Are You a Stir Stick – Stirring Up Trouble?

Are you a stir stick - stirring up trouble - Canva own photoAs I was reading in my devotional, The Word for You Today, they talked about the enemy of our faith being called an “accuser of our brothers.” (That includes sisters too, I’m sure.) The point was made how people can also be accusers. They’re always stirring up trouble. And then it was talked about peacemakers, and the calm they bring into situations. These people cause an opposite reaction to happen around them.

We know different types of people like that. Sometimes we ARE that type. There are ones who act as “accusers” and those who bring peace and calm into situations. Don’t you love the calm people in your life, when they’re there? They tap down the drama and help you to get to a better place emotionally. I love them too. They can’t always “fix” the matter, but they can bring calm into it.

Are You Stirring Up Trouble, or Bringing Calm?

It’s my continual goal to try to be that type of person to my friends, my family, and especially to my husband. I want to be someone who makes them smile, and makes God smile too.

The author of this devotional wrote:

“Jesus said ‘Blessed are the peacemakers.’ [They sure are a blessing to those around them.] And what’s the opposite of a peacemaker? A stir-stick! These are often people with inner turmoil, unresolved issues, or a chip on their shoulder who go through life stirring stuff up.”

Do you know people like that? Are you one of those types of people? How about at home with your spouse?

We hear the expression, “She’s a real drama queen” or “he’s the king of drama.” Do you think people around you can say that about you? Is it possible that you might be a “stir stick” —someone who is stirring up trouble and turmoil?

You know, we can all give excuses as to why we might act that way. We can say, “well, if she didn’t… or he didn’t… then I wouldn’t.” Or we can say, “if he just would…” or “if she just would…” then “I might act different.” But I’m wondering if we’re standing before the Lord if He would listen to that type of reasoning.

Good Reasoning and Excuses?

It sure didn’t work in the Garden of Eden when Adam tried to point the finger at Eve for the sin he committed. Or what about Saul, as recorded in 1 Samuel 13:9-12? He tried to rationalize his hastiness because he thought the Prophet Samuel was too slow. So he took matters into his own hands. Did it work for them, when they came up with what they thought to be good excuses? What makes us think our rationalizations will be received any better?

So, this is just one of those, “Thanks Lord I needed that” reminders. Be kind… and if you haven’t been, rewind. Apologize, and work to do better next time. “Don’t be a stir stick!” Look to the Lord and apply yourself to be a peacemaker.

The Lord God has given me the tongue of those who are taught, that I may know how to sustain with a word him who is weary…(Isaiah 50:4)

If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.(Romans 12:18 ESV)

Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this blog.

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One response to “Are You a Stir Stick – Stirring Up Trouble?

  1. I am deeply in love with a woman I trust God has blessed me with and have fallen into this trap. I have spoken honestly but harshly in what I believe to be in good conscience and have hurt her. I am Anglican; she is Neo/Pentecostal. I deeply and strongly believe the “prosperity gospel” is anti-biblical and wrong, and she does not. It’s difficult, but I continue to trust God to clear a path. I really do.