What are some practical ways one can show love and respect to their spouse?

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The following is a question we hope you can answer for us, to help other couples that may be struggling in this area of marriage. It has to do with giving your spouse love and respect. Please answer the following question:



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9 responses to “What are some practical ways one can show love and respect to their spouse?

  1. (NIGERIA) We can show love and respect to our spouse by not belittling him privately or in public. He needs to be appreciated even for the little things he does like opening your door, emptying the trash or even helping out with the kids.

  2. (NIGERIA) Practical Love Expression Examples:
    1. Give your spouse a thoughtful (not necessarily expensive) gift like a simple card with hand written short poem (by you) describing how wonderful your spouse is.
    2. Say “I love you” in a passionate and meaningful way as often as is practicable
    3. Make sacrifice for your spouse. Agree to buy him/her an article of clothing that they have always wanted for instance and forgo your own obviously important want.

    Practical Expression of Respect:
    1. Always listen to your spouse’s opinion and let it be seen that their opinion is considered on its merit in every decision making
    2. Never use foul language or rude remark at your spouse (in public or private) even when you are very angry
    3. Make it clear to your family, friends, colleagues and children that you hold your spouse to the highest possible level of esteem & will not tolerate disrespect for your spouse from them, no matter how close they are to you.

  3. (INDIA) The answer is quite simple for anyone, more so for a Christian. It is: Love your spouse with ALL your heart. This simple solution is not easy to practice but never impossible when you already are God’s child. When once you are one, you:

    — won’t get discomfort (angered ) at every defect of the spouse.
    — will see the spouse’s view empathetically.
    — will rush to help the other one even when the situation does not call for.
    — will get truck loads of ideas to show the love that overflows from your heart.

    I do endorse the other thoughtful comments too. Ask youself this question often: Should I, after all, be the leader of all accusers and teasers of my spouse who is entrusted to me by my most high God? The spouse is God’s awesome creation made and left to your care to rear a family jointly. Start seeing good things and thank God in private and appreciate in public.

  4. (KENYA) I have spent some time with the WORD of GOD. Reading and thinking it through. Studying and applying it in my daily life. It is not easy but with GOD’s help, it is possible. I have learned to pray and ask the Holy Spirit of GOD to help me do that which GOD wants me to do. In light of this, loving and respecting one’s spouse becomes possible when one is guided by GOD’s WORD. It works first on me and changes me from within.

    – Not flirting with other women and speaking to them the way I should speak with my wife. Reserve the lovely words ONLY for my wife. This goes also for the hugs.
    – Speaking the truth at all times, even when it is ugly. If a mistake comes up I should be honest and not try to justify my mistakes.
    – Protect her from negative words or speech and manipulation from my family and friends. Stand by her even when other people don’t agree. I should seek GOD’s help and prayerfully help her to see how she can become the woman and wife that GOD wants.
    – Develop her by encouraging her to read books or materials that will improve her knowledge of marriage and various aspects of life.
    – Be her cheerleader and the best lover JUST for her.
    – Let her know that I will not turn away when she is wrong but that I will stand with her and see her develop.
    – Protect her.
    – Keep speaking words of encouragement and endearment.
    – Pray and ask GOD to help me be the best husband that he created me to be for her.
    – Maintain purity and encourage her to do the same by example. So that GOD is honoured in our bodies and lives.

    Just but a few thoughts that I apply daily.

  5. (SOUTH AFRICA) I can only speak from experience. I open the garage door for my husband every day and waits for him at the car door to greet him. We then drink coffee together and talk about our day. We do everything together and put one day every week apart for special us time.

    I tell him every day how much I love him and how I appreciate him we send each other a small love message via e mail first thing in the morning

  6. (KENYA) Spending quality time with each other is a good way of strengthening marriage because when you spend time together you are able to communicate better and share your feelings with each other.

  7. (SOUTH AFRICA) To show love and respect to one’s spouse can simply mean, to really listen to what he/she is saying to you. To help make their day less complicated, whether that means doing the dishes, or screwing the door handle on yourself- it’s the little things that make a the big gestures and mean the most to me personally. Some nights we argue about silly things and we get to the point where we both go quiet and think about what the other is trying to say, and then my husband silently does something to still show he loves me, getting up and doing the dishes, or mopping the floor, or just silently, seemingly mindlessly start rubbing my hands or feet… that speaks volumes.