In Home Dates for You and Your Spouse

In Home Dates - AdobeStock_197992788There is no doubt that we live in challenging times. A lot of different circumstances can make it necessary for us to create fun in home dates instead of going out somewhere else with our spouse. Sometimes it’s a choice we make, and sometimes it’s a necessity. But just like John Wooden says, “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”

And that’s what we’re talking about here. In home dating can still be a lot of fun. You just have to be creative. So here are a few in home dating ideas for the taking. Some are listed below, and for others, we provide web site links.

When You’re Planning In Home Dates

Here’s the first of several ideas you can use for in home dates:


Now why would we start with this one? It’s because it can be fun and romantic. Plus, King David danced. Yes, he danced for the Lord. But dancing and romancing to improve your marriage can also be a godly act. So… to accomplish this: Prepare, and then eat a late night dinner together (after the kids are in bed). Bring out the candles and fancy dishes. Make your dinner time an intimate one. (Don’t discuss the kids, family, or any tense subject.)

And then find a spot in your home where you can dance together. Just put on some music and dance away. When you’re dancing remember: it’s just you and your spouse and the Lord. No one else is looking, so lay aside any inhibitions. You’re allowed to be as intimate or as crazy as you want to be. Smile, and enjoy!

You may even want to learn a new dance. How can you take a dance lesson when you’re quarantined together at home? You can learn how to dance via Youtube. They have all kinds of videos available to teach you how to dance almost any kind of dance. You may, or may not be good at it, but who cares? It’s just you and your sweetie stomping around (quietly if the kids are sleeping). You can even bring the video up on the big screen (if you know how to do this). One way or another, eat, dance, and make it a fun time for your marriage partner as you dance away!

And then here’s an in home dating idea you can use that is written by Viktoria:


“The best at home date ideas are most likely the low key ones. Put on your pajamas; make something good (and bed appropriate) to eat. Then watch HBO in bed together. [Note: It doesn’t have to be HBO. You can watch TV together, or listen to the radio together. Or you might read a good book together. That way you can extend these dates out for several nights.] Isn’t it great to be able to cuddle with each other in bed, without all of those little, adorable people trying to snag your spot?” (From Viktoria’s Internet article, “The Best 22 At Home Date Night Ideas – With Sleeping Kids”)

Next, Randy Southern gives the ideas for these next few dates. You can find them in a more expanded version in his book, 52 Uncommon Dates: A Couple’s Adventure Guide for Praying, Playing, and Staying Together. We highly recommend you obtain this book, if you can. Most of the dates are ones you participate in outside of the home. So you can save them for later. But these abbreviated dates work great at home while you’re quarantined together:


Who doesn’t love a back rub? Here are a few steps to help you maximize the experience.

1. Go to back rub school. You don’t actually have to enroll in a class. You can find hundreds of how-to massage demonstrations online—some of which actually feature professionals.

2. Do no harm. Unless you’re a licensed physical therapist, don’t try to give each other massage therapy for an injury or a medical condition. Likewise, be careful when you’re trying to work out “kinks” in each other’s muscles.

3. Set the proper mood. For maximum results, the approach to relaxation and stress relief must be holistic. Make sure the massage table (or couch or floor or whatever you use) is comfortable. Make sure your room is free from distractions (or reminders of daily pressures). Light some candles. Play some soothing background music.

4. Remind yourself that it’s better to give than receive. Ideally your Back Rub date will end with you both having received long, relaxing massages. However, receiving a massage must not be your aim. If your sweetheart senses that you’re just going through the motions while you wait for your own massage, she may have trouble relaxing. Prepare to spend the bulk of the Back Rub date in the giving mode.

You may or may not be able to use this date idea during this time in your life together. But if you can, here’s a good option.


The Hiking Date can have bigger implications than its title or description indicates. On one level, you can enjoy some time together in an outdoor setting. You can admire the scenery. You can get a good workout. Plus, you can explore places you’ve never been before.

On another level, you can use the elements of this date as a jumping-off point for an interesting discussion about your relationship—one that perhaps will open a discussion of future hopes and dreams. It might even shift the direction of your relationship.

[Then go out on the Hiking Date. Just make sure “the area allows hikers.” Also, “If the weather looks iffy, make sure you have a backup plan. Don’t try to press on in unfavorable conditions.” And then make sure you have appropriate clothing, and things you may need like a flashlight, water bottles for both of you, a compass, map etc.]

Before you end your Hiking date, spend a few minutes talking with each other about the experience. Use the following questions as needed to guide your discussion.

1. In hiking terms, what has our journey as a couple been like?

2. Where have we gotten lost—or at least momentarily turned around—along the way?

3. Where do you think God’s path will ultimately lead us?

More In Home Dates You Can Enjoy Together

And then Randy Southern gives an idea for “The Lego Date.” This can truly be a fun challenge.


Here is a challenge and two of his guidelines. You would need to obtain the book to learn more. But you can have fun with just these, if you choose to. First the challenge:

“Can two adults really enjoy themselves with nothing more than a pile of small, brightly colored notched bricks?”

And then here are two of guidelines Randy gives:

1. Choose your medium. Don’t let the name of the date limit you. You don’t have to work with Legos. If your preferred medium is Lincoln Logs, by all means, use them. K’Nex pieces, wooden blocks, and dominoes are also acceptable substitutes. Decide whether want to go freestyle (creating something of your own design) or build a model (following step-by-step instructions).

2. Aim for maximum togetherness. Whatever you build should be a joint venture, imagined, and constructed by both of you. This isn’t a time for delegating responsibilities (i.e. one person reading directions and another doing the building). Both of you should be hands-on during the construction. The finished piece should represent you both equally.

We used to do something like this together with our sons when we were snowed in together. One time we made it our goal to use every Lego that our sons owned. It was quite the challenge! They owned a whole lot of bricks. But it was fun! See for yourselves how you can adapt this idea so you both have fun.

Reaction from Children:

And the really fun part of this is the reaction you get from your kids when they realize that you played with their toys after they went to bed. The looks on their faces should be priceless if you tell them you ate ice cream (or other yummy snacks) while you were playing. ☺

Here’s a date we kind of came up with that you can adapt to work with you while you are quarantined together.


You can rough it, or make your sleeping accommodations in the backyard as luxurious as you desire. And to make it extra romantic, you can even zip your sleeping bags together. But above all, make sure you create a “no phone zone” or a “Facebook Free Tent.” This is not about connecting with others. The purpose is to connect with each other.

Here are a few things The Dating Divas suggest. You can put together a: “Camping Cinema. If you aren’t in the mood to totally disconnect from electronics, you can watch a movie or show on your laptop or tablet!” Here’s another of their suggestions: “Have a Kiss-a-Thon – Don’t forget Chapstick! When Diva Kari and her husband first tried this date, they pulled out their make-out blanket to bring along in the tent… he, he!” (From The Backyard Camping Date)

You can also cook something fun on the grill or over a campfire (if your neighborhood permits it). Bring a game to play together. … Or you can read a book together. … You can even download some questions we have posted in the Communication Tools topic to ask each other. … Eat S’more sandwiches with graham crackers, marshmallows, and a chocolate bar. Melt them together over your campfire or barbecue. (Or you can sneak into the house and do it in a toaster oven. Just make sure you eat them at your campsite outdoors.)

Another spin to all of this is that you can camp in your living room or family room (without the campfire, of course). But if you have a fireplace, you can use that as your backdrop. But turn off the lights and use your flashlights instead.

More Ideas for In Home Dates

Fawn Weaver came up with some other ideas that you can use or adapt. If the main idea doesn’t work for you… adapt it. Be creative. But whatever you do, make sure you do something. Here is a link to:


And then here’s a suggestion from Drs Les and Leslie Parrott:


“Do you have some favorite board games you enjoy playing together? Make an evening of it. Create your own scavenger hunt for your spouse to find love notes or other memorable items. You can also play a lighthearted game of spin-the-bottle to add in a little romance.” (From their article, HELP! We’re Stuck at Home Together—What Now?)

To expand on this idea, below are a few links that will lead you to “in home” games you can play together.

This first list is very casual in its tone. Most of these games would require you purchasing them (on the Internet, since you can’t go out to your local store). However, some of them would have the rules posted on the Internet. You can just use your own cards. However, it’s still a good list. Check it out:

• At Home Date Night On a Budget

We also found something put together by Sarah Sharkey:

• 59 Fun Card Games for Two People

Also, here are some additional in home date night ideas you can use or adapt:

Top 20 Stay-at-home Date Night Ideas

35 Fun Man Approved at Home Date Night Ideas

And then, how about this? Have a:


We’re told in the Bible, “Laughter is good medicine.” So laugh together. If the kids are sleeping in the next room, then laugh quietly. But don’t forget to laugh. If you need some help with this, we have a lot of tips, jokes, and funny videos posted on this web site for your laughter experience. Just put “Laugh” in the search engine of this web site and you’ll find lots of options. Here is a link to just one article that you may find enjoyable:

You Need to Laugh in Your Marriage 

Additionally, you can read a funny book. We like “oldies but goodies” such as Far Side, Herman, and Calvin and Hobbs, to name a few. When we need to laugh we just pick up one of the many we have on hand and read away in laughter. You can also find funny shows on TV. And there are many Youtube videos you can find that are humorous.

We went on a Youtube laugh tour the other day. Things were getting too serious. So we found one comedian we liked and found other funny skits from there. We seriously did laugh out loud. It was fun and healing at the same time.

Now, we want to turn a serious corner. That’s because some dates are to be fun ones. But lets not forget to grow as a couple “in the Lord.” That’s why we’re recommending:


This is a different type of “date” you can do together, but it sure is an important one. We just put the above phrase in your Internet search engine and found all kinds of on line Bible studies. You can find free ones, and others that may cost you a bit. But they would be worth it. Anything that gets you into the Word together will benefit you as a married couple.

But there is one catch. You have to apply what you learn. It won’t do you any good at all if you read the Word but you don’t apply it.


And don’t forget to pray. The couple that prays together is much more likely to stay together—in heart and soul. We have a lot of suggestions in the Spiritual Matters topic of this web site that can help you to better pray together. Please read, figure out what works for you, and PRAY.

You might even join us within your home to pray at 7:14 every evening. All over the world, multiple thousands of people are stopping what they are doing and are praying at that time for our country. If you don’t live in the U.S. then pray for your country. The important point is to pray and line up our priorities with God’s.

Why are we all praying at 7:14? It is because the challenge was put out (by Pastor Greg Laurie) to pray together with multiple thousands of people to pray through and apply 2 Chronicles 7:14. This is where God tells us:

If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Don’t Forget to Pray Together

The message we hope you pick up in this Marriage Insight is to play AND pray. Let’s put our Lord and then our marriages first. God wants our marriages to be healthy. And He wants our land to be healthy. But in order for this to happen, we must put first things first, as God would have us. Our priorities are to be: God, our marriages, others, and our country (living out God’s priorities). And as you do this, may:

The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you. May the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.(Numbers 6:24-26)

Cindy and Steve Wright


To help you further, we give a lot of personal stories, humor, and more practical tips in our book, 7 ESSENTIALS to Grow Your Marriage. We hope you will pick up a copy for yourself. (It’s available both electronically and in print form.) Plus, it can make a great gift for someone else. It gives you the opportunity to help them grow their marriage. And who doesn’t need that? Just click on the linked title or the picture below:



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