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Christmas marriage ideas Pixabay angel-1042546_640There’s one phrase we’ve both said, and we’ve both heard from others repeatedly. It is, “Oh how I wish I would have had that info before now. It would have prevented so many problems!” This includes having Christmas marriage tips that can help our celebration times go a little bit smoother.

Any holiday season can be stressful because of the many expectations we put upon ourselves (or we allow to be put upon us). But we’d like to make this Christmas time a little more peaceful and joyful. We’re sure that’s what the Lord would want.

So, if you haven’t followed the daily tips we post on the Marriage Missions Facebook page, here are some tips you may find helpful as you read and then apply what you can use.

Christmas Marriage Ideas:

  • “Say what you expect. As holiday tensions increase, so do conflicts. As you get more tired, the more you expect your spouse to pick up the slack. When these unfair expectations don’t get met, you both feel resentful. So expectations should be stated, collaborated and related. ‘Stating’ means discussing roles and responsibilities for each person. ‘Collaborating’ is working together to resolve differences. ‘Relating’ is honoring your relationship in all your actions.” (James and Heather Sells)
  • “Grab your spouse and talk thru the important things in your holiday season. Factor them into the budget and drop the rest. Let people know you’re opting for simpler celebrations. Think small gifts, coupon gifts, etc. Have more potluck type gatherings. Be respectful of your marriage by governing your finances wisely. Don’t let the season run away with your finances.” (Lori Byerly) “Debt is normal. Be weird.” (Dave Ramsey)


  • Keep in mind: “You and your spouse don’t have to go to a party just because you’re invited to it. Be good stewards of your time and energy. Even Jesus, the Son of God knew He had to retreat from the clamor of the crowds for quiet times with His Father to renew His strength. Pace yourselves and find the balance between togetherness and separateness.” (Deborah Tyrell)
  • “Holidays can be stressful. We’re often with people who are difficult to be around. You don’t have to like what family members do. But you do need to show love and grace. Dr Minirth, a Christian psychiatrist, warns that this is NOT the time to try to fix your family. There are 364 other days of the year to address problems.” (Keryn Horwood)

More Christmas Marriage Tips:

  • “Blessed are the pure in heart. Don’t let the negative stay with you. When you see something that’s nasty or snarky or interested only in itself heading your way, step aside, and let it roll right past. Wave to it as it goes by, and then turn your attention back to the Holy Spirit within you. That is God, who, the Bible tells us, is LOVE.” (John Shore)
  • “When you and your spouse plan a gathering of family and friends, set aside a ‘fellowship’ time when everyone can take turns listening to one another. Ask: ‘what were you most thankful for this past year? What have you learned from the past year? How would you like to grow next year?’ If you take the time for authentic fellowship, everyone remembers it far longer than if you merely socialize with them.” (Rick Warren)


  • “Keep in mind the best gift you can give each other is a loving relationship. So make decisions that nurture your marriage and reduce tension. What’s the gift we want most? A marriage that reflects the beauty and sacrifice of God’s gift to humankind.” (James and Heather Sells)

Additional Christmas Marriage Tips:

  • Make it a point to give your spouse some “good press” (talking well about them) when you’re with others. “Few things can boost a person’s self-esteem more than hearing that their partner has been putting them in a positive light to others. When 2 people are doing that for each other, they reap a double dose of love. So, consider making it your mission to spread some good press about your spouse.” (Les and Leslie Parrott)
  • This time of the year and beyond, take note: “When the fire of prayer goes out, the barrenness of busyness takes over.” (George Carey) Also note that when you’re too busy to be kind, you’re too busy. Pray for your marriage and family life —for peace and love to be lived out. Prayerfully examine all you have to do and cut back on that, which you can, that really won’t matter in the years ahead.


  • “I’ve declared this Christmas the ‘Christmas of my First Love’ where I’ll help my spouse and our family shift our focus from the mall to the manger. The manger is quiet and less crowded. It’s a place where children are always welcome. Spending time here will help us to keep our eyes and hearts fully focused on Jesus.” (Jim Burns)

We’re personally declaring this a “Christmas of our First Love” within our home! How about you?

Cindy and Steve Wright

— ALSO, for Your Christmas Marriage/Family Parties —

To help you further, to “ring in the Christmas season” —enjoying your time together, here is a Christmas bell we put together to bless your time together (alone or with family and friends) as you use it:

Our blessing to you:

May your marriage be exceedingly blessed
During this Season of Remembrance
Of the birth of our LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!

For fun things to do while celebrating, the following are web links where
you’ll find downloadable puzzles, quizzes, and ideas. Some are similar,
but that’s ok, just take your pick of that which you’ll enjoy using the most:









And then for some additional celebration ideas:



from our family
to yours!

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