Picking Your Marital Fruit

Do you think your marriage is in step with what God wants for it? As you listen to this week’s podcast you’ll find out.    

What Would God’s Marriage Ambassador Do?

To be an ambassador for a nation is an important job. But to be an ambassador for God is our ultimate responsibility as a married couple. Listen to our weekly podcast to find out why.          

Loving Your Spouse As Jesus Loves You

You may have grown up in a home where you never saw marital love modeled very well. So, when you entered into your marriage you had no “good examples” to follow. Fortunately, even if we had a horrible role model, when you go to your Bible we are given the Read More…

One, Two, Three Marriage Tips.

We are all busy and we may not have the time to read an entire book of the best marriage tips. So Cindy and I (Steve) have come up with a few tips we have used in our marriage that can provide you with something to improve your marriage.