Finances testimonies Financial matters - finance-and-old-key_f1_rEuPd copyThe following are finances testimonies from those who have dealt in various ways with finances within marriage. We believe you will learn through what they have to say and will prayerfully find hope through reading what they have lived through and learned through.

God can work in amazing ways, even in our financial lives. Please take the time to read these articles. And if you know of any additional ones we can add, please let us know. We really would appreciate it!

But for now, please read the following articles:

Marriage and Finances Testimonies



If God has given you a testimony, a personal experience with finances within marriage —one that could help and encourage others who are trying to adjust to this stage of their married lives, we would appreciate it if you would write it down. And then send it to us. Please send it even if what you have to write isn’t very long in length. It can be used to encourage others. We can all learn a lot through the workings of God in all of our lives.

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If you want to remain anonymous, please let us know. We will not to reveal your name and the name(s) of your loved ones if that is your wish. We can definitely work with you on this. Our aim is to encourage others, not to embarrass anyone. So if you have words of encouragement that you can share with others in a true testimony, please share it with us. We will then share it with those who come to this web site.

Thanks so much!