What marriage legacy are you hoping to leave for those coming along behind you?

Marriage legacy Photo: steve-barbara-uhlmannWe have a question for you that we hope you will answer. It could benefit you and perhaps others who are reading this, as well. It concerns the marriage legacy you leave behind you when you pass from this world into the next. Everyone who is married will leave one. You leave behind one that you build together. And you leave behind the one that you have displayed through your own interactions with your spouse. Have you considered the legacy you are leaving behind?

Please prayerfully consider and then answer:

What marriage legacy are you hoping to leave for those you leave behind?



May God Find Us Faithful! And may all who come behind us find us faithful!

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4 responses to “What marriage legacy are you hoping to leave for those coming along behind you?

  1. The above question was posted by Debi Walter on Theromanticvineyard.com web site in an article titled, “Legacy of Marriage” found at: http://theromanticvineyard.com/2012/03/02/6922/

    To this question, I wrote what Steve and I believe with our whole hearts:

    Faithfulness… living out our promises, despite obstacles that shove in front our way… and unconditional love. How we pray our sons, daughters-in-love, grandchildren and everyone else we know –but ESPECIALLY our God, sees this as our legacy. We love the song that Steve Green sings titled, “Find us Faithful.” The words to the chorus sum up a prayer of our hearts:

    “Oh may all who come behind us find us faithful.
    May the fire of our devotion light their way.
    May the footprints that we leave
    Lead them to believe
    And the lives we live inspire them to obey…
    Oh may all who come behind us find us faithful!”

    How we pray we will be found faithful to the end –that we will finish well in lavishly loving our God, each other, our children, our grandchildren, family, friends, and all God brings our way. May our lives reveal and reflect the heart of Christ… leading them to say, “I want to know your God better!”

  2. (USA)  Well said, Cindy. Thanks for the link love and may God help us all live and love in light of His love. After all if He didn’t first love us then we would be incapable of loving others.

  3. (BOTSWANA)  Marriage is beautiful. In it I have found a friend, a confidant who helps me grow spiritually. There can be no other to take the place of my mate. With your mate you are free to be yourself and know that you will still be loved. Problems will come but with prayer, love, commitment and support from others in similar relationships you’ll sail through, as the Lord intended.

    1. I want to spotlight my parents 65 plus years of marriage, how they met married, and loved and lived thru these years and still do til this day. From ages 14 and 18 til now. How they do it? A legacy for my children and their children and so on, it’s so rare these days and I want them to have that something I’ve never been able to show them in my life so they know it does exist.

      Is there something or anything out there to help me do this? What questions do I ask how to go about accomplishing this for them before it’s to late? My parents are aging quickly now, my mother with missing days now. Any help would be we appreciated. I feel strongly they’ll need this strong Christian legacy. I wish I’d had it so I need it highlighted for me.