Lest We Forget

Forget - AdobeStock_265570335I noticed something. On the anniversary of 9-11, a day in recent American history that many loved ones will never forget, sadly, many other people appeared to do so. Maybe they didn’t but it sure looked that way. A number of years ago on September 11th 2001, planes were hijacked. The Twin Towers and a large portion of the Pentagon were attacked and brought down and thousands of people lost their lives. It’s also a day when a year later on September 11, four others lost their lives in Benghazi. And yet it seemed like a day as any day, without much significance.

Quite normal, huh? Yes it is. Life DOES go on, despite tragedies… it has to. But it’s important we don’t forget that which is important for us to note. The thought occurred to me that these people who lost their lives on that day had their breathing voices silenced. But the memories of their lives will continue to live in the hearts of thousands of us.

Will We Forget the Lives Lost?

What memory did they leave behind? And for you, it’s important to prayerfully consider, what memory would you leave behind if today were your last? What memory would your spouse and your children (other family members, friends and other witnesses) have of you? Would it be bitter or a blessing? Would it be a testimony of a life lived well, a life that made a positive difference? Hopefully, your life will contribute to the good. And prayerfully, when you see the Lord some day He will say to you, “Well done good and faithful servant.

Consider this day, “lest we forget.” Many have gone before us and their voices are silenced. But their testimonies live on affecting the lives of those left behind in either positive or negative ways as a ripple effect throughout generations to come. The same is true for you and me. Words and actions make a difference. And no matter what we did yesterday, it’s important to know that each day can be a new beginning.

Considering Those You’d Leave Behind

Drs Les and Leslie Parrott, in their new devotional book, The One Year Love Talk Devotional for Couples posed the following challenge for us to consider:

“‘When I heard the cell phone calls made by loved ones soon before their deaths,’ wrote one man, ‘I thought about what I would say to my wife if I were to call her in the seconds before I die. I recognized that I could not possibly tell her all the beauty that she had brought to my life. I recognize what an incredible person she is to me —not in those few moments, not on short notice.’ He went on to tell us that he took the time to tell his wife what mattered most to him, on his own schedule, ‘not on death’s timetable.’

“Sharing our true feelings is an opportunity we all have. As you consider the anniversary of this horrific tragedy, we urge you to tell your spouse all he or she means to you, too.

Take Inventory?

Take some time to inventory what really matters most to both of you in your relationship. What are the things you prize about what you have built together? Maybe it’s the way you lift one another up in tough times. Maybe it’s your shared sense of humor. Perhaps one of the things you value most in your marriage is how you bring one another closer to God. And what do you prize about your partner? Maybe you love the way your spouse hones your personal vision and gives you confidence. Whatever it is, make a list of what matters most.

“In fact, if you want to get practical, take a moment right now to let each other know what you would say on a cell phone recording to each other if you feared the worst. And then celebrate the fact that you can verbalize to each other what you cherish in your marriage —on your own schedule.”

I hope you will… I know I have and I try to do so each day. My husband Steve and I start each day in prayer together praying over each other, praying for our family and friends, our schedules and more. We affirm our love for our God and for each other. We did this morning and hopefully if given the opportunity, we will tomorrow, as well.

Don’t Forget the Power of Your Words

I challenge you to consider doing the same. There is power in our words and our actions. They’re important, not just today, but beyond our breathing days here on earth. Make sure you spend your opportunities well.

I love what Lori Byerly wrote in The-generous-wife.com blog titled, More Power to You. She said something that is true:

“Words have power.

“How are you using that power in your marriage relationship?

“Think of all the good you can do. You can inspire, encourage and appreciate. You can speak the truth, share words of gratitude and say ‘I love you’ a whole mess of times.”

And that’s true. As long as we are given breath, we can use the power of words to bless in loving ways.

So, “lest we forget” lets not take our loved ones for granted. We made important vows to our spouse on our wedding day that we should continually remember to honor and to grow, with Jesus Christ as our guide. Remember that:

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.– Proverbs 18:21

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.-Psalm 19:14

Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this blog.

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