Faith Overrules Infidelity in this Marriage

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2 responses to “Faith Overrules Infidelity in this Marriage

  1. I’ve been married for 18 years with 2 young boys and just found out my wife had an affair with a younger Guy for 3 years. She ended contact with him but is sad now because she says she loved him and is attached… Needless to say that has hurt and even more not willing to commit to the marriage as she is struggling with her love for him. I’d like ya to work in the end but not sure it’s possible, we’re both Christians and she is the only woman I have slept with.

    I was angry in the past which she says made her numb to me and wanted out but was scared to get a divorce because of how I may react. While in the affair she still leaned on me financially, to take care of our kids while she was going to her “friends” house for the weekend. At this point I just feel like the bank, day care provider and house keeper… I’m lost. Should I leave or stay? Will her feelings for this guy fade over time as she ended it with him?

    She has told me details but seems angry and says she hasn’t been happy for a long time. Any advice would be helpful. Also I have changed, no more anger and have been present for the last few years but she had already checked out of the marriage.