I Don’t Love You Anymore – Dr David Hawkins

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One response to “I Don’t Love You Anymore – Dr David Hawkins

  1. 1. Don’t panic
    2. Don’t react, respond.
    3. Practice stabilizing relationship.
    4. Meet your mate at their point of need.
    5. Become best version of yourself you can be.
    6. Get a coach.

    All good tips, IF… IF your spouse is not saying she’s not in love with you because she’s in love with someone else.

    If they’re saying this because they are (or think) they’re in love with another, then you need to know exactly what you’re facing. Because if what they’re running from is you, then how can you meet them at their point of need if what they think they need is for you to be out of their life and their new man to be in their life?

    If they’re saying these words because they’re having an affair, then there is little you can do until your spouse realizes that her affair is the wrong way to deal with her issues with the marriage. If she’s convinced that an affair is the solution, two things are obvious. First, she’s projecting ALL the problems of the marriage on to you, so even if you do address your contributions to the problems, she has not owned her contribution to the problem or committed to being a good partner in the solutions. Second, she isn’t approaching the problem from a Godly reference.

    Doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t address your part. But it does mean the information you get and any responses are not likely to reflect any sort of biblical reality until she decides that honoring God and her vows are more important than temporary happiness found in a sinful relationship.