Funny How God Can Change a Marriage – Jeff Allen and Tami

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6 responses to “Funny How God Can Change a Marriage – Jeff Allen and Tami

  1. This was a great and a touching story. It really helps me with what I am going through. My husbands weaknesses is girls. His mind is always filled with lust for sex. I am always trying everything out to work out marriage. My need and hope in God is that he will twist my husband’s mind. I have been suffering with him for so long.

    We separated in 2011 and he left me for another woman. I stayed and prayer every single day and asked God all to help put peace in my heart. The wrong thing that I did in those day was I made him my God. When he left that’s when I stayed on my knees and said to the Lord thank you very for showing me the right thing to do. He came back to me and I thought he changed but things still need to change in him. I told him that there were many boys and men that were after me when he left and they are good and handsome as him but I give my heart to the Lord already.

    I never say anything to those men that came to me. I almost made a mistake but he made me see the other world that I never knew. I love my children and he is the father of my children. I never want this to happen because we are not the only ones to suffer; my children are suffering the most.

    Please, I need your help with what can I do to help him think of good things but not bad things as sex and other lustful minds of the world. I want him to change big time. I really want to see that. He hates it if I tell me what his doing is wrong. Please remember me in your prayers.

    1. Why should God twist your husband’s mind? If he wants sex with his wife, that’s a very healthy thing. Is there anything you need God to twist or straighten in your mind, such as sex with your spouse is a base/low priority drive?

      Seems like you are willing to push his buttons, telling him other men found you attractive. Is that how a Christian wife respects her husband? How about letting God convict him and you go to God and work on anything you need to work out? None of us are perfect. Getting wrapped up in what we think are our spouses faults prevents us from working on our own issues.

      1. Tony, We temporarily lost the ability to post the country these comments come from. I’m pretty sure this is someone from another country and there is a language complication in place to explain what she was trying to convey. It’s not that she’s saying that she doesn’t want to give sex to her husband, it’s that she doesn’t want him to lust after other women. She wants him to realize that even though other men find her attractive, she doesn’t allow herself to go there with them, hoping it will inspire him to not look at and go after other women. She is also thankful that she didn’t fall into this temptation (I would be too) and wants prayer for her marriage. Please join us in praying for her and her husband. They both need it.

        1. You are correct, Cindy. This lady, it would seem, has put up with her husband’s infidelity and lust for other women keeping her wedding vow sacred while he trashed it and flaunted it in her face. Her pain is palpable.

          When he returned she told him of the possibilities she had to not have been there but she remained his as was her promise before God, but reading between the lines he returned likely still looking for other conquests. How painful. I think we can also read that she is no longer one of his sexual interests and it is not she who is holding back but he that has destroyed their intimate union.

  2. Cindy, your gentle answer to Tony is much appreciated. Brother Tony, please try not to be so attacking in your responses. I’m sure that your wife has hurt you badly and that you feel the need to show that men are not always at fault, but do we all need to pay for what she has done to you? I pray that God heal your wounds –even the ones you have not admitted to yourself.

    1. I don’t think anyone has to pay. I’m just tired of reading post after post of how sex is wrong and shallow and if only men would get things right, marriage would be fixed.

      When will we see anything directed at the 66-75% of those who are actually breaking up marriages? Because it’s not men who are the ones deciding to leave their spouses and make them visitors to their children. I’ve yet to hear that sermon on Mother’s Day. We hear on Father’s Day how men need to step it up. But never have I heard on Mother’s Day a pastor come down on women for being the ones who are the majority player in choosing to divorce their spouses.

      We hear how if a man has an affair, it’s his fault. If a woman has an affair, it’s her husband’s fault. We hear how men have more affairs than women. Really? Are men having affairs with other men? Probably not. Which means women are equally represented, but don’t share an equal blame for the breakup of families due to affairs.

      The truth is NEVER an attack. If anyone is intimidated by the truth, is that the fault of the truth, or the person who hears and is intimidated? It’s not the truth that is the problem.