The Business of Marriage – MM #131

Business of Marriage - Pixabay - CanvaWARNING: What you are about to read is intended primarily for the guys (husbands) this week. That’s because what I (Steve) have to share comes from a man’s perspective. I’ll be using illustrations and language that most men can relate to. I may even throw in words like, “spit,” “scratch,” or “Giant Screen Plasma TV,” just to hold their attention. But I want to have us look at marriage as a business. Hold on… stay with me here.

So ladies, if you want to read on, do so at your own risk. I make no guarantees that you’ll appreciate what I have to share, though I trust that you’ll be the ultimate beneficiary if your husband truly relates to the message.

The Business of Marriage

MEN: My wife Cindy, has been extremely busy this week, so she asked if I would take full responsibility for putting together the Marriage Messages for this week and next. Normally, I would have thought up a valid “reason” why I couldn’t do it.

But because I’d already cleaned the lint out of my navel (that’s my favorite excuse for getting out of doing things) and had sorted my sock drawer (my second favorite excuse), I couldn’t think of any real reason for not being able to write it. Besides, I know that if I’m going to truly be a “Servant Leader,” I need to place the needs of my wife above my own desires.

Servant Leader is a term you’ve probably heard. To me, that term sounds very “spiritual” and I have no problems saying it. But it’s far more difficult to actually do it.

Of course, we know we have the biblical model for being a Servant Leader. But it can still be pretty hard to put a description of what this “looks like” in a way we (men) can really understand. That’s why I was really encouraged this week to read in the book, The Upside Down Marriage: 12 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Right Side Up, written by Jeff Hendley. (I recommend you read it too, so you will be encouraged.) In this book Jeff gives a wonderful word picture that I believe there may be an “a-ha!” moment in it for you. The following is Hendley’s illustration:

Comparing Marriage to Business

“Let’s compare marriage to business. In a given business we are out to develop a product or service that we hope to sell to others at a profit. Our employees are important. Our product control is important. And our customers are important.

“What would happen if we were to think of our wives in business terms? What would happen to our planning if we considered our wives our number one customers? The old adage comes to play here, “Take care of your customers, or someone else will.”

“This is not a far-fetched analogy. In order for a business to survive and thrive, we have to keep our customers happy. Our wives are our number one customers. So, what would a typical business (and husband) do?

Getting Down to Business:

1. Customers would be our number one priority. We would know what our customers like and dislike. We would know our customers’ needs and wants.

2. We would create plenty of time to spend with our customers. We would take care of our customers. There would be a well-worn path between our door and theirs.

3. We would entertain our customers frequently and spend money and energy on them.

4. We would always be at our best with our customers.

5. We would try to understand what our customers want in our products or services and make changes to improve.

6. We would set up a customer service department that focuses on the customer and we would be available to meet their needs.

7. We would communicate frequently with our customers and listen to what they’re saying and try to stay one step ahead of their needs.

8. We would create a partnership with our customers and establish a long lasting relationship based on mutual trust, loyalty, fairness and honesty.

9. We would take care of our business so we could take better care of our customers.

10. We would take nothing for granted nor assume all is well. We would seek our customers’ opinions and spend time exploring ways to improve our services and products based on our customers’ input.

Well, have there been any “A-ha!” moments yet? Please continue reading.

Think About It

Hendley concluded his thoughts by saying:

“If our wives are our number one customers and if our marriages depended on the service we are providing our customers, what would we be doing differently?”

“I have the mindset that we as Christians are to take God’s word seriously and apply it daily. This means that what is true in the Kingdom is to be true in our lives today. Kingdom principles are the principles by which we are to live. The Kingdom principle for me as a husband is to love my wife as Christ loved the church. Sacrifice and service are to be a part of my daily life.”

I hope this analogy that Jeff Hendley provided was something you could relate to. In it, there were several points that reminded me of I Peter 3:7. I like the way The Living Bible renders the verse:

“You husbands must be careful of your wives, being thoughtful of their needs and honoring them as the weaker sex. Remember that you and your wife are partners in receiving God’s blessings, and if you don’t treat her as you should, your prayers will not get ready answers.”

Why don’t we (men) commit to praying together? Lets pray that God will reveal to us any truth in this message that we need to apply so that we will become the Servant Leaders God wants us to be?

Steve and Cindy Wright

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2 responses to “The Business of Marriage – MM #131

  1. (NIGERIA)  There is a great urge for me to write in at this time because Steve and Cindy, I must say the Holy Spirit is using you in a special way. Everytime I have an issue disturbing my marriage, the message for that week comes specific to my situation. And this one again by Steve, went straight to the point in addressing an issue I have been yerning to be adressed. My husband received it with understanding. I love the expression “The Servant Leader.” Thank you so much.

  2. (South Africa) Wooooooowwwww….Thank you so much for the lovely message, I have forwarded this lovely message straight to my husband as it was well said and there is nothing more to add as it says all that a women would love from their husbands.

    Thank you once more for all the wonderful messages that have also been encouraging us to insure that we improve ourselves and our marriages to work out to the better.