A Good Marriage Demands Toughness

A Good Marriage demands toughness and SHEER COMMITMENT to weather the many storms that will assault the promises we make to each other. Learn and grow by listening to our Podcast.

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4 responses to “A Good Marriage Demands Toughness

  1. I love this Cindy and Steven. Thank you. It is exactly as I see marriage. Through tough times we made it, I made it, and now I can remember how hard it was, but also how much was given to work at marriage. God bless. Julie

    1. Thank you Julie. Your kind words are so appreciated. This is the conviction of our heart that many marriages could be save and even become great marriages if we “toughed” it through a lot of the difficult situations we face within our marriages. We have seen this over and over again that when things get tough, people want to bail out because “love should come more naturally” … if it appears to be more difficult than they want it to be, they leave. Also, some spouses want the feeling of “new love” that is exciting and easier.

      But what they don’t realize is that this “new” love is actually a chemical reaction in our bodies and will eventually wear off. It’s what we do with that chemical reaction, the good stuff that we build into our relationship that makes the “new” love to be a genuine love. That intentionality to tough it out and do what it takes will to build a good marriage will be more satisfying and healthy in the long run. But too many of us give up before we get there. We almost did, so I’m not throwing stones. I’m just saying that more of us need to hang in there, looking to God for guidance, and doing what He directs to build a good marriage even though it doesn’t look possible at that point.

      Thank you again for your encouragement. I’m proud of you and your husband for toughing it out. Prayerfully, the tough times will not be so tough in the future… but if they are, you have the resolve to do what it takes. That is commendable. We applaud you! God bless!

  2. I learned married is tough. It takes two to make any marriage work. We have to learn to have patience and work on ourselves before we can help our spouse. That’s tuff love…. likewise.