Guardrails to Guide in Marriage – Andy and Sandra Stanley

In this YouTube video Pastor Andy and Sandra Stanley talk about the need to put up guardrails —warning systems you put up within your marriage. Andy starts out by giving the definition of a Guardrail. It is “a standard of personal behavior that becomes a matter of conscience.” In other words, we come up with standards of behavior that we agree that we won’t and will do. “And we so tune our consciences into those. So when we begin to break our own standard our conscience lights up. And it keeps us from living on the brink of disaster… morally, physically, relationally, with our health, and so on.” This can also include abusive behavior.

When Guardrails Are Needed

From what we see happening in a lot of marriages, it’s tragic that they didn’t think to put up some guardrails earlier in their marriages. Perhaps they wouldn’t have strayed into dangerous places. It’s something that we’ve done and it’s something that we hope you will prayerfully consider doing.

Not too many spouses think, when they first get married, that they will stray into dangerous behavior. But it happens. We hear the phrase all the time, “We never meant to…” But it did indeed happen. It’s so sad that they didn’t put those guardrails up before a dangerous temptation caught their attention. With no guardrail in place they strayed into doing that, which they shouldn’t have. Please watch this video and see what you think…

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