Creating a Vision Statement for Your Marriage

fierce_marriage_future_is_brighterCreating a vision statement for you marriage helps you to keep your focus on the central goal of your marriage. It unifies your expectations together. Plus it shows you what needs to be done to achieve your vision. The Marriage Minded vision statement must inspire your relationship by encompassing all of your hopes and dreams.


Start your vision statement by writing all the positive, affirming words that describe your ideal of marriage. Use nouns, verbs, and adjectives.


Consolidate your words into sentences that inspire you, drive you, and cover your dreams as a couple.


Review your vision with your spouse and revise until both of you agree it describes the ideal picture of your marriage.


Put it in an obvious place. Read it daily. Memorize it.

Here are some vision statement sentences and ideas:

• Jesus changed the world one life at a time and we are privileged to continue His vision with our marriage. Our love shows Christ and inspires others.

• As husband and wife, we enjoy the love of God being unleashed through our marriage and our family. We seek to walk in our full potential as a spouse, parent, and minister.

• Our marriage encourages each other and invites the Holy Spirit to guide us in strengthening and giving significance, openness and forgiveness towards one another.

• We live to serve each other and by serving each other — we live! We are deliberate in setting aside time for each other.

David and Gretchen Willard wrote this article, which you can find in the book, Breakthrough Marriage. You can obtain this book at It’s a book to help you fall in love with your spouse all over again.

— ALSO —

To help you further in writing a Vision Statement for your marriage, the following is a link to an article. We believe the info provided can help you further as you work to create your statement together. This article concerns writing a personal vision statement rather than a joint statement for your marriage. But the principles and points that are brought up in it could help you in this mission, as well.

Please click onto the link below to read:


As you work on your vision/mission statement, you may discover the same thing that Kevin and Karen were surprised to discover:

“Before we wrote our mission statement, we didn’t realize how secular our goals were.”

To learn more, please click onto the link below to read:


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3 responses to “Creating a Vision Statement for Your Marriage

  1. What to do if husband doesn’t want to do a vision retreat, but one is needed badly? Please pray for my marriage of 26 years.

  2. Great! I agree with Marriage Missions International steps provided for vision statements. In the same line I want to add that
    a good marriage vision must be embedded in a purpose and birthed in the heart of the man who is the priest of the home and he shares with his wife who is the helper in the maturation, incubation and implementation process. So purpose of marriage is found in the One who designed it and that is God. Gen 1:28 and Gen 2:18 reveal clearly this purpose. I encourage couples to take time and pray, read scripture and come up with a clear vision in line with God’s purpose and assignment for that particular marriage because you will never give accountability for what you where not given, but rather what you were given and did not fulfill. God bless you.

    1. Thank you Wadda, for sharing your helpful thoughts. I hope it inspires more couples to put together a vision statement.