Dinner and a Movie Night

Movie night Pixabay movie-1673021_1920There’s a saying that we sometimes hear that seems to apply when it comes to “Dinner and a Movie Night.” It’s “to each their own.” In other words, when you suggest dinner and a movie, when it comes to a married couple’s date night, many people think it’s not a great option. They don’t think it’s interactive enough. And I agree. FOR SOME PEOPLE that may be true, maybe even many people. But for Steve and me, we love it. We interact in different ways, at different times.

But on most Friday nights (with some exceptions), we love to curl up on the sofa together, and watch a movie. We make our own pizza, so we have dinner and a movie night. It is simple, and yet it is very pleasant for us. We turn off other media (especially phones), and just concentrate on each other. No one else is invited. It’s just the two of us, which is something we look forward to, and miss when we have to skip it for some reason.

Our Movie Night

You see… Steve works a very socially involved job. He works for a Christian radio station. He is out and about most every day, involved with Pastors and churches, missionaries, and multitudes of people. When the weekend comes around (and he doesn’t have an event to attend), he just likes to be with me in our home. It is a quiet, peaceful setting (most of the time) for both of us to enjoy together.

And honestly, I have grown to enjoy the same thing. We don’t need anything fancy or “different.” We get lots of that through opportunities we receive through his job and through Marriage Missions, church and friends, etc. When it’s possible, we just enjoy that, which is simple —cocooning together.

When the weather is cooler, we put a fire in the fireplace (although in Arizona, we don’t get too many “cool” nights). And then we enjoy eating our own version of a pizza together. We sit in the “cuddler” sofa we have in our family room. We hold hands, cuddle, and watch a movie together. The movie choice is something either inspiring or a comedy (so we can enjoy laughing together —the best medicine). We very simply enjoy being with each other. It’s nothing fancy. But to us, it’s wonderful.

Now, there are other “spins” to Movie Night that you can use, if you’re inclined to do so. But first, here’s something from “Modern Marriage Moments” that you might find happens to you on your movie nights:

Additional Movie Night Ideas

Here’s something that Debi Walter wrote, from The Romantic Vineyard. It’s something she and Tom suggest that you might put together:


Now, here’s something from The Generous Wife, where it’s suggested that you could “trigger” some romance. There are some kissing moments, when you watch a movie together. Sounds like fun to me. It’s sure something we’re going to try:


And for another spin on movie night, The Dating Divas have some suggestions. Here’s what they say:

“No one wants to have a movie night that is just sitting and viewing. We need some interaction! Luckily for us, every one of the movie date night ideas are planned around the movie AND are super creative dates. These movie night ideas for couples will take your normal movie date night at home and kick it up a notch! We’ve done all the work for you. Now all YOU have to do is browse through these creative movie date nights and pick your favorites!”

To take advantage of the creative movie date ideas go to:


— ALSO —

Here is something from the ministry of Focus on the Family. They call it “MOVIE MOMENTS.” They include in it a list of other date ideas, that you might like to use for your date nights together. They suggest that you enjoy:

“Put together a drive-in movie night in your car. Pick a movie, and charge your laptop or portable DVD player. Then pack some blankets and snacks and drive to a favorite park. Enjoy a movie night in the comfort of your own car.”

Here are more ideas for you to enjoy together:

• GREAT DATE IDEAS – 100+ Great Date Ideas

I hope these will inspire you in some way. The most important thing is to do SOMETHING —something that BOTH of you enjoy doing together. It’s important to continue to build good memories together and not take each other so much for granted. It’s easy to do that in marriage.

Be intentional! If you need ideas that are more “involved” and exciting, then look through the “Romantic Ideas” that we provide on this web site. Go into the recommended web site links we make available so you can find other tips. We will keep adding more info for you and so will these other ministries, so stay tuned. And in the meantime, be intentional and look for ways to enjoy each other TOGETHER!

Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this article.

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