The Selfie Mindset

Selfie - AdobeStock_78191171You see it almost EVERYWHERE! People are taking pictures of themselves almost everywhere you look. And that’s okay in certain circumstances. But it’s so over the top now that you begin to wonder. With all of this emphasis on me, me, me… what about those who are around me? Are we even able to pay attention to others around us? Or are we allowing ourselves to get sucked up into the selfie mindset? Are we forgetting to look at and interact with those who are next to us?

Selfie Mindset

We’re asking these questions because it seems that people aren’t looking at each other as much anymore. If you go into a store, a mall, the subway, a train, on the streets, in a park, it seems to be all about people’s phones. It’s not about what’s going on around them, or who is next to them. People have their heads buried into their screens, or they are taking selfies and THEN they get back into their screens. Just look around the next time you’re in public. You’ll see what we mean.

Can you even start to imagine Jesus walking around absorbed with stuff that appears on a screen rather than reaching out to the people around Him? If Jesus had a phone, what would Jesus do? It seems to us He would apply the Ecclesiastes principle of “there is a time [and place] for everything under Heaven…” Yes, He would use the phone. But we think He’d use it privately, and only sparingly when He was out in public.

Growing Problem

We just want to point this out to make you aware of a growing problem. As we read the Bible, we see that it’s all about ministering to each other. We’re told to put the interests of others above ourselves. We’re told in the Bible to “have the same attitude as that, which is in Christ Jesus.” Jesus gave, and sacrificed. It’s difficult to do that if we’re absorbed in the selfie attitude.

Sadly, this type of mindset is invading marital relationships. We see the “man cave” mindset —where it’s all about another screen and activities that isolates us from our family. We all need some space alone, but does it have to be so excessive? Between man caves, phones, media devices, the time spent on Facebook and other time absorbers, we’re neglecting the people right in front of us. Yes, it can be okay if we’re pulled in to share it together. Steve and I do some things on the computer together, and it can be fun. But lets be careful.

Live in Balance

There needs to be balance in everything. It’s horrible to have our marriage partner dying of loneliness next to us while we spend time with everything and everyone else. And that’s what is happening in a lot of marriages. Please don’t allow your marriage to be one of them.

Do your part to try to focus more and connect. Be more aware of others around you. Pay attention. Neglect the screen more than you neglect the person sitting across from you. Time your phone calls so they don’t invade the time you spend with your spouse. Don’t be a “noisy gong or a clanging cymbal” as we’re told in 1 Corinthians 13. Show love, give love, and pursue love.

Reveal and reflect the love of Christ to your spouse and to those around you. “Faith, hope and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” Give it lavishly.

We hope you will join us in this mission,

Cindy and Steve Wright

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