Marriage Alignment – Dr. Tony Evans

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2 responses to “Marriage Alignment – Dr. Tony Evans

  1. I just watched a video of Tony Evans with Beck. I am so profoundly sad to see that he didn’t set the stage for who he (Tony) is in Christ Jesus. Beck is in desperate need of a Savior, who is Jesus Christ and Tony doesn’t make it known of his need for the only true and living God. Are you kidding me! If we are ashamed of Christ, he’ll be ashamed of us. The platform that you are given was given for a reason. Please respond. Glenn Beck is promoting a lie from the pits of hell with his Mormon belief I am so disappointed.

    1. Sharon, I’ve been praying about what to say to you after what you wrote. During my devotional and prayer time something stood out to me. The devotional was talking about the wise men seeking Jesus. The writer made mention that the wise men were astrologers. “Jews considered astrology to be a counterfeit to true prophesy. Be careful; there are people whose lifestyles you may disapprove of, who are honestly seeking for God. So be gracious in your dealings with them. … Don’t jump to conclusions and write people off.” It really jumped out to me that this very well may apply to what is happening with Glenn.

      I was then reminded of my younger brother Rick, who is now in heaven. For most of his life he was oppositional to the Lord –VERY oppositional. But God showed my husband and I to love, love, love him to Jesus. We spent continual time with him and his wife. Eventually she came to Christ. Years and years later, my brother came to Christ, less than a year before he died. There were times when Steve and I wanted to go the other way. But we felt impressed that this was not God’s plan. We kept loving him and being with him. My brother even acknowledged that he considered my husband Steve, his best friend. One day he called and said, “I finally did it. I finally put my toe over the edge and asked the Lord to be my savior, even though I don’t have everything figured out.” He then went on to say that a big part of his pull towards the Lord was our non-judgmental love and attention –that we didn’t push Jesus, our lives spoke to him. I thank God that we never gave up on him. I especially praised God when my brother died. It was suddenly, without us expecting it. He is now waiting for us to join him in Heaven.

      Now, I say all of this to say that I believe with all my heart that Glenn Beck is searching. I’ve been praying for him for quite a while. I know a lot of things going on behind the scenes. I also know enough about Tony Evans to believe that he is love, love, loving and praying for Glenn. Tony is a wide awake Christian. You have no idea all that could be going on behind the scenes. And you have no idea how God may be leading Tony on this. Please hold back your judgment and pray for them both, and for any one else that the Lord brings across Glenn’s path. He needs prayer and he needs God’s grace extended out to him. I hope you will join me in praying for him. I was hopelessly lost once (and so was my brother). Perhaps it will be through the kindness and close working relationships that he has with evangelicals that will plant seeds that God intends to use to draw him to Himself. Please don’t be so quick to judge.