Childrens Effect Links - AdobeStock_134824946The following are links for Web Sites as well as recommended resources concerning the children’s effect on marriage. We pray you will find them to be helpful for your marriage and your family life.

Children’s Effect on Marriage Website Links This web site ministers to a number of needs on a variety of topics —one of them being family and parenting. You can visit this web site to read a number of articles and even sign up for their Parenting Email Newsletter. This the web site for the ministry of Family Life Today. This is a great ministry and they have a great web site that you could find very helpful. In particular, if you go into their web site and click into “Articles” and then select “Marriage.” You can also select “Parenting” after selecting “Articles.” In each case, you will find a long list of articles you can choose, from which you can read concerning children’s effect on marriage.

• This is the web site for the National Center for Fathering. What are they about? Here’s what they say, “We believe every child needs a dad they can count on. The research is clear: children thrive when they have an involved father—someone who loves them, knows them, guides them, and helps them achieve their destiny. At the National Center for Fathering, we inspire and equip men to be the involved fathers, grandfathers and father figures their children need.”

More Websites for Children’s Effect on Marriage

Focusonthefamily.comThis is the web site for the great ministry of Focus on the Family. One of the many features of this web site can be found when you place your cursor over the top bar that says “Relationship and Marriage.” A drop-down box will show up and you can select a topic which will give you a number of articles to read. You can also select “Parenting.”

Hannah.orgHannah’s Prayer Ministries provides Christian based support and encouragement to couples around the world who are struggling with the pain of fertility challenges including primary and secondary infertility, pregnancy loss, early infant death and adoption loss. Their outreach extends to those who become parents of living children through pregnancy, adoption and/or foster care. All of the staff members are unpaid volunteers who are proclaiming Christians (from a range of denominational backgrounds) and have personal experience with the heartache of fertility challenges.

• The Healing Hearts Ministries “was formed in 1988 by Sue Liljenberg and her husband Gary. Sue personally experienced an abortion, and for many years suffered both emotionally and physically. …For several years God walked Sue through the Scriptures. As she learned the truth in God’s Word regarding her sin, who she was in Christ and how much God loved her, healing came. “After several years of counseling post-abortive women, Sue decided it was time to train these women so they could reach out and help others. In 1988, the ministry was formed.” In visiting this web site, we believe you will find healing and help.

Children’s Effect on Marriage Websites: — This is the web site for author Jill Savage. It has a number of articles on parenting and marriage which can equip you for the challenges of parenting today. This is the web site for Dr Les and Dr Leslie Parrott who are a husband-and-wife team who not only share the same name, but the same passion for helping others build healthy relationships. Their web site offers videos you can view for free, which gives relationship advice on many different subjects you will deal with in your married lives together including “children.” We highly advise that you visit their web site to see what they can offer you. The mission of the Missing GRACE Foundation is to provide resources and support for families that have experienced: pregnancy loss, infant loss, infertility or adoption and to advocate for comprehensive, patient-focused prenatal care for all women. Five core areas encompass the heart of the mission: Grieve, Restore, Arise, Commemorate and Educate. This web site provides support for those who are struggling with infertility and/or the death of a baby. They recognize that the life changing devastations of infertility or the loss of a baby, is simply too hard for women to survive on their own. Sarah’s Laughter offers support to those that reach out to them through a variety venues.

Children’s Effect on Marriage Recommended Resources:

Choosing to Cheat: Who Wins When Family and Work Collide? written by Andy Stanley, published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. This book presents a strategic plan for resolving the tension between work and home. You’ll find ways to deal with the busyness that wreaks havoc with the relationships you consider most important. As Dr John Maxwell says about this book [which we agree]:

“This is a life-changing book and extremely relevant to our modern way of life. Author Andy Stanley confronts us with truth and transparency. Just as he had made a commitment in his own life to balance his family time with his work, he encourages us to make similar commitments. One of the main reasons it is life changing is because a godly man who makes choices in his own life to never sacrifice his family for success has written it. If he wins the world but loses his family, what has he gained? Every couple, every parent, and every leader needs to read this book and consider the question: Who wins when my family and work collide?”

• The Intentional Family: Celebrating Adoption, written by Kimberley Raunikar Taylor, published by Beacon Hill Press, is a book where the author reaches into her own experience of adopting a child to give hope and encouragement to those considering the possibility of adoption. With gentle wisdom, she examines the thoughts and emotions many experience before embracing this option then discusses all the joys and challenges one may face on the journey through the adoption process.

More Recommended Resources for Children’s Effect on Marriage:

The Mother-in-Law Dance: Can Two Women Love the Same Man and Still Get Along? -written by Annie Chapman, published by Harvest House. I’ve (Cindy) always loved everything Annie has written but this is one of her best. I’d highly recommend this book to everyone to read who either is a mother-in-law or has a mother-in-law because it has something in it that everyone can learn from and be inspired. In this book Annie Chapman describes the often delicate relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law as a dance. She very candidly discusses the twists and turns of this connection and provides practical advice to help you better relate with your mother or daughter-in-law.

Drawing on years of experience, real-life input from other women through hundreds of conversations with women and specially designed questionnaires, and solid biblical insights that will encourage your own spiritual growth, Annie reveals potential missteps to watch out for, and practical ideas to help you create more positive interactions with your in-laws.