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During this month of cards, flowers, and candies, why not find new and creative ways to show your spouse you care? You don’t have to save romance just for February 14 — make every day Valentine’s Day! Here are 25 ways to say, “I love you” all year long:

Every Day Valentine’s Day Suggestions:

1.  Take him breakfast in bed.

2.  Leave notes of encouragement around the house or office where she’ll find them throughout the day.

3.  Help him do chores he dreads, such as yard work.

4.  Tell her how much you appreciate her — often and in front of others.

5.  Participate in one of his favorite things. Treat him to a hockey game or go golfing with him.

6.  Create a special dinner with all of her favorite foods.

7.  Kidnap him from work and take him to his favorite restaurant or to the park for a picnic.

8.  Pray for her every day.

9.  Take time to listen — really listen.

10. Create a small scrapbook of your favorite memories together. Include a photo or two from each occasion, and write a few sentences about what you remember.

Additional Every Day Valentine’s Day Suggestions:

11. Write 25 reasons you love your mate on separate slips of paper. Put them in a piñata, and let him open it.

12. Each time you think of one criticism of your mate, offer four compliments instead.

13. Hold your wife’s hand.

14. Leave a voice-mail message that he’ll get at work the next morning.

15. Budget for a weekend away at least twice a year.

16. Initiate a conversation about something other than the kids, work, or schedules. When you feel tempted to complain, don’t.

17. Take a ride together. Get in the car, put in a CD of music that brings back good memories, and talk.

18. Give her a manicure.

19. Have a warm towel ready when he gets out of the shower on a cold morning.

20. Create a personalized calendar for her. Write in date nights. Include encouraging notes on different days throughout the year.

21. Laugh together.

22. Play 20 questions. Learn new things about each other.

23. Tell him every day one reason you love him.

24. Have a hot bubble bath ready for her after a long day. Light candles and play her favorite CDs.

25. Do something new together — have fun making memories.

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If you have additional ideas for celebrating love by making every day Valentine’s Day, please share them below with us. It could be a great inspiration to many who are fresh out of ideas!