In case you are, or end up, ready to get engaged, here is a list of 40 ways to ask the question “will you…?” We hope these help, even if it’s just to get the creativity going…

1. Propose while looking out at a “Kodak Moment” view: the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, the Golden Gate Bridge, etc.

2. Set up and prepare a romantic candlelight dinner and propose during dessert.

3. Propose in a romantic setting with a fire burning in a fireplace, romantic music playing, and candles lit around the room.4. Propose at a gathering of family and friends.5. Propose at a favorite restaurant.

6. Propose on the beach while overlooking the ocean or a lake.

7. Propose on Valentine’s Day by buying a heart shaped box of candy and putting a ring in place of one of the chocolates.

8. Propose in a park that has special meaning to you.

9. Propose at night while taking a moonlight walk under the stars.

10. Make a scrapbook of your dating relationship and have the last page be a love letter asking her to marry you.

11. Give your proposal on a ballpark scoreboard.

12. Wrap a ring in a gift box, give it to her, and then propose after she opens it.

13. Give her a love letter or note and then propose after she has read it.

14. Stage a scavenger hunt to various places that have significance in your relationship. At each location leave a rose with the next directions attached. At the final stop, have a ring attached to the rose.

15. Propose after you give her a ring box with an IOU in it.

16. Propose at the Symphony by placing a ring inside a bag of M & M’s.

17. If you don’t live in the same area, surprise her with a proposal after showing up when she least expects it.

18. Propose while at an amusement park, zoo, or other place that has special significance in your relationship.

19. Have a baker make a cake with your proposal on it and put it in the display case or window.

20. Rent a billboard in a strategic location and plaster your proposal on it.

21. Contact the media —they may be looking for a special feature for an upcoming holiday or special day broadcast.

22. Have a banner made with your proposal on it and have it put up in a special place like a restaurant, on a ski slope, while at a sports event, etc.

23. Propose while watching the sunset from a beautiful location.

24. Find a secluded quiet place and simply get down on one knee and propose.

25. Tape a video proposal and post it on YouTube. Tell her you found a great video you want her to see.

26. Use poetry word magnets to write out your proposal on the front of her fridge.

27. Take out a full page ad in a newspaper that you know your girlfriend reads.

28. Go out for a night of dancing or Karaoke. Ask the DJ to pass the microphone to you so you can dedicate a song to her and propose.

29. Play hangman and have the phrase be “Will you marry me?”

30. On a flight, ask the flight attendants if you can propose over the PA system while flying at 30,000 feet.

31. Create a webpage declaring your love and proposing.

32. Use your cell phone to send her on a text message scavenger hunt that will lead her to a secret spot where you will be waiting to propose.

33. Put together a mix of your favorite songs and play them as you go for a drive. Time it so you’re at a special location when you get to the end of the mix, and then propose.

34. Create your own crossword puzzle with your proposal in it.

35. Propose at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve.

36. Have a friend or family member set up a picnic or romantic candlelight dinner in a scenic location (and then sneak off just as the two of you arrive!).

37. Propose while on a gondola or horse drawn carriage ride in the moonlight.

38. Write a poem asking her to marry you, and read it to her.

39. Show up for a date wearing a t-shirt with “Will you marry me?” written on the front.

40. Take a hot air balloon ride together and propose while you’re up in the air.

These 40 engagement ideas were written by David Gudgel. Dave has served as the Lead Pastor of Bridges Community Church in Los Altos, CA since January 2010. Prior to Bridges, Dave was the Senior Pastor of Agoura Bible Fellowship, a church in the northwest Los Angeles area, for twenty-one years and then the Senior Pastor of Bethany Bible Church in Phoenix, AZ for seven years. Since 1986 Dave has been on the faculty of Walk Thru the Bible Ministries and has taught over 150 seminars for them. Dave has written three books titled: Owner’s Guide to Using Your Bible, Before You Live Together, and Before You Get Engaged.