Tithing When Your Spouse Objects

Tithing Graphic stock_BtolcWd0Si copyAre you struggling with what to do when one of you wants to tithe and yet your spouse doesn’t? Or it could be that you disagree on where your tithe should go. You might be surprised how common the tithing situation is for married couples.

Tithing and Spousal Objection

Fortunately, my husband Steve and I agree on tithing, as well as where we are to give our tithe. But this does not happen in many marriages. So, what should you do?

As Dr Larry Burkett said, “Because tithing involves money, it is a prime candidate for controversy between a husband and wife.” And it is. But the situation is about more than money. It’s about priorities and better understanding why tithing should be a priority.

Dr Burkett went on to explain the significance of the tithe by saying,

“It’s imperative to understand that tithing is not a law but, rather, an indicator of a desire to be obedient to all of God’s laws. Giving always should come from the heart. And, because the tithe’s purpose is to be an individual or family testimony of God’s ownership, it was never intended that everyone should give the same amount or even in the same way but that each should give bountifully and cheerfully.” (See: 2 Corinthians 9:6-7.) (From the Baptist Press article, Tithing When Your Spouse Objects)

Tithing Conflicts Between Spouses

So, what about the situation where you’re conflicting over this important issue? And especially, what do you do when one spouse is a follower of Christ and the other is an unbeliever? This can cause even more conflict.

To address these questions and more, we’re providing links to articles posted on various ministry web sites. This way you can prayerfully read a variety of opinions on this issue. We advise that you glean from the counsel they give. You can then decide, as the Holy Spirit speaks to your mind and your heart, on what you should do in your marriage situation.

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WHAT SHOULD BE DONE If Husband and Wife Disagree on Tithing?

Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this blog.

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