that’s what I used to do before and then regret what I have said in anger. Thank you very much and keep this website going. God bless you (Africa)

♥ I found your website this morning and was so blessed. The world needs to hear your message. We have been happily married for 12 years and together for almost 20! (We were high-school sweethearts) We have 3 boys under the age of 7 and we realize the importance of “date nights”, as our time alone is minimal these days. Thank you for your encouragement through your ministries. We plan on sharing this website with our Sunday School class at church, of which we lead. Thanks again and God Bless You!!!

♥ My boss sends me your inspirational messages to me every week. The messages have helped me change my mentality towards my own marriage. God is my witness; I don’t know how many times I wanted to give up my marriage. I have not experienced the fulfillment of joy and love yet but I now know it is a process in changing ones mindset. I am willing to do so …the Godly way. May the Lord richly bless you abundantly. (Zimbabwe)

♥ I have enjoyed reading some of the archives! Please add me to your list of readers. I am a mother of a 14 year old teenager, divorced now almost 10 years. I am not dating either, but someday I may have a spouse again, I want to make sure it will be firmly grounded with Christ. Thanks again for your uplifting messages.

♥ I’ve received some of your marriage messages from Christian friends at a time when I was seriously planning to get divorced, and it has changed my mind and my life. Thanks! I also forwarded it to my sister-in-law who’s also considering divorce, and I’m sure it will help and bless her too. Keep it up, God bless you. (South Africa)

♥ Thank you, for providing help to those who can’t afford to see a counselor or just want the tools to keep themselves happy and productive.

♥ My husband and I have been living separately for over a month now. It is because we have no communication and affection in our marriage. I found your messages to be really encouraging and it helped a lot in our marriage. Although we are still living apart, we have become closer through this whole issue. Thanks.

♥ Hi,  I was encouraged especially by the message on “Fighting in Front of Your Children” and I fully agree and support your findings. Talking from personal experience, its very true and we have made a vow between my husband and myself that no matter the circumstance and the situation, we try as much as possible to keep our cool before the kids and sort ourselves out, out of their hearing even then we try not to raise our voices at each other. So far so good —almost 11 years now and going very strong. Praise be to God for his guidance and support.

♥ Thank you for this article about not fighting in front of our kids. I admit that my husband and I are so guilty of this and I can see the damage it does to my older son. For so long I used to keep quiet but now find my self retaliating. On Sat while we were screaming at each other I watched my 7 month old son look so confused and he just kept smiling at both of us. God forgive me for my part in the fights but sometimes it is so difficult to take all the verbal abuse and not fight back. (Africa)

♥ Thanks for designing and putting up this website I am yet to be married but will be sometime this year. The words of wisdom are just priceless, I have learnt a lot and hope to be a good wife to my husband. Yes some of these things may seem small but have learnt that it can make or break a marriage. Thank you ever so much and God bless you. Thank you for allowing God to use you in this way for the benefit of many. You are very much appreciated more than you will ever know. Only God Himself knows how much.

♥ Many thanks for this message. I must say that I have experience this closely in my home. When my husband and I are chatting about something and we carried away with the conversation we tend to forget about my 3 year old daughter. She would immediately pipe up. “Stop fighting the both of you”. Just a simple conversation made her believe that we were fighting.

I have made a pack with my husband that if we need to discuss anything that we should do it when we’re alone. Just by being passionate about the topic being discussed my baby thought we were fighting. We are not used to being loud in my home and she is aware of that. So if something out of the ordinary took place it was not accepted by her. I hope and pray that the rest of you out there could practice this. You are harming you children mentally and emotionally. Think of how they will harm the family.

♥ Thank you so much for your reply. Hearing your point of view helps me understand why you have the article there. I can totally understand your desire to spare pain to the children that are so innocently hurt through divorce. I will definitely lift you and your husband up as you minister to people’s marriages. I will pray that the Lord will lead you with this article; and that if he has another resource that will speak the truth in love on this issue, that He will send it along your path. I do appreciate your sensitivity and apology and it is greatly accepted. Sincerely in Christ.

♥ I can hardly wait each week for these messages. I eagerly look for your names to appear on my inbox. It is such a pity that I have only received them from lesson 145. I am so blessed with these lessons and my husband and I try to use the Word to enrich our daily lives. For the past few months whenever someone asks me about married life, I have absolutely nothing negative to add. They probably think I make it up but I am actually so blessed to have a husband who loves, respects and cherishes me. I try my best never to put him down and always respect what he says. These lessons have helped us achieve this. May the Lord bless you and this ministry. (Durban, South Africa)

♥ Thanks very much for your messages; they are a blessing in my life. Since I started reading your Marriage Messages, I have been lifted up. You have no idea how this is lifting me up. My husband is not a Believer and it’s like we live a different world. It’s like God is sending you with a reply to my queries every week. I am praying to God to help me to do my best in everthing. I just thought I should say THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND GOD BLESS YOU.

♥ Before I read some of the articles in your website, I too thought of the easy way out (divorce) but now I feel that I am not being unreasonable about things in my marriage. I actually have valid concerns. I thought I was being unreasonable with my husband. Now I realize that I am not the only one going thru these things and we have only been married for almost two years now. Thank you again for this website.

♥ Dear friends, your email “Do you want to change your marriage” was a real eye opener. I had an opportunity to practice unconditional love and respect on Saturday night and it was through my reaction and attitude that the situation did not get out of hand. Many thanks for your inspirational messages and keep up the good works.

♥ (Regarding the message: “Accomplishing Tasks Together”) This particular message has been a blessing to me. I have been challenged by your messages before, but now I felt I needed to let you know I’m blessed. I’m married with two kids, 7 and 8 months.

Over the weekend my wife visited one of our friends some 6 hours drive from our home I was at home over the same weekend and could not find much to do. There were a lot of dirty clothes to be washed and our bedroom to be cleaned. I only managed to clean up our bedroom and changed the order of things, but could not do the laundry.

When she returned she showered me with praises for making our room look new and neat. Then she asked if I had remembered to do the laundry. When I told her I hadn’t she never complained. She was so happy with the bit I had done and even ignored the part I had not done. I regretted why I had not done the laundry as well. I have realized that one needs to ‘Just do it’. Thanks for the encouragement.

♥ What a blessing to see such a web site. I was given a copy of Marriage missions (putting the heart of Christ back into Marriage) – 100 ways you can love your husband HIS way. I read the list first, prayed, and then put some of these suggestions in to effect. To see the result just from me changing my attitude and incorporating some of what is on this list just blew me away. How awesome. Praise God for what you are doing. I am very much looking forward to reading Marriage Messages Newsletter. I thank you, and I am praising the Lord. I am very realistic. This is a beginning, but I am going to try to continue some of these suggestions, and I will keep praying. I have been married 15 years and the Lord knew I needed this. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

♥ Your ministry has really helped me a lot especially my spiritual growth. My husband is not yet born again you gave me courage to understand him.

♥ I think you should know what a blessing this message is to me. Although I am a single woman, and it has blessed me so much that I have sent it to other people who have responded back to say that it touched their hearts as well. May God through His Son Jesus Christ continue to inspire you to grow more and more in His wisdom! May the Holy Spirit speak through you to those people whose lives have been shattered because of life’s storms. God bless you. (Concerning Marriage Message #148 – What is Love?)

♥ I’m not married but I have been receiving the messages via e-mail. I’m truly blessed by this message. My girlfriend and I are both Christians and in one way or another are involved in church ministries. We have however had conflicts in our relationship that have almost lasted a year. We have clearly failed to bring Gods goodness and humility into the relationship. Although we clearly love each other we continually hurt each other. I believe that I now through this message that i don’t need to change her-I must change myself first. May god bless you both as you continue blessing many, George (a man from Africa responding to the message: Do You Want to Change Your Marriage?)

♥ I like to receive the mail from you. I will be getting married next year and I have friends that are married already that will benefit from your email which they don’t have access to the email which I will print out a copy for them so that they can start improving on their marriages so that they can see there is still hope and God has a plan for them.

♥ I have read the message with interest and I must admit I did learn a lot. There are certain things that I have been taking for granted and surely this article changed my thinking. Thank you.

♥ Thank you for this message. My marriage was becoming rusty. I thought my husband was becoming too clumsy, in the way he eats, etc. I have asked and will continue ask God to create a heart in me, a new wife for my husband who happens to be me, and above all to thank God for the husband He gave me. (Subject: Abandoning Two Worlds for One)

♥ I don’t know how to thank you because ever since I started receiving your messages my life has changed positively. I have realized that I have wasted a lot of years grieving over nothing and being unthankful to God. I have many blessings that I count even count them all: three lovely, healthy, intelligent children, a husband, friends, and a roof above my head, a job, caring parents, etc. I will try and share with many people the messages I get from you. God bless you.

♥ I have only been receiving your weekly messages for about a month, and I would like to thank you SO much for them. They have made such an impact in my life. I’m learning to look at my husband with new eyes! I also am able to pass on some of the lessons I’m learning to other women struggling in their marriages. May God bless you and keep you going strong in this ministry — your voices are being heard! (South Africa)

♥ Greetings to you in Jesus name. It’s a great pleasure to inform you that all the materials on this website have of immense usefulness to me and fiancé. I am young man preparing to marry very soon. Your messages have confirmed some of my views and have also changed my perspectives on some ideas about marriages. It’s great to have come to know about you people. God bless you real good. God who is able will continue to make His grace abound towards you, and continue to give inspiration and utterances to encourage, and build up and comfort the Christian marriages. Thanks and God bless you all the time.

♥ Wow is all I can say. I must stop reading and get some work done but this website has been an absolute revelation and I’m sharing so much with my wife.

♥ Thank you so much for including me in your mailing list. I am looking forward to hearing from you. I will also send you my husbands e-mail so we can be of the same mind. We have been married for two years and it has not been a bed of roses as I had imagined when we were still in love. But now that help is here I guess I will be inviting you to my third or maybe fourth or even tenth wedding anniversaries I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so, so much. (RE: When the “Honeymoon”)

♥ Thanks for sending this article to me. It was timely. I have been counseling a couple contemplating divorce after they have been married for only three months of marriage. They are already fighting. The main problem is communication. I have just passed it to them to read please send some more. (When the “Honeymoon” Ends)

♥ I just want to thank the Lord for this message that He has brought me through you! We have been married 3 months and it has been really difficult. Even though I know the Lord brought us together, I was so down and disgusted with this marriage this weekend — I just wanted to run away! Thanks for the reassurance that it does get better! And that divorce is not an option, and that almost everyone go through this in these early stages of marriage. It really helps.

♥ Thank you for the “marriage messages” guys! I really find your emails helpful! It is quite strange how I can relate to each email that I receive from you. It is almost as if each email is sent to help me through a specific stumble block that I experience during that specific time. God works is mysterious ways. (Africa)

♥ I found your site by Google and the first thing I read has helped more in that few minutes it took me to read that then all the counselors/books I have been trying to read in the last two weeks since I found out my husband was having an affair. Thank you. (USA)

♥ Thank you so much for your ministry. Christopher (my fiancé) and I are just about done with our counseling sessions at church and are getting married in September. I am glad I found your Web site. We are going to use these emails as an extension of these sessions. I forwarded this email to Chris and he was blessed by it! Thank you again. God bless you. (Re: Marriage Message #260 – Protecting Each Other Emotionally)

♥ I was sent this week’s message by a friend just today. I didn’t know a web site like this exist. I am a minister of God from Nigeria who lives presently in South Africa. Thanks a lot for making yourselves available to be used by the Lord in this very important though problematic area of the Christian life. (South Africa)

♥ My husband and I were separated for year last year who is subscribed as well. He forwarded messages that actually helped me change my mind about going ahead with the divorce due to a lot of problems in our marriage that could not be overcome. Many thanks. I appreciate the encouraging words and fact that the lord should be the controlling factor in a relationship. (South Africa)

♥ Thank you so much for your weekly marriage message — it’s always a highlight when I come to work on a Monday and have a message waiting for me. I have filed each and every message as they all contain such good advice. I also share them with colleagues and family and all agree that the content is just great.

Unfortunately, I got divorced 3 years ago and so cannot put into practice all that I have learnt. I was very sad and extremely sorry that this had to happen but do believe that I am forgiven. I am 49 years old and have 2 girls who are in Grade 8 and 10 respectively — so there is still a long way to go before they have finished studying and are self-supportive.

It has not been easy but I have encouraged a good relationship between the girls and their father and so far everything seems to be working out well. In retrospect I can now see that my ex-husband had some very, very good qualities, as well as some very, very bad qualities which is what I focused on. I was definitely not perfect either. What a pity I did not have the sense to change my focus and to “re-frame” and change my view of the relationship. Perhaps one day I will be blessed enough to be able to put this into practice again — albeit with somebody different. I sincerely hope that you receive this mail and a big ‘THANK YOU’ for your time and effort in bringing these messages to so many each week.

♥ This site has been a blessing to our marriage and saved it when the marriage counselor at church could only save it so far. Thank you. (USA)

♥ Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing. Marriage is a great institution and the devil fights it with all its might. Your free counseling is a gift to us and energizes the reader and strengthens families with a renewed commitment. (Uganda)

♥ I am having some difficulties in my marriage to my husband of 9 yrs. We have two sons and my husband is on the road a lot. I had a brief separation from my husband and over the time that I was away, my sister in-law had me read some of your marriage messages. I was touched and am looking to strengthen my marriage through learning about Jesus Christ. I am on my home this evening and I want to receive your news letters on how to make God apart of our families lives. I think this is what we were always missing is GOD. (USA)

♥ A while ago I sent an email telling you how distressed I was about an affair my husband 6 years ago and the fact that he didn’t discuss much and he wanted to brush it off. I took your advice and we discussed the issue and explained to him how I was feeling. I also went for therapy and after a few single sessions he joined me. I must admit things were difficult in the beginning but he is trying very hard and I have become more positive now and I believe that our marriage will survive. On the 4th July we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and this year it really was a celebration. Your messages and support has made a big difference in my life. Even though you are a million miles away the hand of God somehow touches all our lives. Thank you. (South Africa)

♥ I have found your articles very informative. I was admiring a friend who got a divorce after 15 years last night and was planning to ask her of her lawyer so I can do the same but now I have decided to wait on the Lord and see what plan he has for me. (Zimbabwe)

♥ Thank God for saving my marriage through you. May God give you more wisdom to reach out to people who are in marital difficulties. Thanks. (China)

♥ I love this site. Thank you so much for putting this site together. I’m a single guy who’s looking into having a serious relationship with a Christian woman. And I find a lot of the ideas on this sight to be either profound or refreshing a belief I used to hold. Thank you again! (USA)

♥ I have read some of the articles on sexual issues, I must say that most questions that I had have been answered. May the Lord richly bless you for the great job that you are doing. (South Africa)

♥ I am struggling! My husband says our marriage is over but I am still in love with him and believe with Christ we can get through anything. My husband will not talk to me; he leaves every night and has separated from me in every way. I don’t know what to do except give it to the Lord! I ran across your website and it addresses many of the same issues we are going through. Thank you! (USA)

♥ Your messages has changed my view of marriage and improved my life with my husband. We communicate more, share things together, and I also know him better, and understand that God made him to be head of the family, and for me to submit myself to him. We are growing together in this marriage and love each other more. Each week we read the teaching together and share or check where to improve and correct our lives. Some things, when they do happen, they seem to be no big deal. But in the long run they affect us.

Each teaching we read we ask ourselves this question: How do we deal with it and how can we both change and go according to the word of God. We thank you and understand when the word says the old will teach the young, we the young are really learning. We are only 7years 10 months married with no children and trusting in God time and learned to be content and trust in Him at all time. Thank you for the love you have shown to share your lives with us and words of encouragement. (South Africa)

♥ We just completed Retrouvaille and need inspiration to help us heal our marriage, your messages will help provide this. (Canada)

♥ I just got married. I have a friend who has been forwarding your e mails to me and she advised me to also register. I found your words to be healing and realistic as they relate to the daily problems that people experience in their marriages. I thank you and looking forward to having you as one of my weapons in my marriage. (South Africa)

♥ I have always read your messages, and found them very helpful in making decisions, but l specifically received one that dealt with “Applying the gleaning principle” that came at the right time when I am in the process of Divorce. I seem to get lots of advice from many sources. Your message confirmed that I need to seek, hear and listen to God at this stage. Thank you, and God Bless. (South Africa)

♥ I have found that the messages not only inspire me to try harder and forget the things that hold me back but have affected my walk with Christ. God bless you, your marriage and the work of your hands. (South Africa)

♥ Dear Cindy, I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to get your email. I have been struggling with this issue for years. I haven’t approached my husband yet as I believe he is also dealing with some post traumatic military service issues (he was overseas last year for 9 months). He tends to be “irritated” easily. So, I am kind of dancing around the situation.

You have done some incredible research and found Bible verses and information that I could not find on my own. I know in my heart what is right but, I really needed my beliefs to be substantiated. Thank you! You will never know how much it has helped me to know that someone else out there really does care. I wish you guys lived in [our area of the world] — I would be at your doorstep for counseling in a red hot minute :) I plan to read the articles/books you suggested. I just hope I am able to approach him with this in the correct manner. Thanks again for your help!

♥ Thanks for the good work you’re doing. It’s such a crucial ministry. I recently got married and God knows how much guidance I need as I am finding it such a challenge, beyond my expectations. But because I know I once loved my husband very much and we made a promise before God, I would love my marriage to glorify God and be a blessing for us and for those around us. I therefore appreciate highly all those words of wisdom from those already experienced under God’s wisdom. (England)

♥ I have been able to go to your site and WOW… may the good Lord give you the crowns due to you because as I browsed, your material blessed me thoroughly. I have downloaded quite a lot of the material and visited other sites you recommended. Our church and the ministry we are involved in are blessed by your erstwhile work. Again God bless, and may you be as richly blessed in your relationship as we have.

♥ I am in the business of teaching young people who are getting into marriage and your insights are amazing. I am greatly enriched by your messages both in my marriage and as I teach others. May the Almighty God give you more and more grace and love. (Kenya)

♥ Good Web Site. Great information. I am trying to save my marriage; I wish I had read this info 8 years ago. I would be on a much better footing today. Hopefully I can save what I have. Thanks. (Canada)

♥ I’m in love with this man who just sent me a page off your website. He and I have been praying about a future together for some time now. I was over-joyed to learn he has been a subscriber of yours and decided that it was time I subscribed as well. I just so long to have God lead us in the several issues clouding a life together. (Srilanka)

♥ Thank you for your amazingly helpful newsletters. They are always worth the read and once in a while I just get a shock (a good one) at how perfect the Lord’s timing is, to let me get a message at the time when I need it most! I live in South Africa, in a beautiful place and have been married for 20 years this year and can only testify to God’s miracle work in keeping us together, and filling us with hope. (South Africa)

♥ We would like to thank you very much for sending me your marriage messages. They have changed me and my wife’s way of thinking and conducting ourselves in our marriage. We are sharing such noble information with our church home cell groups and they find them very educative, fascinating and motivational. Already we have some couples who have been transformed into a new life through these messages. May God give you more wisdom and strength to continue healing broken homes. (Swaziland)

♥ I have no words to express my gratitude to the LORD for leading me to this site. THANK YOU JESUS for Marriage missions. It saved my marriage. Thank you Jesus for Marriage missions! (Kenya)

♥ I’ve been helped by your website. I’m just married for 3 months but with your guidance I feel as if I know what I’m doing. Thank you may God bless you as you continue to help us keep our marriage holy and pure. Continue to help us so that we can keep the vow we made to God: “Until death do us apart.” (Namibia)

♥ I received the e-mail from a friend who knew I am having a lot of problems with my husband I even moved out. When I read the article it was a mirror of my marriage and I automatically thought this might be the answer I have been looking for. (South Africa)

♥ I thank God for people like you who give us encouragement especially with our marriages. After subscribing to marriage missions I have grown spiritually as well as my family life. I’d like to thank you especially for your message no: 242 Serving Christ through Your Spouse. That message really opened my eyes a lot and I’m now treating my husband, children and everyone as Unto the Lord. By doing this I saw God working in my and husbands life. That spark we had lost is back and we are so happy with each other. The whole family is happy. Through your encouragement I have been able to share with my friends not to give up whatever they are going through. Thank you very much, may the good Lord richly bless your marriage and your spiritual beings. (South Africa)

♥ Your website is like a breath of fresh air! My husband is military and is far away from me right now, and I could not figure out why I felt so angry. As I was reading, you mentioned that time together is very important. And I had a sudden “duh” moment. We just got into a really meaningless argument over the phone earlier, and now I feel I have found the root of the problem. I hope that God blesses your ministry and that you and your church family are bought bountiful blessings. Again, thank you for putting such thought into this site. (United States)

♥ I am happy to tell you that your message and experiences in marriage really inspired me and gave me great hope that I should strive to achieve 34 years in marriage as both of you have. I have only been married for 8 years and I know it’s not easy. I believe your write ups will change our behavior and strengthen the bond between my wife and me. I am 32 years old and I believe I have a long way to go. Please keep us informed.(Nairobi, Kenya)

♥ This is for my sister. She wants to start a marriage ministry in Zimbabwe. There is a need for formal teaching such as this one. She however does not have internet access. I am looking for any materials she could use to spread the message to those who have no electronic resources in Zimbabwe. She was born to teach and preach. I believe in her and the power that guides her. I wish all the peace and more of life. My life changed because of you. May you experience change through others and Jesus. In God we pray.

♥ I came across this site by doing a search on the internet for information regarding “loving a lying husband.” This was the first site that I went to for info and I was instantly thrilled that I came here. I truly thank you for reaching out to help married couples all over the world, and I am constantly referring people to your site. Thank you! (USA)

♥ Your website has already helped me to understand my husband better. You really know what you are talking about!!!!! I want to learn more to make our marriage stronger in this divorce friendly world. (United States)

♥ Your site is wonderful and very encouraging. It is so hard to find a sound, Christian place on the internet where issues of marriage can be discussed. What a relief to find one! (Australia)

♥ I just discovered this site and I am so thrilled. I have been having so many questions on marriage, finding a spouse, singleness and I have found so many answers it’s exciting. God bless you all because this sure is a blessing to me. I can’t wait to hear from you often. (Uganda)

♥ O’ my God! This is wonderful! I thank you such much for this information. I was praying to God and asking him for correction in me and here it is. I was also looking for direction and here it is. Thank you so much. I thank God the almighty for using you to get to me. You have helped through internet. That is amazing. God bless you all!!! (USA)

♥ This is amazingly inspiring material, very spiritual, practical/realistic and what every believer should have access to and apply —an excellent pointer to an authentic human experience as designed by our Heavenly Father. Very much in line with aspects of what Our Lord meant when He said, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”(RSV: John 10:10b) Keep up the good work. (New Zealand)

♥ Hi, there. I believe Father led me to this site. I am a Christian woman married to a Hindu man. It has been hard, but I believe God is using this school to train me to be a mature daughter of The Most High God. I love my husband, even though our environment is often hostile. I know that God will perfect all things that concern me. Bless you for being such a revelationary resource to me. (South Africa)

♥ As a writer and translator from Myanmar, I appreciate you and your ministries. Especially as my major concern is Christian marriage, I’ve translated two books of marriage, Love and Marriage and Answers for Your Marriage written by Bruce and Carol Britten. .And my books are the bestseller books in this year in Christian societies. I am just introducing and saying you my appreciation on your ministries on marriage. (Myanmar)

♥ I think you guys are doing a great thing. The institution of marriage has suffered so greatly in this society that sometimes it almost seems like it should be scrapped. You guys give good insights and advice. Thank you for helping to restore my confidence in long term, committed romantic relationships. (USA)

♥ We’ve been shopping around for some material to could assist us built our marriage to be ideal according to God’s aspirations, and one friend of ours recommended your Web-site. I logged on, and just the opening notes were more than enough to can need to learn more from you. I trust in God that by subscribing with you, our marriage will be equipped enough to ably serve as a message of hope to the hopeless. We trust that our marriage will certainly serve as a token of God’s Love to His people. (South Africa)

♥ My friend forwarded your marriage messages and it help me so much. I’m in a very troubled marriage (a divorce is been thought of), your encouraging words have helped me to see light at the end of the tunnel. I thank you, and hopefully, it might save my one-sided marriage (husband run away and forsake the wife and child, but pretending everything is normal to the friends and his relative). (Namibia)

♥ I am single and I volunteer as an e-mail Christian mentor for Truth Media Ministries. I get requests for mentoring about marriage, dating, depression and spiritual issues. Thank-you. (Puerto Rico, USA)

♥ Hallo, I just wanted to thank you so much for your messages. I really appreciate you sending them. Every message is so in season and sometimes tears come to my eyes when I read them because it’s just what I need at the time. May your vision continue to grow and overcome the world. Yours is truly born of God. God Bless you.

♥ Dear Cindy, Thank you for responding. I really appreciate your comments. I know in your letter you said that you really don’t know what to tell me but just the few loving words that you did give has help me so much more than you’ll ever know. I will call “Focus on the Family’ as you advised and will try to get my husband to speak with them also. I feel so much better because like you said there is light at the end of the tunnel. Shalom.

♥ Thank you for this site. It has really helped change my thinking about my marriage and possibly even saved it. Thanks for everything. (USA)

♥ My wife and I are separated, but found your website yesterday and are enjoying e-mailing and discussing the articles with each other. Thank you! (USA)

♥ I am 35 and my husband is 37, so we were married young, and ever since about 1 month after our wedding, I discovered my husband’s weakness with pornography. This weakness nearly destroyed any love I had for my husband over the years and made me feel inadequate as a wife. We have almost split up so many times because of this issue (I left him for a few weeks, but went back mainly for the “kid’s sakes”).

A week before our wedding anniversary, I discovered he had been using internet porn again. I gave him the ultimatum that he’d either go to our minister with his problem, or I was leaving him (I couldn’t stand the thought of another 17 years of the same). Our minister was great, he gave him the book Every Mans Challenge to read, and as the saying goes — the rest is history.

We’ve both been reading the Every Man series together and it has made our marriage so much stronger. It has also has given back my husband’s relationship with God (though he’s pretty sure that he never really had a true relationship with God to begin with). I wanted to thank you and the co-authors of the series for such an honest and very relevant look at what is often ‘killing’ marriages. The books are all great for both the husband and wives to read, as it helps us to understand each other so much better.

My husband has NEVER been one to read books, but has loved reading the series and wants to read more. He has been successfully ‘bouncing’ his eyes since 2005 which I never thought would happen (I thought the only way my husband was going to stop looking at pornography would be to gouge his eyes out.

But now through the Every Man series, he has a real conviction about keeping out sexual impurities) I can now see us as a couple that will grow old together (God willing). Thanks so much for having an ENORMOUS part in not only saving our marriage, but making it so much better. My kindest regards and my sincerest thank you. (Australia)

♥ I just started reading some of your articles and I am hooked. What means the most to me is the refreshing honesty being relayed —honesty that is based on Gods word alone. Like so many others that word is all I have, trust and hold sacredly to my heart. (USA)

♥ Praise the Lord! I have been sent a message that one of my friends received from your ministry and I really needed help in that particular area. Thank Jesus I have been set free from my weakness in that area by just reading from one of your subscriptions and I give God all the glory and praise. God bless you for the good work that you are doing to see that marriages stay united and in love with God and each other. God richly bless you. (Kenya)

♥ I’ve been reading your articles for over 1 year and it’s been such a blessing. My wife and I have even used your articles to solve many problems we encountered, with lots of success. Keep it up! (Kenya)

♥ Thanks so much for having this information out there. It’s excellent and I’m sure it will help many. It’s already helped me. I wrote a message to my husband telling that I think he’s a great husband because he does all the things written in one of your articles (WHAT EVERY HUSBAND SHOULD KNOW ABOUT HIS WIFE) :-) . He was so happy! Thank you and God bless YOU and your work abundantly! (US)

♥ WOW thank you so much for the e-mail. It actually seems like you care. If only my husband cared that much. I thank you for all the information you gave me. It’s so hard not to have a bitter heart after you have gone through so much. I do love him with my whole heart but it’s so hard not to have anger. I just keep praying and ask God to soften my heart. You said you wish you could have given me a hug and let me cry on your shoulder. Well the e-mail you gave me was a huge hug! Thank you so much! God bless and thank you for all that you do. God is using you to reach out and you are doing a good job doing so.

♥ I really love your site. It has made a huge impact on how I view my wife and has rekindled a kind of love and affection I never had for my wife before. Thanks for your hard work in producing this wonderful site. Thanks for everything! (USA)

♥ My husband and I have been married for 2 months. He’s only now starting to want to serve the Lord and THE MARRIAGE MESSAGES help direct us in the right direction. Thank you for your ministry. (South Africa)

♥ My wife and I were having trouble and so I searched for a site that would provide just the type of advice we needed to resolve our conflict. Now we both check this site regularly, and find the material very helpful. (United States)

♥ A dear friend forwarded one of your newsletters to me and I was so glad that she did because I was going through a non-communicable relationship with my husband. The news letters really changed my life thanks to you. May the good Lord richly bless you! (Zimbabwe)

♥ Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have been reading some articles that were forwarded to me by my friend and I found the information very useful. I have also shared with some friends who have testified how the information has been of much help in their marriages. May the good Lord bless two abundantly! (Zimbabwe)

♥ Cindy, Thank you for responding so quickly, thoughtfully and comprehensively. I don’t think you left one stone unturned. I failed to mention in my last email that since our separation i have had a lot of time to look at myself introspectively and while I constantly look at my husband as having the primary problem, I am a bit of a —– sometimes too! I can be demanding, short-patient and especially in a crunch (when I’m trying to get a matter taken care of) I can be abrupt. He often is mild-mannered in these cases and then I’m frustrated because he’s not acting quickly enough for me.

So I believe that I need counseling as well. I have some anger issues too. Overall, I am mild-mannered and not easily flustered but when I have a conviction about something, there’s no stopping me. I am certainly going to look into the resources you recommended and thank you so much for your guidance. You and your husband are definitely a blessing to the kingdom of God. I can’t wait to get my newsletters. I print them out at work and read them on the train back home. I save them all in a file on email and forward them to friends I know will appreciate them. Are you available for seminars, group counseling etc.? I know quite a few ministries in New York who would benefit from your gift.

♥ Wow, what a revelation (your website)! About a month ago, a friend of mine e-mailed your message on Random Words of Thanks. I printed it and kept postponing reading it until yesterday evening and because another friend asked me to speak on behalf of our friends on his wedding day. My friends always ask me to do this during their weddings. So, after getting inspiration and a few tips from that message (Random Words of Thanks), I decided to visit your website and see if I can’t get more in order for me to learn and most importantly, make my marriage a success. I want to thank God for blessing us with you and your inspirational messages. Thank you and don’t you tire (in Xhosa, we say: NINGADINWA, meaning, don’t you ever tire from your good deeds). May HE bless you and your marriage! (SOUTH AFRICA)

♥ I feel compelled by the truthfulness and insightful articles you have been sending to me. My marriage has just been through heartbreaking turmoil’s. Your articles have and will always give me time to request for 10 minutes not so much as to think but to refer to your relevant articles of advice. I have soared over obstacles like an eagle due to your articles. I can almost see the results in my marriage. There is a big light at the end of the tunnel. May the good Almighty bless you abundantly as you commit to discipleship! I commit to subscribing couples that I know to this website, we are no longer as patient as our parents were when the committed to Holy Matrimony. Many thanks once again! (Swaziland)

♥ A very good friend sent me a page from this site, I spent hours reading and it gave me lots of hope for my marriage I read it on a regular basis as it says practice makes perfect. Thank you. (South Africa)

♥ Dear Cindy, Yes! I was looking for another book recommended in one of your articles “Love Life for Every Married Couple” and found “For Women Only — the inner life of men” In just these few days, it has been a tremendous blessing in understanding how to love and communicate better with my husband. It’s kind of like …”Oh!” now I get it, what was setting him off and causing him to put up walls. And seeing how respect is far more valuable to him instead of demonstrative love, because in his mind it’s the same thing has moved some major mountains.

The other night when we were hanging up the phone, I told him how proud I was of him and the work he was doing at his new store and that I loved him, and he actually said “me too”! I remained calm till we hung up then worshiped the Lord the rest of the night. It was such a victorious and precious moment that even if I never hear it again, I will treasure it and continue to respect and honor him. Your articles have been such an insight and blessing. Thank you for your prayers and yes, I’ve already thanked God for our miracle and am beginning to see the fruits of my faithfulness and commitment to following God’s will for my life and our marriage. Again, Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your husband in this ministry. (USA)

♥ Thank you for reminding me about “Random Words of Thanks”. l am one who never made efforts to thank my husband. I have been enlightened. (Zimbabwe)

♥ I’m married to a deaf man. We are coming up on our 17th anniversary. We continually have issues regarding communication and the deaf/hearing differences. This site will be helpful to us. We are at our wits end. (USA)

♥ Thank you so much for this message (Marriage Message #262 – Responding the RIGHT Way). It is so healing inside my spirit as I have over the years learned to conceal my true feelings about certain issues from my husband. I was getting more bitter and resentful each time something happens. As a result of this, I would pick on any small thing and pile it up in my heart. May the Lord forgive me and teach me to rely upon Him all the time. May Lord continue to bless you as you bless the world with such wonderful messages.

♥ I wrote to you a while back asking for your help regarding a bridal shower. I want to say a big thank you because it went very well. For a minute I thought I was a preacher. Some ladies even took my contact to have a one to one with me. With God’s help I will guide them and if possible recommend your web sight. Continue with the good work as you can see it is producing positive results. God bless you. (United Kingdom)

♥ I appreciate your email. It came at a time when my marriage was in turmoil and your email was a like going for counseling sessions. I can’t wait for the next email to come. I had to look at myself and had to change a lot since my husband does not know the LORD. It was not easy, but it was worth it. God is doing great things in my marriage. Thank you. May God continue to bless you doing His will. Charlotte Mills (Africa)

♥ Thank you for your commitment to couples. My husband and I minister as missionary/educators in Ukraine, and often address issues of marital concern.

♥ I live in Zimbabwe. I’ve been receiving your messages for the past year and l must say they have been a blessing in my life. Messages 226 (“What is it Like to be Married to You?”) and 227 (“What Behavior Do I Model?”) have been the most powerful messages of all and have applied to my life so much. I had just been through some problems in my marriage and it’s like God knew that you would send something that would help me. I have given my husband copies of these messages and in no less than l week I have seen changes in my relationship. I just want to thank you and Pray that God blesses you abundantly.

♥ Thank you so much for your messages. I read them, and save them separately on my computer and frequently search through them when I am dealing with any crisis. I am writing this to let you know how this particular message has been an answer to a prayer.

I have been pleading with God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit to help me get over what I perceived to be my husband’s indifference towards my emotional upheaval in our battle with infertility. I’ve tried to explain to him how I felt each time IVF failed, we’ve had 3 and other invasive procedures in between. I finally decided that I would stop all attempts. The medications were causing my hormones to really get out of control yet I was supposed to remain calm and in control.

All I wanted was to cry and for him to understand my need to cry. I wasn’t crying because I lost my faith, I was crying because the whole situation was very painful for me. I understand that he was also trying to deal with it and I would have liked for us to be of comfort to each other without it necessarily being a negative confession.

When he read Message 242, (Serving Christ through your Spouse) he sent me flowers and a very sweet apology. We have been through so much together and I love him so much. He loves God and he really seeks Him at every opportunity but in this instance I felt so disconnected from him and whatever I did I felt misunderstood. My prayer had been that I stop trying to get empathy from my husband but rather that I find my comfort in God, that He, God meets all my emotional needs.

We are in a much better place now thanks to your research and sending this message at the right time. Thank you for all you do. I know you get flooded with messages but I really wanted you to know that here in my house in Johannesburg South Africa you have made a difference. May God continue to use you and bless you beyond your greatest expectation! (South Africa)

♥ You will never know how many marriages your wisdom has saved. Thank you, ( South Africa)

♥ I received the last piece you sent from a friend of mind and I must admit, it came at the right time. I needed that this morning and it has inspired me to think differently than what I did a couple of hours ago. Thank you. (South Africa)

♥ A friend of mine sent me the Marriage Message# 20 “Thinking your way to a Better Marriage.” Oh! This has helped me so much. I now view my marriage much differently and understand it better. I now realize the importance of our marriage. I used to think “I” always not “We”. I used to doubt my husband and was always willing to leave and start a new life without him. I thought “I will be much better without him.” But after reading this message so much has changed. Thanks a lot and God Bless! (South Africa)

♥ One of my friends emailed me your previous emails and I decided to go to your website. I found it to be quite interesting with so many helpful topics and guidelines. I am now rethinking of some of the decisions that I was about to take (divorce). (South Africa)

♥ I truly want to thank you for all the emails you send us. Your have no idea of how it is changing our lives. We look so forward to receiving these messages from you people. I know that God will truly bless your lives for this. (Johannesburg, South Africa)

♥ Thank you for this message (Marriage Message #226 – What is it Like to be Married to You?). It will change my life. I realize that I have been treating my spouse very bad. God bless you. (Zambia)

♥ Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I appreciate you for all the articles which you’ve been sending me. It has been of much help both to me and my husband Ken, as well as my friends because I always print copies for them. They have made a difference in many marriages.

I thank you so much for this article (Marriage Message #226 – What is it Like to be Married to You?). The points raised are what we do to our spouses. This has already opened a new chapter in my heart. I ask God to forgive me for all the wrong I have been saying, doing, and thinking towards my spouse. Had it been that I was not a born again Christian, I couldn’t have had the chance of knowing the truth through people of God like you. May the Holy Spirit lead you as you continue shaping our marriages through these teachings!

♥ I thank you most sincerely for all your words of encouragement. Marriage needs to be nurtured and for some of us who are amateurs. There are times you think that life revolves around you and therefore you always shift blame. Your Christian perspective is most appropriate. May the Lord Make Straight All Your Pathways in Life! (Kenya)

♥ Thank you so much! This (Marriage Message #226 – What is it Like to be Married to You?) really is an eye opener. I have been thinking along those lines recently. I most of the time don’t consider my spouses feelings. It’s obvious that I have to change. Thank you. (Zambia)

♥ Thank you for your emails. They truly have saved my marriage and have helped me to be the strong woman of God. (South Africa)

♥ I want to greet you in the name of our Lord and Master. I pray that the King of kings will continue to oil your wheel of progress. Your weekly piece had always been a blessing to me and from sometime last year my then fiancé to whom I got married a few weeks ago. She is now my wife.

The piece that came during our wedding weekend (Marriage Message #225 – Women Winning at Lost and Found) was about a wife finding everything that the husband couldn’t. My wife has never lived in UK; she visited for the first time in her entire life only early this year. We got married in Canada. We arrived back here in UK after our wedding and honeymoon last week.

There had been a couple of furniture movements in the house to show it’s not just a man’s house anymore but a Godly home. I needed to pay some bills on line yesterday and couldn’t find the old bill I paid and printed out. I searched through every space in the cabinet where I kept the folder without success. She saw my frustration and asked to help me.

Initially I said she might not be able to help here but your article came to mind like the Lord promised that the Holy Spirit will remind us of what we have learnt before. I told her what I was searching for. And as if she knew where it had been kept initially, she brought it out from the same pack that I have ruffled through a dozen times. I tend to believe your initial postulate that God made our wives to find what we husbands misplace. Hallelujah! God will continue to increase you both in wisdom and enlarge your territory to accommodate the expansion that He God is bringing your way soon. Amen. Cheers and God bless you abundantly.

♥ Thank you very much for this message (Marriage Message #226 – What is it Like to be Married to You?), it has really spoken to me directly. Most of the negative things you pointed are what I am doing to my lovely wife. I don’t pay attention to her when she talks to me and she dislikes that very much. When I am angry, I just run on her with words that I think am right but she is hurt. She has her past before we were married and I bring up her past when she wrongs me, I have tried not to do that but I do it every time.

I am a saved person so is she since our youth days and when people look at us they admire our relationship. I really thank God for being so good to us. I am sorry for all the bad things I do at times. I know in my heart they are not right. May God help me to be a better husband to my wife and a good father to my little kids. God knows in my heart I desire to be good especially to my wife but I keep on doing mistakes that I know in my heart I am not supposed to do. Grace to you, (A subscriber from South Africa)

♥ Thank you so very much; may the Good Lord continue to bless and protect you and take you daily to new revelation of His grace and beauty of His presence. I am most delighted, and happy to read this piece, “What is it Like to be Married to You”? Most of the messages I read from you I share with my wife. She deletes them once they get to her mail without reading them. But this one I just had to print and show her how guilty I was and I do hope it minister to her as it did me. I am so blessed. (South Africa)

♥ Just yesterday I read an article of yours in a local news paper (in Zimbabwe), and during a small conversation with my Father I said, “Wow it would be good to receive this regularly!” Today I received your article via e-mail from a friend! This is an answer to prayer! God bless you in your work.

♥ I’m so glad I stumbled upon your website! I want to thank you for all the available info to read. I’ve been asking the Lord for help with understanding why my husband seems distant and your website was stumbled upon. I’ve been blessed with a multitude of information that my heart has been needing! I thank the Lord for this Marriage Missions website. (USA)

♥ I am one of the recipients of your wonderful e-mails. I’ve been taking in every word and sharing with most of the couples I come into contact with —especially those who do not have access to a computer. I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the encouraging words. May God richly bless you and your work! (South Africa)

♥ I, a beneficiary of your weekly newsletter in Kenya, Africa feel really blessed each week by your publication. It is as if you knew I need to hear all those words you whisper to me every week. You don’t know how many families stay together due to strength of these words. All I can say is may the almighty God bless you and continue inspiring you more in order to shepherd his flock.

♥ Thanks you very much for lifting my soul when I was in a state of loosing my marriage. A friend always forwards your writings to me and they truly help.

♥ Marriage Missions has changed my way of thinking. It helps to be empowered with knowledge about how to handle different situations. (Africa)

♥ Thanks a million, I have been away from God. Slowly but surely God is working in my marriage. Your suggestions are like life skill tools.

♥ This is what I have been looking for all along. My friends marriage is in trouble and at times I don’t know how I should comfort, advice her. Your messages help me with this.

♥ These newsletters have been life changing for me. As I read them it gives me the strength for the day and the ability to be a doer of Gods word and see him work miracles in my marriage. Thank you for sharing this with so many people. We all need this vital information in our lives.

♥ I belong to a ministry called Couples for Christ which focuses on Personal, Family and Church renewal. It was started by the laity of the Catholic Church in the Philippines. We host Christian Life Program Weekend Retreats which is not only for married couples but also for singles (young and old), divorced or widowed men and women, and youth. This ministry started out for married couples but proved to be so successful that it has been extended into the rest of the home and church community. After the weekend retreat we form cell groups which meet regularly for praise and worship, to pray together and to uplift each other spiritually. I receive emails from your ministry so I can source good points for our cell groups and our retreats and seminars that we host. Thank you and God Bless.

♥ I have compiled the Marriage Messages into a flip file for easy reference. God is good as He is working on me to change the situation at home. (Africa)

♥ I can hardly wait each week for these messages. I eagerly look for your names to appear on my inbox. I am so blessed with these lessons and my husband and I try to use the Word to enrich our daily lives. For the past few months whenever someone asks me about married life, I have absolutely nothing negative to add. They probably think I make it up but I am actually so blessed to have a husband who loves, respects and cherishes me. I try my best never to put him down and always respect what he says. These lessons have helped us achieve this. May the Lord bless you and this ministry! (Durban South Africa)

♥ We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your encouraging and inspiring messages on marriage. We have a Mentoring House Network, and your site has helped us reach and help a lot of couples.

♥ Thank you for your weekly messages. It’s amazing how so many of them have been applicable to current situations with which we’re dealing. Some we have used in our teaching a young marrieds SS class and some have been useful in mentoring situations. All this is to say keep up this Godly work and may He continue to bless you and yours. (USA)

♥ Thank you for the great services you are rendering to families. A friend sent me one of your messages and after going through it, I appreciated it, for I know it will heal many marriages and reconcile wives and husbands who have the fear of God. You are doing a great job to humanity.

♥ The information I’ve picked up on your web site has been the most profound information I’ve ever received. I have been married for 2 years now, and picked up a lot of helpful tips. Thank you and keep up the good work.  (South Africa)

♥ Thank you very much for this brilliant article and service you provide. It was like you were speaking to me in person. I see now where I’ve been going wrong. I apologized to my husband and asked the Lord to work in my heart. I’m feeling sooooo much better already! Thank you once again! Your article made all the difference! (UK)

♥ I read a very inspiring email sent from you and was so blessed. My husband and I had an argument last night and after reading your message, I phoned him, apologized and wished him a really blessed day. Well, it worked! We actually spoke to each other and he was grateful for the call and could concentrate on his work instead of worrying about the relationship. It is easy for one to lose sight on encouraging each other especially the person closest to us — our spouse. Thank you for your inspiring emails.

♥ My marriage has been going through a very rough patch and I being the husband am partly to blame for what we are currently going through. In the past I would not accept blame for anything, but after reading your letter, I have come to realize how wrong I have been.

♥ You don’t know how much you have changed my life not only me but for many of my friends. All those who read your mail have been happy. I can tell that together we are going to make changes for the better. (Africa)

♥ I want to thank for the good work you are doing with your internet site and most meaningful messages. I often print these messages to share them with my husband. He’s always touched when he reads these and we see things in a different light when we share your thoughts in resolving the issues that come up in our married lives. May God bless you, Pam (South Africa)

♥ Thank you very much for the inspirational message that we received; it is really a blessing to me. We have been experiencing numerous problems in our marriage and all I could do was pray. Every Monday morning when I got the marriage messages, I’d read it, make notes and would apply it to my marriage. God has been wonderful to both my husband and me. By the grace of God we are overcoming the problems that we had. May God continually use you to be a blessing to others. (South Africa)

♥ For Christ and Marriages: I am 52 yrs old and in a second marriage now for 8yrs. I divorced my first husband after 20yrs and re-married. It was bliss for the first two yrs but later the identical problems I experienced in my previous marriage began to surface i.e. over-drinking, foul language, unfounded jealousy and false accusations, name calling and the ever so familiar cycle of fight/make-up.

Incidentally, I also come from a broken family and it gives my husband great pleasure to tell me that my only way of solving marital problems is through divorce because I have no other terms of reference. I have been tempted so many times to divorce him but after this e-mail I know I can learn to “change.” I need to change. To make the situation even more complex, he has adult married sons and a single daughter and I have a married daughter with one child. What legacy are we giving to these young adults? (South Africa)

♥ l am not yet married but your messages have taught me not to be self-centered even in my relationships with friends and family. GOD BLESS YOU. (Africa)

♥ Your emails have really strengthened the little hope I had left of my marriage. Thank you. (Africa)

♥ A friend of mine sent me one of your articles and I found the advice on marriage very interesting. It greatly uplifted me and changed the PERCEPTIONS I had regarding marriage. I feel I have a duty to make my marriage a joy everyday and to uphold God’s principles regarding marriage. So often we tend to disregard some items as trivial yet their effects on our marriages are quite significant. Thank you for such uplifting messages. God bless you.

♥ Thank you for the encouraging weekly messages. They sustain me and help me be a better wife. May God bless you and this ministry He has rightly called you to. You will never realize how much these messages help.

♥ My wife and I are marriage counselors. We have a conviction as God’s children, to assist where ever possible, by enhancing and supporting God’s institution of marriage. Your articles are helping us so much. God Bless you. (Zimbabwe)

♥ Your current topic couldn’t have been timelier. I have a prayer partner who is brokenhearted right now. Her son was married in 2004 and his wife just filed for divorce! I forwarded this to my friend with the prayer that she will be able to share it with this young couple. Truly Marriage isn’t for wimps! Keep up the good work! Obviously God has anointed your ministry and even what topic to choose and when.

♥ This morning I was about to give up on my marriage. I felt that it was too difficult to work on it any longer and that I would rather give it up than hurt any more. At the beginning of the year my husband told met that there was somebody else in his life. Too make a long story short; on the 28th of April we decided that we could not give each other up. (We’ve been together since school). We still love each other very much — but we need ‘something more’. And this morning I was about to give up and tell my husband, let us both go separate ways and look for ‘this’. The struggle is just too great. You gave me some new perspective.

♥ Thank you SO MUCH for the reply on my email. I know that you are far away but I don’t how you will ever, ever know how much that means to me. All of the messages that I receive I do try and TRY HARD. What I have learned from you two is a blessing in my heart. I know that one day I will experience the same happiness. I do appreciate it SO MUCH and thank you for the information. That is going to be a major help. I grab out for anything that might help to handle this situation better. You two are angels from heaven and mean a lot to me. Thank you SO MUCH. (South Africa)

♥ I am very grateful to have through your ministry now my personnel Marriage Counselor’s. I found the teaching about the “We” very helpful. I am only three years married on the 26th of October and I am very afraid to talk to anyone about my problems in marriage. I don’t even speak to my own family because people can so easily interfere and cause more damage.

With your e-mail’s I learn so much and I try very hard to practice what you suggest and it works. I can see how the changes in my attitude help my spouse to treat me better and the lovely person I met 3 years ago reveals himself again. When you send a message I read it over and over to make sure I understand exactly what you teach. I can see you know what you are talking about and I can read between the lines that you have a wonderful marriage life. That is my desire for my marriage too. I believe that the Lord brought two persons together for a special purpose and you are busy with that which He calls you for. I can just hope and pray that my husband and I will also come to the point where we do the Lords will for our lives. God bless you! Diann (South Africa)

♥ Thank you ever so kindly for taking the time to reply and to give me/us wisdom from your heart and I can feel your heart for God and it touched me so to feel your empathy and unselfish commitment to others. You see how trials and tribulations can come to only better us as God wants us to be the best as He sees for us.

Yes pray, pray, pray is the only way, more prayer more power. God knew my hearts desire and my husband found me and I do not think God put us together for us not to work. Thank you for your inspiration and wise words.

I have praises that my husband has been sounding better lately. We are Gods children as well as warriors of the most Highest! I know I was led to your site as I was led to my little church. I love your site and have been passing on to others your ever so needed words of wisdom and user friendly site that is based on the Word of God as a guide.

May God continuously bless you for all you have done and all you do and will continue to do! I pray that one day we too will be living in total commitment all for the Glory of God and to work as We not as me, me, me… (I learned that from you) Mahalo, for the suggestion for the books! I will see how God answers prayer. God sent you to helping me or shall I say we. LOL!!!! Thank you again and I wish you and your husband many Jolly Jiffy Joyful days! Hugs ‘n Blessings, in Christ’s Love. (Africa)

♥ I always get blessed with your real life experiences and prayerful life. I am also practicing the same. People come to me with their various marriage problems and I find your messages enhancing my marriage experience which I thought would never change.

My husband was a difficult person. They would say “How do you manage with him? We want to take you to a Psychologist” (they did not understand me for managing a difficult person). Within my first year of marriage I did not understand why they asked me that because he had not started showing any signs of being a difficult person. When it started happening I said “Oh that’s why”, but it was too late and I loved him.

God is wonderful. He is now the kind of husband many women would wish to have: loving, caring, responsible, and all you can imagine. I want to assure all women who might think their men cannot change. They will with prayer and respect for them. It’s the same recipe for men with difficult women.

I always flight your messages to friends and print it for those who do not have emails. I love them. We go through the worst so that we can carry the burden for those who need our intercessional prayers in their marriages. Keep up the good work. God bless. I saw your articles in The Standard (new paper) and someone told me she reads it every time. (Zimbabwe)

♥ Thank you for your marriage messages. I have been reading today since morning about Sexual Issues. I cherish what I learnt. I was one of those who did not cherish intimacy. But I have learnt that it’s some kind of a foundation for a healthy marriage. I will do my best for my partner, even if I am not in the mood. Thank you for the great lesson. (Zimbabwe)

♥ This is my first time to visit your site but I got stuck to it for a few hours because I love what’s in here. I think your articles are terrific! I am blessed to have found your web page. I think it’s God’s direction. May God bless you! (Philippines)

♥ I am a pastor married since four years and I need to receive frequently the newsletters because it helps my marriage and my ministry. Thank you.  (Angola)

♥ It occurred to me that all the commitment and wise teachings you provide certainly requires a lot of reading and praying together, for the good of ‘us’ —the readers, yourselves and for the glory of His Kingdom. Then again I realize that even the seemingly successful require encouragement.

For example, when John baptized Jesus, God openly disclosed His love and praise for His Son. It was necessary for Christ to hear these words to encourage Him even though He was sinless. I was amazed by this revelation.

Likewise, I take this opportunity to say Keep up the good work of God. You have offered tremendous support to people like me. I went into my marriage with great expectations, alas, they weren’t anything close to what the Bible teaches. All that has changed now. Our prayer for you is that our Lord blesses you with the wisdom and knowledge you require for His work. Thank you over and over again.

♥ Thank you for your email message. It came at the right time when my friend is experiencing some attitude problem in her marriage. They are a young couple who are failing to adjust and readjust in their attitudes. I have given my friend a copy of this mail to help her in her marriage. (Zimbabwe)

♥ I’m a newly married woman and I’m finding his website VERY, VERY HELPFUL. Thank you for freely sharing / advising us with such amazing wisdom from the word of God!!! Just know that you are touching, changing lives through this web page. May God bless you richly …I’m so close to tears as I write because I find these web-pages so, so valuable. How I wish everyone could embrace and practice what is shared here and most of all, what the Bible teaches. Thank you, (Ireland)

♥ Greetings, I am a Pastor, a Marriage counselor, licensed marriage officer and Businessman. One of my members in the church who will be getting married soon after completing their six months pre-marital counseling that I give before I officiate any marriage, told me of your website and when I went into it I saw great and amazing teachings in there. May the Lord bless you for such a wonderful site. ( Johannesburg, R.S.A.)

♥ Hi there you two, I’m writing to let you know how wonderful it is to get your mail on a Monday morning. I have been using your messages in my marriage and it’s working. I really appreciate your advice. I pray that the Lord will also keep my husband and me together in love as long as you two have been together, it’s not easy but I know that with God we will make it. Thanks. (South Africa)

♥ You just cannot imagine how much I benefit from these messages. They contribute so much to my marriage. I look forward to receiving your messages and I learn so much from each. Not only that; I try wholeheartedly to follow the “teaching” I get. I also share with my husband, my family and friends. The results are phenomenal. But really, I find it very easy to follow each message because of the foundation I was given by my dear parents. Quite honestly, your messages should be very simple to ‘practice’ and they make a lot of sense to anyone with a Christian upbringing. God bless you, your family and your ministry. A big thank you, (South Africa)

♥ Your website has really matured my family. My wife and I have grown to love and appreciate your work because we are no longer the same because of the truth that you’re ministering. (RSA)

♥ I read this from my office email but I see the need to have it at home where I can immediately refer with my friends or when someone calls with a crisis. Better still for me to access when I am feeling lost in the way. The devil has a way of confusing us in marriages and sometimes reading the bible seems too heavy and you need to tap on other experts THAT ARE DRIVEN BY THE HOLY SPIRIT to pick you up. Some messages come at the right time for someone I know needs the encouragement and I always appreciate it. I enjoy all the messages I have read thus far and they are useful. God bless you abundantly and may He increase your territory. (South Africa)