Spring Dates for You and Your Spouse

Spring dates - AdobeStock_213879693Do you have some Spring dates planned that you and your spouse are looking to do together? If not, you may want to plan some things to do together this spring. That is because there’s no doubt about it:

“Marriage is difficult! Somewhere between ‘We are gathered here today’ and ‘til death do us part’ there is a lot of real life going on. Often the one we’re supposed to love the most is lost in the confusion of life. You need to put activities into your life together to help you to enjoy and encourage each other as husband and wife. This will also foster talking, learning and growing together.” (From “HELP! WE’RE MARRIED… An Activity Calendar for Couples” by Kandi Arnold, Andrea Devin, and Dale Sprowl)

If you don’t “foster talking, learning and growing,” you will have a tendency to “drift apart,” as too many couples do. You start out strong but eventually you find yourself going in different directions in life.

Planning Spring Dates so You Don’t Drift

“In geography class you may have learned about continental drift. This is where huge ‘plates’ of earth move slowly in opposite directions. The same thing happens in a lot of marriages, very subtly. How can you keep from drifting?

This is done by talking regularly, setting mutual goals for your marriage, and planning the future together. It also involves playing together, cultivating shared interests and fanning the flame of romance.” (Louis McBurney, M.D.)

Here’s what it can look like in the “otter world.” But the same thing can happen in the human, married world. You start out holding hands and enjoying being together, but then you drift apart:

Did you notice that the hand-holding didn’t just “happen” without some type of effort? One of them had to reach for the hand of the other so the connection was made once again. Well, below are some ideas with that thought in mind. When some effort is made, as a result, so is a special connection.

Ideas for Spring Dates

Here’s what Candy Abbott says about that special connection a husband and wife should make:

“A funny thing happens when couples take time to gaze into each other’s eyes. They talk about things that might otherwise be lost in the shuffle—small happenings, big dreams, tough problems, silly stuff, feelings—things that matter, things that don’t. This together time (quiet talks, shared silences and candid moments) molds a marriage into what couples dream of when they say their vows.”

I totally agree. That’s what my husband and I have found. Quality times together draw us closer to one another.

With that in mind, I’m going to give you a couple of ideas you can use in your dating time with your spouse. You could use them this spring, and also throughout the year.

So, this first idea comes from Dr Alan Stafford, from the Marriageadvice.com article, “Tired of Marriage? Start Dating.” He suggests, as a married couple:

“When you go out for your date, do something that renews your bond. Watching a movie or going to a concert may be fun. But they don’t give you the opportunity to talk to one another. If you decide to see a movie, follow it up with dessert or coffee. There’s value in just sitting alone together, face to face, and talking.”


And then from Debi Walter from Theromanticvineyard.com web site, here’s a quick romantic tip:

“Book Lover’s Day is a great thing to celebrate together. We heard of some friends who spent the better part of an afternoon with two chairs set in a cool stream. They each enjoyed reading a book together while the cool water rushed over their bare feet. Sounds like a refreshing way to celebrate this day!”

Now, you can do this during the spring (although it may be a bit chilly where you’re located), or maybe this summer. Or you can adapt it somehow for a different time of year. Get creative! But here are some additional suggestions for dates that can definitely be used this spring.

Links to More Spring Dating Ideas:

Next: The ministry of Marriage 365 gives these two (of 20) ideas you can use to enjoy on your Spring dates together:

• Check out your local Farmers Market: Go to your local farmers market and make lunch or dinner fresh from only the produce and items you can find there. Don’t forget your beverages and maybe dessert!

• Saturday morning yard sale hunting: Make a bet on who can find the “best” item for $5 and see what you come up with.” (From the Thrivingmarriages.com article, “Spring is Here! Here’s 20 Great Date Ideas to Celebrate”)

We do this together sometimes. Other times we go to thrift stores together. (This can be done in the Spring or most anytime of the year.) We call this “treasure hunting.” We don’t put any set amount as a goal to spend. Sometimes we don’t find a thing because the purpose is not to buy something–just to enjoy seeing what is there. And if we find something we need while treasure hunting, it’s a bonus!

More Spring Dates

Additionally, the following two links will take you to the web site for The Romantic Vineyard. There you will see a variety of ideas listed in each linked blog. Please glean through them and see if you’d enjoy going out on these types of dates with your spouse. Happy Hunting!



Also, from the Happy Wives Club, Fawn Weaver has searched for ideas to help you connect in very romantic ways. Here are the ones she was able to find, that you may enjoy too!


And, if you need other ideas for spending time together, you can find a great number of them in the Romantic Ideas topic of this web site. Please go and explore your options!

Most importantly, as you look to go out on Spring dates (or any quality times) together, consider:

“What is something fun you can do with your marriage partner, so much so that you will love reminiscing about it many years down the road? It can be as simple as going for a night walk, watching the sunset or sunrise together, cooking a meal from scratch, going for a walk along the beach …attending a paint and sip together, etc. Now: Write it down. Discuss it with your spouse. Then go experience it together.” (Ashley and Marcus Kusi)

Finally, do you have any dating ideas for married couples that you can share with us? We’d sure appreciate it if you could do so in the comment section below.

Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this blog.

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