Examples of Wedding Showers to Hostess for a Bride-to-Be

Dollar Photo Pink wedding cupcakes with I Do topper signsThe following are a few suggestions for non-traditional wedding showers, which you could give for a friend or a family member. They are just plain out fun.


This is a perfect opportunity to get the guys involved in attending the bridal shower with the gals.


Everyone comes dressed to work and brings the appropriate tools. They have paint brushes, rollers, wallpapering tools, or gardening tools —whatever the situation requires. The greatest gifts you can give at this shower is expertise and elbow grease. But the guests may also purchase tools for the couple or pool resources to pay for materials. This fun party is an occasion that you and your friends will thoroughly enjoy and remember for years.


Guests work hard at this party. They should have a substantial meal served to them when the work is done or during a break in the action. A potluck meal is best. Each guest brings a salad, a casserole, a beverage, or a dessert. Coordinate the menu to ensure variety. Don’t forget to supply disposable plates, cups, flatware, serving pieces, and trash bags for cleaning up.


Because this is a working party, the decorations other than a simple centerpiece can get in the way.


These are shower supply gifts. They can be anything that comes in a box. This includes such things as laundry soap or macaroni. This bridal shower gift ideas can be stretched to include small appliances or a box of handkerchiefs.


Offer a prize for the gift that is boxed in the cleverest way. Have each guest vote for the winner. Give the bride a decorative storage box to hold the gifts at the shower to store blankets or other items later on.


Serve as many items as you can that either come in boxes or are made from ingredients that come in boxes. Keep track of those ingredients. After the food has been served, ask the guests to name as many of the items as they can. Give them boxed prizes.


Let the wrapped gift boxes in the room carry out your theme in your decorating.


Kitchen showers take many forms: be as general or as specific as you wish. There are kitchen shower themes that you will find suggested below. Others you might try include brushes, cutlery, soaps—anything you use in the kitchen.

[There are a few other suggestions the author gives. One of them, which you can give is a “Spice Shower.” Each guest “brings a spice, along with her favorite recipe using that spice. You can also give the bride a “Breakfast Shower.” The guests “give gifts for making or eating breakfast.” Another bridal shower suggestion is giving the bride a “Gadget Shower.” Each guest “must include some kind of kitchen gadget as part or all of her gift.”]

The above suggestions (and so many more, which are given in more detail) come from the book, The Best Wedding Shower Book: A Complete Guide For Party Planners -written by Courtney Cooke, published by Meadowbrook, Distributed by Simon and Schuster. It has fun activities, party recipes, decorating hints, gift ideas, and planning tips contained within the pages of this fun little book.

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    1. You’re more than welcome. You have some great ideas. We’re glad to promote and share them with others. We hope others find them to be as fun as they look :)

  1. Here in the UK wedding showers are unheard of. It’s nice to learn about other country’s traditions while just enjoying our own.