Grow Closer to Your Wife: Pray for Her

Grow Closer Pixabay hands-799772_1920“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” (Colossians 4:2) Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints. (Ephesians 6:18) This would include your wife. If you want to grow closer to your wife, pray for her.

I love something that author, Nancy Anderson wrote in her book, “Avoiding The Greener Grass Syndrome.” That is because I’ve personally found it to be so true, when Steve prays for me:

“When Ron prays for me, I feel as if I’m covered by a velvety blanket of protection. Even though I still face problems and setbacks, his prayers shelter me from the sharpness of the pain. He is strengthened by my prayers too and we both agree that we’re less likely to fight if we’re consistently praying together.”

Grow Closer As You Pray For Your Spouse

I know exactly what she means. This describes exactly the same way I feel when my husband prays with and over me. Please remember:

“In order to become all she was created to be, your wife needs love, support, and encouragement from you more than anyone else on earth. The richest, most famous, beautiful, successful, talented, acclaimed, and seemingly independent woman on earth still wants to know that her husband loves and values her.

If she believes that he doesn’t, she dies inside. This happens no matter who else is singing her praises. Your prayers, as well as your words spoken to her, can help her to know how valuable she is to you. And when she knows that you love and appreciate her, it will give her life purpose like nothing else can.” (Stormie Omartian, The Power of a Praying Husband)

Praying Ministers to Your Wife’s Needs

Do you want to grow closer to your wife than you have ever felt either now or in the past? Pray for her. Nothing does more to minister to her needs than for you to join the Lord in praying for her. It also has the potential to draw the both of you closer together.

A great example of this is illustrated in an article written by David Clarke. It was posted on the web site for the Promise Keeper’s ministry. In it, he explains how you “tap into the power of God” when you pray for your wife.

Let’s face it, when God unites with you and your wife in agreement through prayer, as a “cord of three strands,” what greater power is there to unite and strengthen you?

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

To read this inspiring and helpful article, click onto the link below. And then afterward arrow back to our web site to read, and pray through the prayer posted below it:


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To learn more about growing closer to your wife through prayer and to become the husband your wife truly needs, please read the following article:


Also, we encourage you as your wife’s husband, to read through and then pray through the following prayer comes from the powerful book (that we encourage you to obtain and read), The Power of a Praying® Husband:

“Lord, I pray that you would establish in me and ________ bonds of love that cannot be broken. Show me how to love my wife in an ever-deepening way that she can clearly perceive. May we have mutual respect and admiration for each other. This is so that we become and remain one another’s greatest friend, champion, and unwavering support. Where love has been diminished, lost, destroyed, or buried under hurt and disappointment, put it back in our hearts. Give us strength to hold on to the good in our marriage. We need this even in those times when one of us doesn’t feel love.

“Enable my wife and me to forgive each other quickly and completely. Specifically I lift up to You (name any area where forgiveness is needed). Help us to ‘be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving.‘ the way You are to us. (Ephesians 4:32) Teach us to overlook the faults and weaknesses of the other. Give us a sense of humor, especially as we deal with the hard issues of life.

Unite Us

“Unite us in faith, beliefs, standards of morality, and mutual trust. Help us to be of the same mind, to move together in harmony. And help us to quickly come to mutual agreements about our finances, our children, how we spend our time, and any other decisions that need to be made. Where we are in disagreement and this has caused strife, I pray You would draw us together on the issues. Adjust our perspectives to align with Yours. Make our communication open and honest so that we avoid misunderstandings.

“May we have the grace to be tolerant of each other’s faults. And, at the same time, may we have the willingness to change. I pray that we will not live two separate lives, but will instead walk together as a team. Remind us to take time for one another so that our marriage will be a source of happiness, peace and joy for us both.

Protect Our Marriage

“Lord, I pray that You would protect our marriage from anything that would destroy it. Take out of our lives anyone who would come between us or tempt us. Help us to immediately recognize and resist temptation when it presents itself. I pray that no other relationship either of us have, or have had in the past, will rob us of anything in our relationship now. Sever all unholy ties in both of our lives. May there never be any adultery or divorce in our future to destroy what You, Lord, have put together. Help us to never cast aside the whole relationship just because it has developed in a nonworking part. I pray that we will turn to You— the Designer —to fix it and get it operating the way it was intended.

“Teach us to seek each other’s well-being first, as You have commanded in Your Word (1 Corinthians 10:24). We want to keep You at the center of our marriage and not expect from each other what only You can give. Where either of us have unrealistic expectations of the other, open our eyes to see it. May we never waver in our commitment and devotion to You and to one another, so that this marriage will become all You designed it to be.”

Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this blog.

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3 responses to “Grow Closer to Your Wife: Pray for Her

  1. (CAYMAN ISLAND)  I believe a Christian husband should desire maturing into a good spiritual head of the house.

  2. (ZIMBABWE) A Christian husband is a treasure of the family. Remember a blind man cannot lead a blind man. With a mature Christian husband, a family can go anywhere without fear. Lets pray for our husbands to be mature in Christianity.

  3. (S.AFRICA)  How are you doing Wayne? You remain in my prayers. Things between my husband and I are mending slowly. I just want you to know that God does answer prayers. We do not always understand but in the end Gods loving plan for our lives always shines through. God bless you, your wife and son.