Marriage Counseling & Mentoring Links - Canva - Adobe StockThe following are web site links to help you find a marriage counselor. Additionally, we provide marriage mentoring links to web sites that can help you to become a marriage mentor.

We also list several recommended resources that can help you in mentoring situations. We pray you will find them to be helpful.

Marriage Counseling and Mentoring Links This is a not-for-profit organization devoted to offer hope, encouragement, and assistance to women in difficult circumstances. This includes spousal abuse. FOCUS Ministries provides help for women suffering the horror of domestic violence. They also assist those who want to help. You can contact them at: FOCUS Ministries P. O. Box 2014, Elmhurst, Illinois 60126. Their phone number is: (630) 595-7023. There is also FOCUS Ministries, P. O. Box 323, Hanson, Kentucky 42413. Phone: (270) 825-2423. If this is not an emergency, you may contact them through their web site or by e-mail at

FOCUS ON THE FAMILY COUNSELING SERVICES AND REFERRALS The ministry of Focus on the Family offers a “counseling service by phone. You can call at 1-855-771-HELP (4357) weekdays 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Mountain time). Also, be prepared to leave your contact information for a counselor to return your call. The consultation is available at no cost to you. You may also place your request for a counselor callback by filling out the Counseling Consultation Request Form.” You can fill out the request at the link above.

Also, to “find Christian Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Psychologists, Social Workers and Psychiatrists near you search by location” go to their Counselor Locator.

Unfortunately, they do not have area counselor referrals outside of North America.” However, they DO have web sites for a variety of other countries. These include Australia, CanadaCosta Rica, Ireland, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, South Africa, and Taiwan. When you contact them they may be able to direct you to counselors in your area.

For More Counseling and Mentoring Links, There is Also:

Focus on the Family – South Africa Their primary objective is to meet the needs of families through reliable and trustworthy resources, counseling support, referral services and programs on current issues and needs challenging families in Southern Africa. Their trained, and caring staff are only a call away for those seeking advice. They also respond to letters, and e-mails. Plus, they offer a national counseling referral service. Due to the growing need and the demand for face-to-face counseling it has become necessary for Focus on the Family to establish an on-campus Counseling Centre to meet the needs of Christians and others both local and in the wider Durban area. Should you wish to make an appointment or need further information regarding this facility, kindly contact them.

Plus, There is: Drs Les and Leslie Parrott put this web site together. In it, you will learn how to become mentors and launch a ministry to help others in their marriages. You can do this on a one couple to one couple basis or on a multiple basis through your church. Their goal is to “see a million marriage mentors ‘wake up’ in the local church, lower the divorce rate, and help make good marriages great! It will be a social revolution like no other—impacting generations to come. And it’s doable.”

MARRIAGETEAM.ORG This is a Washington based, non-profit charity. It offers marriage coaching services for pre-marital and married couples. Their mission is to strengthen and save marriages; and they work with a wide range of couples. From those couples seeking marital enrichment to those who have divorce papers in hand, marriage coaching has become the last ditch effort to save their marriage. The majority of coaching is done couple-to-couple in private homes. However, some coaches use Skype for long distance coaching. This has proven to be just as effective as coaching in-person coaching. It’s important to note that all coaches are volunteers who are well trained in their unique program.

Additional Counseling and Mentoring Links: This counseling ministry has clinics coast-to-coast in California, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, including major hub sites in the metropolitan areas of Chicago, Dallas, St Louis, and Washington, D.C. All of their clinic staff (psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family counselors, addiction counselors, dietitians, etc.) are committed Christians who are fully credentialed and professionally trained.

They are dedicated to providing Christian counseling in a safe environment where men, women, and children can work through issues that are robbing them of satisfaction and enjoyment in life. The Meier Clinic in Wheaton, IL, offers an Intensive Outpatient Program for adults dealing with sexual addiction. The clinics also offer Life Coaching, which can be done either at their clinics or on the phone. Go to their web site to find out more.

 Narramore Christian Foundation and Missionary Psychological Services: Every year at least five thousand missionaries leave the field unnecessarily. This is because of excessive stress involving personal, family, social, and ministry-related problems. Those remaining on the filed face life stressors at least 2-3 times those experienced by individuals at home in the United States. The Narramore Christian Foundation is committed to serving these dedicated men and women, and their families.

Mentoring Link:

12CONVERSATIONS.COM is designed to help you learn how to develop a marriage mentoring program. Marriage mentoring can be as simple as finding a couple you respect and hearing their stories of married life. Also, this is a good ministry to contact if your church is considering developing a mentoring program.


• Apples of Gold: A Six-Week Nurturing Program for Women is written by Betty Huizenga. It is published by Cook Communications. This program is designed for mature women to mentor younger married women through topical Bible studies based on Titus 2:3-5. It includes Bible study, and cooking demonstrations and then sharing a meal together. Plus there is encouragement to be the women God has called us to be.

• Before “I Do”: Preparing for the Full Marriage Experience is written by Jason Krafsky. It is published by Turn the Tide Resource Group. This is an excellent Pre-marriage workbook which we HIGHLY recommend. It gives sound Biblical counsel and principles, and integrates proven relationship insights. Plus you learn relationship fundamentals to attain the skills to live the Full Marriage Experience. While the book is filled with useful information, it engages readers to interact with the material. It also can be used with a “Marriage Investor.” They can include clergy, small group leaders, marriage mentors, a seasoned married couple or counselor who acts as a pre-marital education facilitator. This is a GREAT resource!

• Called Together…Asks difficult questions couples must answer before and after they say, “I do.” Steve Prokopchak wrote this book. It is published by Destiny Image Publications. This workbook is designed for couple-to-couple mentoring or personal use. It prepares couples for a successful, God-honoring marriage. It also addresses the challenges of remarriage, intercultural marriage and senior adult remarriage. Whether you’re considering marriage or remarriage or you counsel those who are, this book supplies down-to-earth advice and biblical wisdom.


• 51 Creative Ideas for Marriage Mentors: Connecting Couples to Build Better Marriages This book, published by Zondervan, offers an “idea box” of activities. It also gives innovative ways to deepen relationships between mentoring couples. It can be used in any of the three areas of the marriage mentoring triad: • Preparing —mentoring engaged and newlywed couples • Maximizing —mentoring couples from good to great • Restoring —mentoring couples in distress. There is also an entire section of ideas appropriate for mentoring any couple.

• Marriage Mentor Training Manual for Husbands: A Ten-Session Program for Equipping Marriage Mentors This book is designed by Drs Les and Leslie Parrott. They are two of today’s foremost marriage experts. It is published by Zondervan Publishing. This resource will train and equip you to help others weather the storms and build successful marriages. It’s a thorough, reassuring, and carefully designed approach for marriage mentoring. There is a companion manual for wives.

• Marriage Mentor Training Manual for Wives: A Ten-Session Program for Equipping Marriage Mentors This book is designed by Drs Les and Leslie Parrott. They are two of today’s foremost marriage experts. It is published by Zondervan Publishing. This resource will train and equip you to help others weather the storms and build successful marriages. It’s a carefully designed approach for marriage mentoring. Plus, there is a companion manual for husbands.

There is also:

Rick and Jane Learn to Listen and Talk: The First Step to Intimacy This is a playbook, which includes how to communicate, handle anger, respond to conflict, and other interpersonal skills. In this book, written by Al and Autumn Ray, a young couple, Rick and Jane, seek help from marriage coaches, Sam and Sally. They seek to invigorate and heal their marriage. As the story progresses, Sam and Sally help the couple learn and practice new skills. They also create a common playbook for their marriage team. “Marriage is like a team,” say the authors. “And like all teams, it functions best when the players are skilled and operate from the same playbook.”

The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring: Connecting Couples to Build Better Marriages In this book, which is published by Zondervan, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott provide the complete guide to becoming a marriage mentor. They instruct the individuals who guide couples in many different stages of married life through emphasizing working as a team, building rapport, walking in another couple’s shoes, and praying together. This book contains practical guidelines help mentors and couples work together as a team. Appendixes offer a wealth of additional resources and tools. This guide also includes insights from interviews with church leaders and marriage mentors from around the country.


The Solution for Marriages: Mentoring a New Generation This book, is published by Today’s Promise. It is written by Jeff Murphy and Chuck Dettman. They show you God’s design for marriage and how successful marriage mentors and pastors are teaching couples to build awesome marriages. This guide combines timeless biblical wisdom, and critical relationship skills. Plus, there are empowering resources included that have led many couples to a successful marriage. It’s designed for Marriage Mentors, Pastors and Counselors. It’s also for individual couples looking to improve their marriages. Plus, it’s also designed for those who are considering becoming a marriage mentor and for those who are presently mentoring.