God’s Call: Marching Around Jericho

Jericho Marching - Three Keys PublishingAre you praying for the salvation of your spouse? Or perhaps you are praying for their spiritual growth. Your spouse appears to be living his or her own way—without God being in the center of it. And you are concerned… understandably so. As a result, you are looking to God to speak to your spouse in ways that will change him or her spiritually. But have you thought of prayerfully approaching this spiritual war on behalf of your spouse in the same way the Israelites did when they marched around Jericho (as told in Joshua 6:2-17)?

This was a totally different approach to victory than the Israelites ever would have thought would work. But it did! It did because that is what God told them to do. When God is in it, it’s amazing what can happen! God poses what appears to be impossible, and continually surprises us by redeeming the situation.

And that is something that author, Lynn Donovan learned. Lynn had been praying and waging spiritual warfare for decades for the soul of her husband. As a result, this tested her faith in many ways. She writes:

“I’ll admit, it’s confusing to attend church for years, study the Word and believe what it says, and yet never witness any movement by your spouse toward faith. Confusion is a diversion from the pit of hell. It often leads those of us who are unequally yoked into seasons of doubt.”

But then God surprised her by asking her to march in prayer, much as Israel did as they marched around Jericho. This led her on a seven year journey of “marching around her unsaved spouse.”

Marching Around Jericho For Spouse

In her new book, titled, Marching Around Jericho: Praying Your Unsaved Spouse into the Kingdom Lynn tells a great deal about her journey of prayer as she petitioned God to speak to her unsaved husband’s heart. Plus she gives additional insights to her readers to challenge her readers to go on a similar journey.

Here’s a little snippet into what she wrote:

“I’ve marched around my Jericho for the past seven years. I’ve traversed the seemingly insurmountable mountains in our marriage. And I’ve marched through the valleys of doom and gloom, to spiritual exhaustion. Plus, I’ve faced storms that nearly toppled our bonds of holy matrimony. Yet by the grace of God, I’ve gained spiritual strength, a powerful prayer life, faith that moves said mountains, and authority in Christ. I’ve also participated in miracles, healings, and uncovered truth wrapped in love. I have looked into the eyes of perfect love and experienced our triune God, intimately, through the ordinary and the divine.”

Lynn goes on to write that despite the enemy’s assignment to destroy:

“We the unequally yoked in marriage, are the chosen to demonstrate faith in Christ. We’ve been given a unique platform to reveal Christ’s love to family members who otherwise may never see Jesus. Our unsaved spouse contemplates our victories as we model the Father’s unending patience, grace, and mercy. How do I know? I’ve lived these truths out in my married life while waiting for the salvation of my husband. Now it’s your turn. It’s time to put away powerless Christianity and step into the war room. God is releasing His church into a new season: The Kingdom Era.”

Is It Your Turn?

The rest of this book is powerful to read and prayerfully consider. I absolutely loved reading all that God inspired Lynn to live through, and write down to share with others. In addition she challenges others to march around their Jericho’s, as well. It’s very evident that God will speak very clearly to everyone who reads Marching Around Jericho. I believe it will definitely help those who are living in unequally yoked marriages.

But I also believe it can help those who are living in spiritually mismatched marriages. I’m talking about marriages where one Believer is stronger in their faith than the other. The principles outlined can help most anyone who gleans through the information presented.

Perhaps you have an unsaved child, sibling, parent, cousin, etc. If you feel spiritually burdened for your loved one, I believe you will find insight into ways you can march around this type of Jericho in prayer, and action. The burden will be lifted because the battle is the Lord’s. You just have to walk this warfare journey in the ways God shows you.

The Blessings in This Jericho March

As you do this, you will encounter surprising blessings. That’s what Lynn Donovan found out as she walked this seven-year journey God’s way. This march may be shorter or longer for you. Who knows, but God? But “this journey leads to love. This is our freedom march!” Donovan writes. And the best part is that this freedom manifests itself in many ways. God makes sure of that! He is our guide and He is our redeemer!

“The last seven years of my faith-life never was about my husband. However, because my faith came alive in our home, God changed him. My husband could no longer deny the presence of the Trinity dwelling within. How can a mere moral resist the power and love of the God of the universe when displayed through a believing spouse?”

I love what Lynn says about the “qualifications” you need to go on this freedom watch with God. She writes:

“Hear me clearly. God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called. We are the called. You and I are designated to be the love and voice of Jesus to a man or woman with whom we share life. We are created for a high and holy purpose. We are more than a conqueror (Romans 8:37). Plus, we have the power of life in our tongues and this truth terrifies the demonic realm.”

Join the Jericho March

I wholeheartedly hope you will read this book. This is especially helpful to those who are living in an unequally yoked marriage.

FYI: Lynn also co-authored several other books you might want to read as well. A few of them are:

Winning Him Without Words

Winning Them With Prayer


Raising Godly Kids in a Spiritually Mismatched Home

Lastly, as you read, glean through the info with God’s guidance:

May grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.(2 Peter 1:2)

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit!(Romans 15:13)

Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this blog.

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2 responses to “God’s Call: Marching Around Jericho

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my story. I pray for every marriage in the name of Jesus. I bless marriages to be blessed, to be covered by the love and protection of Jesus and for love to be the highest and best for both husband and wife. In Jesus name. Amen

    1. You are most welcome, Lynn. I love, love, love your book and truly believe it will help everyone who reads it. May God move to impress those who need it to obtain this book and read it!