Marriage Worth Saving – Paul and Judy Rousseau

In this YouTube video, put together by CBN, you will see and hear about the testimony of Paul and Judy Rosseau. They started out as high school sweethearts who got married and began to build a life together. But their marriage eventually drained of the love they once had, which led to real disillusionment —especially for Judy. Judy’s eyes opened to the truth of Jesus Christ and began to look to God to save their marriage. Rather than help it, her closeness to Jesus actually caused further problems in their relationship. Paul began to look the other way. He withdrew from Judy and ended up in a full blown affair with another woman. Divorce loomed over their marriage. But Paul’s attorney saw that this was a marriage worth saving.

The attorney withdrew from this case and encouraged Judy to work with the Lord. She sensed that it was savable. As you view this video, you will hear about the journey that God took both of them down to restore their marriage. And then God showed them individually what it would take to restore their love, and live as a testimony of that, which God can resurrect from the dead.

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2 responses to “Marriage Worth Saving – Paul and Judy Rousseau

  1. Neglect, Utter Neglect. That would be the the reason for Divorce if we’re to go that route. My wife thinks her sole purpose was to raise kids. Now she works at a local private school but thinks what Judy just said in this video, “that it is more important to take care of everyone else” but neglects everything at home. She has found a sense of fulfillment outside the home and likes the praise received.

    She appears to have revealed that she likes the respect and admiration that she thinks we men receive at our jobs. For me, I see a woman who now wants all the social “benefits” of a man. This would tell me a lot as to why she never can submit, rarely agreeable and always wanting to be in charge. I never stood a chance. For the record, her mother destroyed her (3 marriages) relationships with her tongue as men were never as good as her.

    Though my wife has a tough time thinking on her childhood, I think she thinks this is how men should be treated by the wife. She has never bought a single book on marriage but can spend mega hours learning about prophecy. I should be working but even after 28 years of this, I am still consumed with the sadness from all the rejection.