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Marriage School Pixabay CanvaI want to share with you a poem sent to us by a friend, from Uganda titled, The Marriage School. He doesn’t know who wrote it. The only claim is that it comes from a “voice of experience.” I have to say that it sure goes along with a lot of what we believe about marriage —that it is a school God can use to teach us things we need to know.

This Marriage School

Marriage gives us the opportunity to learn much about our spouse, much about ourselves, about both of our values, and our sinful ways. Sometimes marriage exposes our dark sides that come as a surprise to even us. We also learn a lot about who we truly believe God to be. This is revealed in the way we live with our spouse —the one we have chosen, in a covenant relationship.

It is in this school of marriage, that we are given the opportunity learn and apply the principles for living, which are outlined throughout the Bible.

An important thing we are to learn in this “school” is not just what we live through, but what we “learn through” in union with God. We are to grab onto the wisdom we gain, apply it, and then pass onto others.


Are you married? If Yes, welcome to the school called marriage:
It’s a school where you will never graduate.
A school without a break or a free period.
It’s a school where no one is supposed to drop out.
A school, which you will attend every day of your life.
This is a school where there is no sick leave or holidays.
A school founded by God,
on the foundation of Love.

The walls are made out of trust.
The door is made out of acceptance.
And the windows are made out understanding.
The furniture is made out of blessings.
The roof is made out of faith.

Before you forget,
You are just a student not the principal.
Christ is the principal.
Even in times of storms,
Don’t be unwise and run outside.
Remember this school is the safest place to be.

Never go to sleep,
Before completing your assignments for the day.
Never forget the C-word, Communicate.
Communicate to your classmate,
And also communicate to the Principal.

If you find out something in your classmate
That you do not appreciate,
Remember your classmate is also just a student,
Not a graduate.
God is not finished with her/him yet.
So take it as a challenge and work on it together.

Do not forget to study,
Never read your Bible (the main textbook),
But study it.
Start each day with a sacred assembly,
And end it the same way.

Keep in Mind:

Sometimes you will feel like not attending classes,
Yet you have to.
When tempted to quit,
Find courage in the Lord to continue.

Some tests and exams may be tough,
Remember the Principal knows how much you can bear.
But still, it is a school better than any other.
It is one of the best schools on earth.
Joy, peace and happiness accompany each lessons of the day.

Different subjects are offered in this school,
Yet love is the major subject.
After all the years of theorizing about it,
Now you have a chance to practice it.


To be loved is a good thing,
But to love is a greatest privilege of them all.
Marriage is a place of love,
So love your spouse.

When tempted to raise your voice,
Let Love hold your mouth.
Let Love overthrow pride and selfishness,
And let Love reign in your house.

Do not hold back any Love.
But go all the way.
Love as though that’s your only hope for your survival,
And it is.

My friend, listen to the voice of experience.

Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this blog.

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  1. I really appreciate what you are doing to save dying relationships. I am a Marriage Counselor and a writer and I would like to contribute to any marital challenge you will seek my idea. I will also like to know whether you organize marriage seminars for both the married and the unmarried? Thank you.