Christmas Tips: Surviving Holidays – Jay and Laura

Surviving the Christmas Holidays

This is the third Christmas Tip, which is given by Jay and Laura Laffoon, posted on You Tube. These tips are all about surviving the Christmas holidays. In this particular tip the Laffoons discuss the act of giving gifts. It’s a big part of the Christmas season! Jay and Laura suggest that you do it in a way that will let your spouse know you care. As they say, you also want to make sure it is a gift that honors him or her.

And it also is good if it speaks their “love language.” In this video clip, they make several suggestions as to the types of gifts you can give. Perhaps their tips can spark an idea for a gift idea that you can give your spouse.

As they say (and we agree), it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. But you do need to think through the gift. Truly, it really IS the “thought” that counts, as much as the gift. So, watch, listen, and see what you can learn. Also, if you have some of your own Christmas giving tips, we’d love it if you would post them below. That can be a Christmas gift you can give to other spouses who could benefit from your tip.


Here a few more tips concerning giving gifts as you are looking at surviving the Christmas Holidays:

• “The greatest gift I can give my children can’t be placed under a tree, no matter how big it is. The greatest gift I can give my family is a commitment to my marriage and the fortitude to work on that relationship no matter what. If you’re married, give the gift that will keep giving to your children, friends, everyone around you, and yourself. Give the gift of commitment. There is no wrapping paper or bow needed.” (Chris Fabry from the article, “A Wreath Observed”)

Also, make sure you:

• “Give a gift that shows love. What does your spouse really want and need? Try to give a gift that meets their love language. It may not be a present under the tree that means the most. Maybe it’s a morning to sleep in, a weekend golf trip, all the laundry being done and put away, a handwritten letter that says how much you care, a back or foot rub. Whatever you do, try to send the message, ‘Not only do I love you, but I ‘get’ you’.” (Teri Claassen from the article, “Make a Holiday Connection”)


And most importantly here’s a tip in surviving and thriving Christmas:

• “I’ve declared this Christmas the ‘Christmas of my First Love’ where I’ll help my spouse and our family shift our focus from the mall to the manger. The manger is quiet and less crowded. It’s a place where children are always welcome. Spending time here will help our family to keep our eyes and hearts fully focused on Jesus.” (Jim Burns & Leslie Snyder from the article, “From the Mall to the Manger”)

May you have a Blessed Christmas—one that goes beyond surviving, to thriving!

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