Enjoying Marriage in the Midst of the Grind

Are you enjoying marriage? Are you enjoying your marriage as much as you thought you would before you married your spouse? That’s something to seriously consider.

The following are a couple of additional questions to consider that Pastor Ted Cunningham addresses in this Youtube video. Did you think that when you got married everything would be great between you and your spouse? Did you think that walking down that aisle, and then saying, “I do” would be the beginning of a great life together? You probably did think that, just as millions of couples in love thought so. We did; most people do. And why not? You’re “in love” and you just can’t see how your love could turn in a bad direction. But reality can be different.

In this two and a half minute video Pastor Ted Cunningham addresses this very fallacy in his own humorous way. Yes, compatibility and chemistry are important, as Ted points out. But he’s right in saying, “However, character trumps chemistry every time.” It’s important to “set the record straight” and “get real about” what it takes to make a good marriage. We need to grow our character.

Enjoying Marriage, From Beginning to End

Pastor Cunningham is so spot on when he says, “Everyone falls in love with the front end of a puppy.” It’s true. Puppies are so cute, fun, and engaging. But when we adopt a puppy we often forget that the backend comes along with it. There is a lot of “poo” involved in taking care of the whole puppy.

Marriage is a lot like that. The messy comes with the good. And sometimes it overtakes it, if we let it. As Ted Cunningham points out in his book, Fun Loving You … “Every marriage has a back end story. Every marriage has a story of struggle, pain, frustration, trials, and disagreements.” It’s what you do with those struggles and disagreements that’s important.

This video clip gives you a tiny glimpse into Ted Cunningham’s book, Fun Loving You: Enjoying Your Marriage in the Midst of the Grind. In his book he talks about fun stuff, and not so fun stuff. But it’s all important stuff that we need to look at to grow our marriages into good ones. We love, love this book. And, if possible, we highly recommend you obtain a copy for yourself. We even provide a link within the title for you to do so. This is a book that we have in our personal marriage library. And it’s one we will keep. (There are many marriage books that we give away. They’re good, and they can help, but this one is a keeper.)

Fun Loving Marriage Book

Not only is this book funny, but it also is packed with thoughtful questions you can discuss together. These questions are designed to help you grow your marriage relationship into a fun, loving, healthy loving one. We’ve already discussed many of these questions ourselves. And we will unpack others in the future. They’re really good.

Plus, this book is written to point you to Jesus, so hand in hand you will grow your marriage so that you are well pleased, but so is God. And that’s a win, win situation as far as we can see. Even in “the midst of the grind” as Ted refers to, you can enjoy your marriage. You can enjoy the front end of your marriage and the back end too. And the bonus is that you can leave a great marital legacy behind for others to follow, as a wonderful example of love and commitment.

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One response to “Enjoying Marriage in the Midst of the Grind

  1. So much good information in this. I sure wish I could have time to read it all. I am not new to Christ, for I have been married 25 years, but I struggled so hard to work in the marriage, with limited knowledge, and now I have some real knowledge; but in order get to it, the time is not there. Because of the many things I did, before I came to the real beauty and saving Grace that comes, know what a beautiful wonderful Marriage can be. I was literally a collector of things, and then not able to do the work I thought I would do…and now also I realize I just have too much in this house and want it cleared out, but don’t have the strength or energized mind to clean it out so I can be here in peace, and have the time to read like I want to. It’s difficult to sit and read THE WORD peacefully in a disorganized house/household.