Dollar Photo Advice Help Tips resources and recommended resources finances links planning your wedding the one sexual issues parents linksThe following are Web Site links and recommended resources pertaining to In Law and Parental relationships. You will find both In laws and Parents Links, along with Resource Descriptions for your use. We pray they will minister to your marriage.

In Laws & Parents Links In Law Relationships: The Focus on the Family web site has an In Law Relationships section that posts a number of articles. It would be worth your time to read the advice they offer. It’s a great web site. This is the web site for Dr Les and Dr Leslie Parrott who are a husband-and-wife team. They not only share the same name, but the same passion for helping others build healthy relationships. The Parrott’s founded the Center for Relationship Development on the campus of Seattle Pacific University. Their web site has free videos tips on demand that you can view giving relationship advice on many different relationship subjects. This includes “In Laws.” We highly advise that you visit their web site to see what they can offer you.

In Laws & Parents Resource Descriptions:

• Boundaries in Marriage, written by Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend, published by Zondervan. This book helps you to deal with the struggle of differing needs. As Cloud and Townsend say, “in the process of knitting two souls together, it’s easy to tear the fabric.” That’s why boundaries —the ways we define and maintain our sense of individuality and integrity are so important. In this book you’ll learn how to deal with serious violations and betrayals. And you’ll learn how to develop a haven of mutual love, care, appreciation and growth.

• Daughter-In-Law’s Survival Guide: Everything you need to know about relating to your mother-in-law -written by Eden Unger Bowditch, published by New Harbinger Publications. This is not a “Christian” book. However, from the reviews we’ve read, it appears to give sound advice. “This hands-on manual makes it possible to reclaim the husband-wife relationship while surviving —and even improving —the frequently tumultuous relationship with a mother-in-law.”


• Emotional Incest Syndrome: What to do When a Parent’s Love Rules Your Life -written by Dr Pat Love, published by Bantam Books. This is not a “Christian” book. But it’s a very sound and helpful one. The author Pat Love “identifies, explores and treats the harmful effects that emotionally and psychologically invasive parents have on their children. It provides a program for overcoming the chronic problems that can result.” This book explains how a person “may have been a ‘chosen child,’ seemingly the focus of loving devoted parents. But in reality they were a child walking psychological tightrope to meet the emotional needs of a parent.” Dr Love offers adults hope and help in overcoming the hurtful legacy of being the chosen child.”

• Foolproofing Your Life: How to Deal Effectively with the Impossible People in Your Life -written by Jan Silvious, published by WaterBrook. This is a book to help you deal with difficult people. “In dealing with such people, we often try a number of coping strategies. Unfortunately, our best attempts at making peace often fail. This is because the difficult people in our lives are often what the Bible calls ‘fools.’ And dealing with fools requires a special kind of biblical wisdom. You’ve tried everything —from confrontation to passivity. You’ve found out what doesn’t work. Now discover what does. Gain the tools you need to conduct your relationships in a manner that honors God and preserves your sanity!


• Life as a Mother-in-Law: Roles, Challenges, Solutions -written by Olivia Slaughter and Jean Kubelun, published by Dog Ear Publishing. This is not a “Christian” book. However, from the reviews, it appears to be one that gives very practical advice from which you can glean through and mostly use  as God leads. “Written by two psychologists (and mothers-in-law), and brimming with wisdom gleaned from a wide-ranging survey of other mothers-in-law, Life as a Mother-in-law is the essential primer for navigating the often murky waters of in-law relationships.”

• Mothers-in-Law vs. Daughters-in-Law: Let There Be Peace -written by Elisabeth Graham, published by Beacon Hill Press. In this book, “author Elisabeth Graham examines the in-law conflict with aims to draw readers into a different perspective: that women will learn to recognize their in-laws as a beneficial relationship —a gift —to and for the entire family. With sound biblical wisdom and clever insights, Graham teaches women to find peace in all aspects of their relationships with their in-laws.”


The Mother-in-Law Dance: Can Two Women Love the Same Man and Still Get Along? -written by Annie Chapman, published by Harvest House. This book has so much to offer. I’ve (Cindy) always loved everything Annie has written. But this is one of her best. I’d highly recommend this book to everyone to read who either is a mother-in-law or has a mother-in-law. It has something in it that everyone can learn from and be inspired. In this book Annie Chapman describes the delicate relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law as a dance. She candidly discusses the twists and turns of this connection. Plus, she provides practical advice to help you better relate with your mother- or daughter-in-law.

•  The Mother-in-Law’s Manual: Proven Strategies for Creating and Maintaining Healthy Relationships with Married Children -written by Susan Abel Lieberman, published by Bright Sky Press. This book is not a “Christian” book. However, it comes highly commended. It appears to contain a lot of information that you can glean from to help you with your married “children.” Key tips include how to manage expectations from the outset. Also included are tips on how to reduce conflict and increase contentment. There are also tips on how to speak authentically without hurting feelings. Plus, there are tips on how to effectively employ humor.