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Walking together - Pixabay together-1869438_1920Below is something our dear friend, Debi Walter, from The Romantic Vineyard recently posted on her web site. In it, she gives a challenge we want to share with you. We believe it’s something that can be good for your relationship. It involves walking together… just taking a walk TOGETHER. I hope that you and your spouse participate in doing this (as we are):

Intentionally Walking Together

Most everyone who is on social media knows what #TBT means. It’s a hashtag for Throwback Thursday where you post a photo from your past worth sharing. I’ve enjoyed seeing and remembering things long forgotten as a result of this simple assignment. It’s something I love to do. I have no idea who started this trend, but it’s one that has staying power. That is because everyone has old pictures worth sharing, right?

This got me thinking. What if we were to seize Wednesdays in much the same way, but by sharing photos from walks we’ve taken together. I don’t know about you, but I tend to spend too much time on the computer inside my house. It’s easy to forget there is a world waiting to be enjoyed outside. Walking helps us slow down and drink in the beauty God has created.

What if this summer we were to purpose to take walks together? Walking together doesn’t have to be on Wednesdays. We could take pictures of the view we’ve enjoyed. I think it would be inspiring and something worth promoting on blogs everywhere. It’s worth a shot, and if no one else takes part, at least we’ll have some quality time together.

Join Us in Walking Together

In support of this particular type of “together time” Paul Byerly (of The Generous Husband ministry) says:

“Taking a walk together is a great way to nurture your marriage. Walking hand in hand is romantic and provides non-sexual touch. You have time for good conversation, and many men find it easier to talk when they’re moving and not getting constant eye contact. Why not start doing an evening walk as often as you can? Try tapping into the power of ritual by doing your walk the same time each day, such as after dinner or just before dark.”

Why not? We can’t think of a good reason.

So, if you want to join my husband Steve and me, and Debi and her husband Tom, please let us know by commenting here. If you leave a comment letting Debi know too, that would be a blessing!

TAKE A WALK — After All, It’s Wednesday!

— ALSO —

Here’s an additional idea that my husband and I have done together. It includes taking a different type of walk around the neighborhood:


The most important part in all of this is that we spend this time together with our spouse. Walking, prayer walking together, and spending the time together in these ways are great ways to casually connect.

Here’s something to seriously consider:

“Why is it that when we were dating, we focused so much time and attention on each other, but after a few years of marriage, we focus on everything else? The fact is, we desperately need each other. The Bible calls us not only to love each other but to take delight in it!” (Gary Chapman)

So enjoy walking together, taking delight in loving and being with each other!

Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International and Debi Walter of The Romantic Vineyard wrote this blog.

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