BANKRUPT! Is It Possible for Christians to Go Through This?

Bankrupt past due bills Dollarphotoclub_73961467.jpgIt’s difficult for us to imagine that if we “do all the right things” and live “right” that we could ever end up bankrupt. After all, the Bible says that God will provide all of our needs. Doesn’t that mean that He will save us from what appears to be financial disaster?

That’s what most Followers of Christ believe. Things like this just can’t happen to Christians! But it does. And when it does, that’s when you’re faced up against a barrier of belief.

Are you going to hang onto your faith that God still loves you and hasn’t abandoned you? Are you going to still stay in close relationship with God? Or are you going to allow yourself to move your heart away from Him so you are not only bankrupt financially, but also spiritually bankrupt as well? It’s something to think about.

Additional Help

As you consider this issue, here are a few articles that may answer some questions as you prayerfully read them. The first is written by Matt Bell. In this linked article he answers the question (that we recommend you read):


To help you as you further consider this issue, you will find a link to an article, which was formerly featured in the publication, Marriage Partnership Magazine. It tells the true story of Tim and Melinda. They thought they had done everything right and yet they still ended up in bankruptcy court. You can read of their painful journey and then what eventually happened in their lives afterward through reading the linked web site article:


If you are in a place where you are considering bankruptcy, please go to the following linked article written by Dave Ramsey. Below this one you will find a number of articles listed that you can choose to read. And with each article you can find more. You may be able to avoid what Tim and Melinda and thousands of others have gone through by applying some of the principles listed:


If you have additional tips you can share to help others on this issue, please “Join the Discussion” by adding your comments below.

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One response to “BANKRUPT! Is It Possible for Christians to Go Through This?

  1. My husband does not have a proper job. His business is very poor; he is very lazy and likes to live a very comfortable life. He always says he is not well and he wants to lie down but doesn’t want to go to hospital. Whatever I earn through my job is mostly spend in hospital for my treatment or else for Mom’s treatment or for my husband’s luxuries. I don’t know how to overcome the problems of finance. I got married late. Though I am about 49 years my kid is only 13. I am so much worried about his future and studies. My health problems and unmotivated but too unmotivated but innocent husband. Pray for us.