Disaffection and Disconnection in Marriage

It happens in every marriage. Sometimes it slams into our relationship; other times it creeps in. It’s called Disaffection and Disconnection. When this happens it “can” destroy a marriage. But if we’re aware it can happen to us and we take action, our marriages can actually grow stronger. See what Read More…

Vacation Plans and Expectations

It’s that time again. Couples all over the world are making vacation plans. Maybe you have one coming up very soon. Do you feel prepared? We want to share with you what we’ve learned in our 47+ years of marriage that may help you avoid the pitfalls and disappointments we Read More…

Marriage Demands Fidelity and Faithfulness

Too many spouses are dipping their toes into the waters of temptation. And when they “fall” into it, which many do, they say, “I never meant to…” or “I never thought I/we would…” But they do. In this Marriage Insight Podcast we share why it’s so important to protect the Read More…

Marriage Influences Children

Have you ever considered the fact that how you act within your marriage influences your children? We encourage you to listen to this Podcast to see how this applies to you and your marriage.

Are You An Eraser Or A Highlighter In Your Marriage?

Here’s a question we bet you never asked yourself before: “Am I An Eraser or a Highlighter In My Marriage?” That’s an important question to prayerfully consider. To see how it applies to you, we encourage you to listen to this Podcast.

A Good Marriage Demands Toughness

A Good Marriage demands toughness and SHEER COMMITMENT to weather the many storms that will assault the promises we make to each other. Learn and grow by listening to our Podcast.

Having Fun Loving Your Spouse?

There are times when life, and/or our marriage can be extremely difficult. Cindy and I (Steve) have been there – many times in our 47 years of marriage. But fortunately, we learned a long time ago that even in the hardest of struggles we HAD to find a way to Read More…

Even A Taxing Marriage Has Its Benefits

It may be hard for you to believe that if you are currently living in a “Taxing Marriage” there are actually benefits that you can enjoy. Admittedly, we avoid conflict and pain at all costs. But as you’ll learn in this Podcast God can actually use these things to improve Read More…

Marriage Taxes Those Who Enter Into It

Every marriage  WILL encounter taxing moments. Often, it can be more than just “moments” where we feel challenged. At times we encounter experiences where we feel drained and we wonder how we’ll ever be able to move forward. In this podcast you’ll learn things that will help you understand what Read More…

Marriage Tip & A Few Laughs

Men, would you like to know what your wife REALLY wants? Well, this week’s Marriage Insight podcast will tell you. On top of that we also have a lot of humor for you as well. Enjoy!